First, thank you for being so responsive to everyone's comments and suggestions, and pushing out beta upgrades so quickly. That, of course, only makes me want to raise more possibilities, although perhaps they are features already built-in that I haven't figured out yet.

Today's issue is that I don't want to re-populate my phone (an Epic 4G) with a duplicate of the full contact list now stored in DejaOffice, but I would like to create contacts from phone calls and then have them automatically added to the DejaOffice contacts. Is that possible? I have generally stopped synchronizing my contacts etc. with the native Android apps and don't want duplicates. I can think of 2ways of doing this. One is a 1-way synchronization from the "saved-to-phone" contacts to DejaOffice. I'm not sure that's possible, however, because I have only one account listed on my screen for setting up synchronization, which is my gmail account without the "@gmail." I don't get a choice on that screen for the "saved to phone" contacts. (If I did have the choice, I would still want an export-contact or 1-way synchronization option from the phone to DejaOffice, so that I avoided duplicates. An option to erase the contact from the native application after synchronization or export would avoid that issue.) It would probably be even better to have an option to save the contacts created from phone calls directly to DejaOffice, with an option to export existing phone-saved contacts to DejaOffice. Is that possible?