There are a number of problems, that I am having :
1. When I change a field of a contact from the regular Iphone Contact appl., e.g. I have an entry ' ALEX ' stored as First Name and change it as Last Name with the same content, this change is not shown in the Dejaoffice.
If I go into the Contacts settings and perform a ' Rescan Contacts Database ', first I get no results, but also this program shows that it never ends (the blue color keeps on being blue, and does not change).
2. While in the original Iphone Contacts appl., all my contacts are shown correctly (shorted by last name / first name ) , when running respectively your appl. ( sorted by last name), my contacts are not shown sorted !!!
3. When changing a category e.g from ' FRIENDS ' to ' FRIENDS - FAMILY ', the category does not get changed, but it gets added.
So now we have two categories than one, and if you want to eliminate one of the two, you cannot do it.
Thanks for your patience, and I would appreciate your help.