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Thread: DejaCal Issues: Can't Search & Question About "Sync with iPhone Calendar App" Feature

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    DejaCal Issues: Can't Search & Question About "Sync with iPhone Calendar App" Feature


    I have a first generation iPhone running iOS 3.1.3 (the last firmware available). When I heard about CompanionLink, I became very excited because I'm trying to convert away from my Palm (so 1990s...), and completely switch over to the iPhone. So, CompanionLink seems to be exactly what I need. I bought the DejaOffice app (v1.1.3) and most things are working. However, one of the main reasons I bought the app was because of the advertised "Global search for text in any app" (including DejaCal). I absolutely need to be able to search through my calendar events (this feature is available in my Palm, and I need it for my business). I've found how to search in every other app (DejaContacts, DejaTasks, DejaNotes, and DejaExpenses) by clicking on the title of the app, but this does not seem to be an option (that I could find) in DejaCal. Is this not a feature? And is there no global search? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, will the "Sync with iPhone Calendar App" feature (pictured here, but only available in iOS 4.0) be supported in firmware 3.1.3 in the future? As mentioned, I can't upgrade to 4.0 since I'm using a first generation iPhone. However, if this option will be supported under iOS 3.1.3 then I would be able to sync with the iPhone Calendar which is searchable from the built-in search. So my calendar searching problem would be fixed.

    To summarize, I'd be extremely happy and grateful if someone can tell me how to search DejaCal events, or if the "Sync with iPhone Calendar App" feature will be added under 3.1.3 in one of the upcoming versions of DejaOffice.
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