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Thread: Deja Office not syncying anymore

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    Deja Office not syncying anymore

    I am a completley new user, so sorry if I am repeating something which has already been answered. I really need to some help please:

    I am a new android user and found deja office and companion link which I have been really pleased with as I use outlook for all my calanders contacts tasks and notes. I have bensyncing successfully to two computers lap top and desk top with the trial version of companion link. This ran out and I paid $39 and purchased the full version of companionlink. After this I synced once with no prob to my lap top. today I tried to sync to the desktop and the sync went wrong. It synced from phone to computer but then wiped absolutley everything off the phone so that deja office was empty. Anything that was recently added to the phone has appeared in the outlook.

    I then tried to sync again this time so that outlook would write back into the deja office (by setting the purge and replace in companion link, but the first part syncing/reading the android calendar etc got stuck. Now I can't syn cant sync at all. Everytime I try whether on laptop or desktop it wont go to the second part, where it shows the companion link syncing to the phone, the box comes up showing that the usb is connected and asking me what program to open, I press cancel, which is what I have always done before but then nothing more happens. What used to happen is that it would then show the sync happening in companion link but now nothing.

    I have tried uninstalling deja and reinstalling on phone but nothing works. I have the contacts and calendar which deja appears to have got from the android calendar and contact in the phone, but no categories and I just can't get anything between outlook and deja.

    I am really desparate as I have come to rely on this heavily, please can you help. I really like this program and do not want to have to give it up but I really dont know what to do.

    Many thanks


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    Hi Sara,

    It seems like you did everything right - this sounds like it's going to require some troubleshooting. Your best best is to get in contact with CompanionLink support here -

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