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Thread: Laptop, Desktop, Droid sync

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    Question Laptop, Desktop, Droid sync

    How do I set my desktop, laptop, and Droidx so I can sync and keep all three up to date by using DejaOffice and Companion Link? I want to keep everything in Outlook. The sync does not have to happen at the same time but that would be great.

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    From the CompanionLink help database:

    Most CompanionLink products are licensed to the "User" and can be used on multiple computers like Work, Home and Laptop.

    Up to three computers may be used, provided the Contact and Calendar information is yours, and is being transferred to phones that you carry.

    For CompanionLink 4.0, the licensing is automatically verified. Computers may be changed no more than once a month.

    I hope this information helps.

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