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Thread: Sync in both directions?

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    Sync in both directions?

    In looking at the documentation for CompanionLink USB, there was a statement or forum comment about deleting a contact on the handheld did not delete it on the PC, rather the contact had to be deleted on the PC, and sync would then delete it from the handheld. sync in one direction only? Does the particular item changed affect the answer? For example, does a contact sync in one direction but calendar data sync in both directions?

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    The "Transfer Method" setting/tab in the CompanionLink setup controls the direction of the sync for additions and changes (for example you add a contact or change a contact's info). By default, it's set to sync both ways for every conduit (contacts, calendar, etc.). However, you can change this to a one-way sync if you'd like (either PC to handheld or handheld to PC). The "Primary Database" setting/tab in the CompanionLink setup controls the direction of the deletions. You can set the primary database as the PC, the handheld, or both. When you delete a record in a "primary database", that same record will be deleted on the other end when you sync. So, you can have a full two-way sync by setting the transfer method to two-way and the primary database to "both".

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