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Thread: Palm style Agenda view in Android (widget?)

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    Lightbulb Palm style Agenda view in Android (widget?)

    My old Palm used to have this "Agenda" view which showed upcoming calendar events as well as top tasks on the same home screen. It would be great to have this feature again, as soon as you turned on your phone all info was on the same screen. Since it would only list top tasks, it all fit very neatly on the screen.
    The DejaOffice agenda view lists everything on the task list. Since I use my task list for other lists (such as shopping), there are too many items on the current DejaOffice agenda view and I don't get to see my Calendar items. Maybe if it would let you pick which category and priority of tasks to list.
    I suppose in Android this would translate as a widget? I have seen widgets on Android Market for to-do lists and calendar events, but nothing that integrates both.
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