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Thread: DejaTasks - Task alarms for Android?

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    DejaTasks - Task alarms for Android?

    Hello. I'm a new android user (HTC EVO 4G) coming over from a WinMo 6.5 phone. I was very glad to find your software because I'm an Outlook user who uses pretty much all of the features in Outlook and needed a USB sync solution to keep me going. I'm currently using your software during the trial period and so far I am very impressed. My question is about task alarms for DejaTasks. All of my task information seems to be in DejaTasks (including the alarm times), but when an alarm time is reached I don't get hear an audible alarm or receive any sort of notification on my EVO. I believe that one of the sticky posts at the top of this forum says that task reminders were implemented in the 5/20 time range so I'm guessing that I don't have my phone configured properly to receive these notifications. Can someone point me in the right direction to get this feature to work properly? Thanks!
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