Droid X, Android 2.2, DJO 1.9.8, CL 4028, Palm Desktop 4.1.4

When I sync, I almost always get the "Syncing to Android Contacts" post-sync step, and it almost always seems to do a full sync and takes a long time. Occasionally, it takes forever (as in "I have to force a phone reboot").

For example, last night I started the sync around 7:30 PM, waited until it said "Press OK to finish", pressed OK, and walked away. This morning, when I went to use the phone, the DJO screen was still active, and the "Syncing to Android Contacts" was at 54%. I clicked Cancel, but it didn't cancel.

So I went to my home screen, picked the app I wanted to use, and the phone froze. I had to pull the battery to force a reboot to get it to do anything.

This has happened to me before, but it was right after a sync that fouled up my desktop calendar (problem solved by support - thanks!), so I figured it was a glitch related to that. But this time it was not.

Anyone else seeing this?