I am running the Captivate with Android 2.1 update 1 and Deja Office 1.9.8 and have noticed what I consider a problem with the 'today' menu option in the List view. In the Day, Week, Month and Year views, I can tap Menu > today and the calendar view changes to show the current date. However, if I navigate to another day, week, month or year in the corresponding view and then change to the List view and tap Menu > today, the calendar view does not change to show the current date at the top of the list.

Here is a related change request concerning changing to List view which might be considered a bug. When changing from Week/Month view to List view, the list seems to start at a day near the middle of the week/month instead of the first day of the displayed week/month prior to changing to List view. Similarly, changing from Year view to List view seems to pick some random date in the middle of the year or even a previous year instead of starting at Jan. 1, YYYY.

Thank you for your consideration,