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Thread: Using Act DataBase and Droid 2

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    Using Act DataBase and Droid 2

    Not all my contacts are syncing. Is there still a mximum number of contacts that can be synced? I have a total of 2,483 contacts. Outside of spending hours reorganizing my database to get it to 1500 or less, is there a way for me to get around this and get all my contacts to sync?

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    I just got a droid 2 and I think I am able to sync over 2000 contacts from ACT! to Droid 2. I am trying to find a way to validate how many contacts are on the Droid to verify I got all of them

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    I synch over 7,000 contacts from Act to my Epic. A while back, I was instructed to set CompanionLink to synch only one way, PC to Android, with such a large number of contacts. Not sure if there is still a need to do this with the latest versions of DJO.

    On the PC side of the equation, look in the lower left side portion of the Companionlink Setup window, and you will see the number of contacts that synched. I have no idea how to tell the number of contacts that were synched on the cell phone, itself. If that feature doesn't exist, it would be a nice edition.

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