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Thread: Deleted appt won't stop notification

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    Deleted appt won't stop notification

    after deleting an appointment in the calendar the notification keeps popping up to a blank appt - I have to power the phone off to get it to stop. also, what is the status of having the ability to set a default alarm??

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    This must be a rare problem!

    I have been using Deja Office and CompanionLink for several years. Something like this happened once with an earlier release and it had resolved itself, but not this time.

    I recently changed the content of a recurring appointment after the alarm occurred, but before I had dismissed it. Now an empty ghost alarm appears at the original time each day. The date on the alarm shows the original title and the time of 7PM-7PM on 12/31/1969, but when I edit the ghost appointment all of the fields are blank. Although I can save the changes, they don't seem to change the ghost appointment or create a new appointment.

    I tried to find the ghost appointment in Palm Desktop, but apparently the earliest date it will display is January 1, 1970.

    Does anybody know the resolution?

    DejaOffice 4.3.2 on a Galaxy Note 3 running Android 5.0
    syncing with a Windows 7 PC with Palm Desktop 4.1.4 and CompanionLink Express build 7042 (2 profiles)

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    ssu I'm sorry this happened.

    We'll look for the cause. To delete "ghost appointments" go to DejaOffice Settins, DejaCalendar Settings and choose the 2nd to last option "rebuild calendar display". This will reset the alarms

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