I was looking forward to 1.1.4 so my alarms would work (which they now do).

I read about some users with my setup having syncing problems (duplication of records), so I always purge my iPhone and load all records from ACT!, which I treat as my master repository. (That's also what I did, for a similar reason, between ACT! and my Treo 650, using Palm's sync capability before I got my iPhone.)

Looking at messages displayed on the iPhone, transfer of records between ACT! and the iPhone appears to be at the same speed as with 1.1.3. However, each batch of 200 contacts spends a huge amount of time in the "Finalize Contacts" phase. As a result, syncing now takes 3 to 4 times as long as it did with 1.1.3.

Under 1.1.3 I could complete the operation (2,000+ contacts) in about 15 minutes, which is easy to work around. Now the process takes 45-60 minutes, which is awkward, at best.

I suspect that the increased time is the result of added capabilities that I do not use. I will appreciate anything you can do to reduce the time back to 15 minutes (or even less, which would be great).