I dont know if this has always been true - but I noticed I cannot select text (other than "select all") in DJO Note fields. At first I thought it was a problem between Swype (a alternate software keyboard) and DJO - I have been running a beta version of Swype for a while - not sure I ever tried this - but I just got an official version of Swype with an upgrade from HTC - and I happened to notice that I cannot select text when using DJO. I tried it with the normal keyboard (meaning not swype) and I have the same problem. Could be the HTC update as well ...

Just to be clear - while editing a Note, I position the cursor, then tap and hold to bring up the menu - tap "Select text" - tap somewhere else in the input field - and text from the original cursor position to where I tapped, should be selected. It flashes - then disappears. If, in the menu, I tap "select all," it works - all text is selected. The same is true for the note field in a DJO contact - altho it works ok in other fields of a contact - name, address, etc.

But I figured I would ask what others are experiencing - does select text work for you? - before I reported a bug.