Just installed DejaOffice 1.1.6 on iPhone 3Gs and CompanionLink 4.0 on PC running Win7. Successfully synchronized 50 notes and over 2000 contacts from iPhone to PC. Then trouble began.

I updated a small number of notes and contacts and re-synched. After 1/2 hour, it hadn't completed, so I cancelled the synch on CompanionLink. 1/2 hour later, DejaOffice says it's still downloading, and I can't make it stop. CompanionLink now says it is unable to connect to the iPhone. So, I'm dead in the water.

I also experienced extremely slow response time when updating items in DejaOffice. Time to change screens after editing was never less than 5 seconds and often as much as 15 seconds. This is unacceptable.

I was also surprised that the DejaOffice calendar did not import any information from the native iPhone calendar. That means either losing years of business and personal history, or spending maybe 20 hours transferring it by hand.

I'd like to fix these problems. Can anyone help? If not, I'll have to uninstall it.