I have been trying to get a definite answer from someone at CL whether or not DO is really compatible with my Android phone (Captivate). Nobody seems to know. The last technician who tried to resolve my problems seemed to think that it is not compatible, and that the solution is to turn off synchronization between the DO contacts and Android (native) contacts. I find this hard to believe, especially since the product is advertised as "fully functional". Here is what happens when I use DO.

I am using Act!2011 on the PC. Synchronizing with a wireless router connection.

1. Overwrite works well, copies my data, and then the internal synchronization copies all of my data to the native Android database.
2. The "Autosync" feature does not seem to work. CL crashes frequently when this is turned on. I resort to doing a manual sync.
3. The phone indicates a lot of "updating" the Android (native) database, which takes 10-20 minutes each time. At the conclusion of this internal sync, DO has deleted a dozen or so contacts from the native database and eliminated any features that I have changed to contacts on the native database. (I set up 9 speed dial numbers, a dozen or so favorites, and a dozen or so important customized ringtones. After the internal DO sync is completed, some of these contacts have been deleted, and all of the other settings have been removed. I presume that it is overwriting them with contacts from DO, which do not have these feature fields.)

Is this a problem that many people are experiencing? It is hard for me to believe that the product was released with these features, but I cannot find anyone in CL who seems to know, except for the last person I spoke with, who told me to turn off the synchronization with the native database, because the DO contacts database is fully functional (which it, clearly is not). I then received an email indicating that I should request these basic phone features as new features in a future product!

Can someone at CL [I]authoritatively[I] tell me whether or not this is the way DO is supposed to work? Am I not supposed to be using the native database? If that is the case how can you sell a product for a cell phone (an expensive one at that) which eliminates basic phone features? If the synchronization is supposed to work, why is it deleting contacts from the phone and why is it resetting all of the customized contact settings?