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Thread: Syncing Lotus Notes 7: Can't get notes (memos)

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    Syncing Lotus Notes 7: Can't get notes (memos)

    I'm syncing with Lotus Notes 7 and I can't get my notes (memos) to the HTC Desire (blank memo screen in DejaOffice) - calenar, contacts, tasks are ok. In CompanionLink I tried everything - no chance - do you have a idea - thanks!
    P.S. In CompanioLink I'm not able to get under "Application" memos - only Adress/Calendar/ToDo are listed - maybe you know at this point something?

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    Lobumir, welcome to the Forum

    It sounds like the whole Conduit is turned off in CompanionLink. I can't myself recall whether Memos was ever implemented for Lotus Notes. I'll check on it.

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