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Thread: Small screen display issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nambamous View Post
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    No Exit button on a start screen Accounts. Have to go to Menu - Contacts - and then again Menu - Exit.
    Thank you for documenting the work around.

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    This isn't just small screen issue. I have a Samsung Captivate and when I use the calendar in month view / landscape mode, the app title, date selector, day headings and view selectors use up so much space that only 3 weeks are visible. All of these extras take up more than 50% of the screen.

    If the title bar, day headings and date selector were smaller (perhaps sized to the display font size - I use micro) and if, perhaps, you put the view selectors at the side in landscape view rather than at the bottom it would really help.

    P.S. I have just posted 2 other comments about a few things and I wanted to say that I really like DJO. I used to use a palm treo and DJO has the only todo list app that actually works well on any phone I've tried since the palm. Keep up the good work. Oh, and I love the tablet view for the calendar month view - it makes the calendar much more useful for me.

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