I have upgraded from DJO 1.9.4 to 1.9.8 and from CLP 4.0.4024 to CLP 4.0.4026.
Now, the message "Updating Android Contacts" appears very very often, not all times, taking several minutes to update the Android contacts database even if I do not modify at all those contacts for days, when I plug the USB for syncing.

That appears perhaps because of the latest modifications : DejaOffice v1.9.8 (12/15/2010)
-added support for the "Phone" account for many devices
-increased speed when switching between calendar views
-fixed an issue where "Read Android Data" would sometimes overwrite the Android contacts app

Do other users have found the same issue ?


XP FR / Outlook 2007 / DJO 1.9.8 + CLP 4.0.4026 paid license / Samsung Galaxy S / Android 2.2 / Settings = 30 days back + sync both ways + sync deletions + sync alarms + cleared records + native Android contacts sync but no Google sync