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Thread: DejaOffice quirks, suggestions

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    DejaOffice quirks, suggestions

    I'm on my 2nd week of DejaOffice/CL trial, and so far I'm fairly happy with it. Mostly I'm happy to find a sync that works over USB, since putting our corporate data on some 3rd party server is not an option.

    I do have a couple of things I've noticed that I wouldn't quite calls "bugs", but definitely quirks that developers can look at (I'm using a Motorola Droid):

    - Every once in a while my calendar opens in the wrong year (1969 or 1972, can't remember which). I haven't figured out the pattern on when it happens
    - The shortcuts on the Home screen don't always work properly. I add them by long-pressing on the home screen, then Shortcuts->DejaOffice. If I open, say, DejaToday and exit via Home Button, then click on a different short cut (DejaContacts, Sync, whatever) I come back to DejaToday instead of the shortcut I actually clicked on. All work fine if I exit via "Back" button.
    - Syncing from Lotus Notes: A recurring event where one of the individual entries has been changed or cancelled doesn't seem to sync changes to the phone. Found this one when I showed up to an empty meeting room last week...

    I'd like to throw out some suggestions also, maybe hear whether any of these are things that are planned:
    - Dialing phone numbers from cal entry: this is something I got used to with my BlackBerry. Calendar entries often include a conference call #, which includes some kind of passcode. It's a pain to have to switch back and forth between calendar and phone apps to enter these.
    - Displaying work week # from week or month view: a lot of companies communicate schedules in terms of work week, another feature I used a lot with BB
    - Any plans to sync calendar entry attachments? Meeting invites often include some kind of PDF, Doc, etc. Would be nice if the attachment is brought over, then I could open it with whatever viewer I have installed.
    - Any plans for an agenda-type widget? Something that shows the next 2 or 3 appointments on the home screen?



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    Ivan, thanks for the feedback! I'll submit your suggestions to the developers. We're looking into the "1969" issue as well as the shortcut issue. As for the issue with your sync from Lotus Notes, you might check with CompanionLink tech support for help on that one. They'll probably have you run some test cases to try to determine why your changes aren't syncing.

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