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Thread: New Droid X new Windows 7 old Palm Z22 and Palm Desktop 4.2

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    New Droid X new Windows 7 old Palm Z22 and Palm Desktop 4.2

    I am currently a long term user of both a Palm Z22 and Palm Desktop software version 4.2 used with Microsoft XP on 2 laptops and one PC.

    I am switching to the use of a Verizon Droid X and want to eliminate using the Palm but want to retain a desktop function similar to the Palm Desktop which I can sync with my current Palm or Palm Desktop just for the initial setup and then regularly sync with my Droid X all using Windows 7 on all computers.

    Do you have a product(s) that will meet my needs?

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    The DejaOffice app for your Droid, and the CompanionLink application for your PC are exactly what you need. Find out more here:

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    I'm trying (I think) to do the same thing that ROK wants to do -- I have switched from a Palm Tungsten C to an Android phone and am using CompanionLink to sync with. I have one desktop and one laptop. I found this response from Kaena on the DejaOffice Team that suggests that ROK and I can't actually do what we used to do with Palm, which is to use the handheld to keep the two PCs in sync. If both computers are set to sync one way from PC to phone, changes made on one PC will never get to the other. . . Or am I missing something here?

    Kaena's response to nJed
    Hi nJed,

    Congrats on your future Nexus One! DejaOffice syncs with Outlook through the CompanionLink USB desktop software. One license of CompanionLink will let you install on both your home and work computers. We would recommend that if the databases on the two computers are different, to only sync one-way from PC to phone in order to avoid duplicating entries. For more info on the sync process with Android, check out this page here

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