just bought DJO to sync my Samsung Android with Outlook. Well, contacts sync greatly (which was my #1 priority). Now, since Contacts was already ok, I decided to go one step further and load birthdays at my Outlook Calendar and sync it to my phone, so that it would remind me of birthdays.

Looks like the sync somehow deletes the alarm (all birthdays had a 15 minutes alarm). All birthdays are loaded into DJO perfectly (including the recurrence) but there are no alarms. I checked back at Outlook and all alarms were gone...

I understand DJO currently does not edit recurring appointments, would it be related?

Additionally, the recurring birthdays did not go to the Android Calendar app (not that I care too much, just checked out of curiosity). However, a single appointment that I entered into Outlook (non-recurring), went fine, with the alarm intact.