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Thread: Category "No Category" created when I register a task, or a calendar

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    Category "No Category" created when I register a task, or a calendar

    Deja Office (v. 1.7.4) always creates a new category, named "No Category" when I register a taks, or calendar, or a memo...

    You see, its not the normal "No Category" which is in the top of Categories lists, it is a new one, also named "No category", and which is figured on the bottom of the list.

    It is so bad, because when I post a new task, for example, I can not find it anymore, because my default screen is the normal "No Category", but the task I just wrote ends up in other category, that "new" "No Category".

    I found a strange solution: when wrinting a new taks, for example, if I select the field Category, and then select the category I want, that don't happen. That is, the problem happen when I, while writing the task, just save it. But from default it is expected to save it to the "No Category" category, but instead it creates a new category, called "No category".

    Please help me I ask for further information, if it was too confused to understand.



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    This should be fixed in our latest version.

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