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Thread: Contact Management

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    Contact Management

    When I initially installed CLUSB, I set it up to sync multiple folders of contacts, and now I'd like to undo that and remove those secondary folder contacts from from my phone. When I try to open CLUSB on my computer, it tells me to start the sync from my phone and won't allow me to edit the settings.

    How can I remove all those contacts from DejaOffice on my phone quickly? (I did not have it sync with the phone contacts db, so just need to get them out of DejaOffice.)

    How can I tell CLUSB not to sync that secondary folder again?


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    CindyMerril, welcome to our Forums.

    On your PC Desktop there are two icons; CompanionLink Setup and CompanonLink Sync. It looks like you are hitting the Sync icon, which will indeed give the message to start Sync from your device.

    Open CompanionLink Setup, and re-select your folders to the ones you want.

    Then run a sync. The phone numbers from your secondary folder will be removed from your phone.

    I hope this information helps!

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    That worked...now another issue

    Thanks for the fast reply. I was able to change the setup to sync only the folder I wanted to sync and the contacts I wanted off the phone came off easily.

    Now, I'm finding that the contacts that some of the contacts that have synced are not retaining their categories and some contacts aren't finding their way to my phone at all.

    It looks like if there is an entry in the Company field, the contact record is sync'd correctly. Those with nothing in the Company field are not syncing at all. But that's only for ONE of my categories. Other categories don't show that behavior. With some categories, I'm missing over half of my contacts altogether (from the phone...they're still on my computer) and I can't tell why.

    Those with parentheses in the Full Name field are losing their Category in the sync to phone.

    Love the software...looking forward to having the kinks worked out.

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    Hi Cindy! We update our software pretty frequently, but if you continue to have trouble with the sync, you'll want to give CompanionLink tech support a call and they'll take a closer look at this with you.

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