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Thread: Contacts: strange mapping of Outlook categories

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    Unhappy Contacts: strange mapping of Outlook categories

    Phone (HTC Desire, Android 2.2, DejaOffice 1.9.2)
    PC (Outlook 2003, CompanionLink 4.0 Evaluation)

    Outlook contacts assigned to multiple categories are mapped on DJO-side to unrequested additional "cluster" categories.

    Outlook contact is assigned to categories "Cat-A" / "Cat-B" / "Cat-C"
    Result: DJO creates following categories "Cat-A" / "Cat-B" / "Cat-C" / "Cat-A; Cat-B" / "Cat-A; Cat-B; Cat-C"

    This processing will effect in an unrequested "Category-Tsunami" on DJO side. The additional cluster categories "Cat-A, Cat-B" / "Cat-A; Cat-B; Cat-C" are unnecessary and interfere an easy category handling.

    How do other users think about this issue? Is there any chance of future issue fixing?
    tnx for comments.

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    I have the same issue, so I try to use just one category at the same time ; that means I must remember to clean a previous category set if I want to change to another one...
    It would have been better to have a category list management in DJO as in Outlook, but this is not a major pain for now on to me.

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    The same issue appears also in Calendar.

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