Dear DejaOffice,

Your product for Android devices looks exactly like what I need -- what my Palm Treo does, but on a more modern platform. Currently, I successfully synchronize my Treo's calendar & contacts with KDE's PIM suite (Kontact) and it all works well. KDE is a desktop environment that runs on Linux, FreeBSD and even Windows and has a very useful PIM suite that uses industry standard file formats such as ics for calendar component (KOrganizer) and vCard for the addressbook (KAddressBook).

I'd like to sync Deja Office with this suite of software and I think the solution is not so hard!

Is CompanionLink willing to share any details on the DejaOffice synchronization protocol, or consider making your software friendly enough to just support ics & vcard sync (platform independent) via WiFi?

For example, if DejaOffice supported syncing via WiFi and the CompanionLink software in "software independent mode" just gets pointed to the ics and vcard file and handles bidirectional syncing, then DejaOffice could integrate with ANY PIM suite that uses industry standard formats!

I think Linux users might get a bad wrap as not wanting to pay for software. I and numerous others are fully willing to pay for such a solution!

- pdaexpert