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    General Questions


    I apologise if I'm duplicating any previous threads, but I'm after the latest information and some of the relevant threads seem like they might now be outdated.

    I've just moved from an old HP Ipaq PC with Pocket Outlook to an HTC Desire Z (running Android 2.2). All the old PDA data is backed up to Outlook on PC. I really miss the outlook functionality so I'm looking for something to replace it. DejaOffice seems a good fit, but I would just like clarification on some points, if possible.
    1) Do birthdays in the contacts module create reminders (either a DO reminder or android)?
    2) Do Tasks create reminders (either a DO reminder or android)?
    3) Can you snooze the reminders in 1 and 2 (I'm assuming yes if done via android OS)
    4) If reminders are produced by DO, does DO need to be 'on' and running to work?
    5) What happens to Completed Tasks? Do they get saved to PC Outlook and deleted from the Tasks list, sit on the phone, just get deleted, or something else?
    6) Is it possible to copy/paste appointments and or tasks yet? i.e. keeping all details the same but allowing a new date to be set. I know this was suggested in the past but can't see a definitive response yet.
    7) Can you change contact or calendar details directly in the android app, and have these changes reflected in DO and then PC outlook on sync, or do all changes need to go via DO and then sync to Android?
    8) Are recurring tasks now fully supported?
    9) I'm concerned that I've seen some comments on the web that DO can delete certain elements on the android contacts e.g. personalised ringtones or even entire contact entries. Does this indeed occur? If so, under what circumstances and what steps can be taken to prevent this? (possibly not checking the "Sync with Android Contacts app", which kind of defeats the purpose).

    Sorry for all the questions, hope you can help!

    Thanks in advance


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