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Thread: Sync Issue - Chinese content can not be well supported

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    Question Sync Issue - Chinese content can not be well supported

    Phone: HTC G7 Desire, ROM 2.2, language set in Chinese
    DejaOffice App: ver 1.9.4 and 1.9.7
    CL Desktop: Build 4026, CL for Palm Desktop and Pimlical
    Palmdesktop: ver 4.1.4, in English but well supports Chinese, no problem to sync with may palm handheld

    Case 1 - Home PC sync with Android
    Home PC is set in Chinese, XP Professional
    Syn changes on Palm Desktop Notes to Android DejaOffice Notes. ok, English and Chinese are all well synced, no problem.

    Sync changes on Androild DejaOffice Notes to Palm Desktop Notes, no problem for pure English content, but never sync all contents if Chinese characters are included: the final part of the note on Palm Desktop is always missing. The missing part can be either Chinese or English.

    Case 2 - Office laptop sync with Android
    XP Professional and is set in English per company's policy, I can not change it to Chinese. But it well supports Chinese characters input/display on all other applications including the sync between Palm Desktop and my Palm Handheld.

    After sync between laptop Palm Desktop and Androild DejaOffice, all Chinese characters become unreconganized codes.

    I noticed from Build 4026, the CL desktop app offers Chinese language selection for the app itself, that's a good sign and appreciate that effort. But the most important thing is to ensure the Chinese contents can be well synced.

    The Android is wonderful but unfortunately so far offers no solution on PIM (Personal Information Management), currently I have to rely on DejaOffice, I bought CLUSB thought I know there are number of issues. I trust you team can eventually resolve the issues. thanks for your attention.

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    We are aware of the problem with Palm Desktop 4.

    The problem is that Palm Desktop is not Unicode. It will be using GB3212 or Big5 (Simplified or Traditional) using multibyte characters.

    Android Phones are unicode. They don't handle the much older multibyte system.

    We have a note to look into this.

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    Dear DJOCTO,

    Thanks for your reply and explaination. It's good to know you are aware of this issue and I am looking forward to your action.

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