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Thread: DejaOffice holding Partial Wakelock

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    Unhappy DejaOffice holding Partial Wakelock

    I've been having battery drain problems lately, and have gone through all sorts of things to try to figure out what's going on. Using JuicePlotter, I have noticed that there's a periodic drain on the battery (every 15-20 minutes). I thought that might point to background network usage, so I turned off syncing, and that solved the problem for a few days.

    However, today, the problem came back. When I noticed it, I put my phone down (screen off) and didn't touch it for about 45 minutes (so there'd be no "real" activity to taint the experiment). At that point, it beeped at me and told me the battery was down to 15%.

    I used Spare Parts to look at what had been using my battery since it was last unplugged, and one thing jumped out at me: Deja Office is holding a "Partial Wakelock", and had been holding it for 47 minutes (which is about how long I left the phone untouched). I did a little Googling to understand what a Partial Wakelock is, and found this: The most interesting thing on that page is the following:

    Device battery life will be significantly affected by the use of this API. Do not acquire WakeLocks unless you really need them, use the minimum levels possible, and be sure to release it as soon as you can.

    This strongly suggests that this is what's going on on my phone. Has anyone else seen this? DJO team, can you comment or offer me any advice on tracking this down in more detail?

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    From the team:

    The wakelocks we use when syncing, to make sure the device's CPU doesn't shut down in the middle of a sync when the screen goes off. We use them in all our sync methods, and they should be released once the sync completed.

    I added some extra checks on our wakelocks, incase we somehow failed to release them before. Could potentially happen if there were some unexpected errors near the end of the sync.

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