Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Memos

PC Style Desktop for your Android and iPhone

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Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Memos. Contact Notes, Birthdays, Category Colors, Contact Pictures, Recurring Tasks, Journal. Search, Text and Call.


Android Widgets for Today's Tasks and Calendar, Month View. One tap access to everything on your to-do list today. See your calendar on the Android Desktop.


PC Sync to Outlook, Act!, IBM (Lotus) Notes, Business Contact Manager, GoldMine, Palm Desktop, and more. Mac sync for Outlook for Mac 2011 and 2016. Offcie 365 Sync. USB, Wi-Fi and DejaCloud


Use our secure cloud to keep all your devices and computers updated. If you add or replace a device, all of your business data will automatically show up on your new device.


Map nearby contacts, map nearby tasks, templates, voice output, voice commands, appointment quick set, time zone handler for business travel.

Japanese (日本語)




Advanced CRM for mobile business on your phone and tablet.

  • Sort by Company Name, File As, last name, or first name
  • See company name, email, and phone numbers as you scroll through the address book (no tapping!)
  • Append unlimited notes to each record
  • Color categories
  • Supports fields found in Palm, BlackBerry, and Microsoft Outlook
  • 3 view modes to maximize screen space on your device
  • 9 custom fields
  • Search as you type
  • Password-protect or hide key contacts


Manage your agenda with ease with unique features like Date Picker, a single-screen design that makes it a pleasure to create appointments on your device.

  • Intelligent date-picker fits Start Date, End Date, and Event Time (5-minute increments) in one screen
  • 5 view options: Day, Week, Month, Year, List
  • Alarms and push-notifications
  • Schedule events with advanced recurring patterns
  • Categorize events using colors that match Microsoft Outlook
  • Swipe navigation from day to day, month to month, week to week
  • Tap empty time slots to add new events
  • Set five/seven-day weeks in Week View


Finally - a task manager with options that mold to your workflow. Choose from Franklin Covey, Getting Things Done, Take Back Your Life, Microsoft Outloo, and Palm Desktop task styles.

  • Sort tasks by date, priority, subject, or category
  • Prioritize using Palm (1-5), Outlook (High, Medium, Low), or Franklin Covey (A1-Z99) styles
  • Alerts and push-notifications
  • Getting Things Done (GTD) status
  • Automatically rollover past-due tasks to today (so they are never lost)
  • Password-protect or mask confidential tasks
  • Categorize tasks using colors and custom labels


DejaMemos is a secure repository for your notes, summaries, and ideas. Memos can be linked to DejaContacts so you are never more than one tap away from key associations.

  • Create thousands of notes without any limits on length
  • Intelligent search works with titles and note text
  • Password-protect confidential memos
  • Categorize memos using colors and custom labels


Track and categorize every expense. Email reports from your device.

  • Log expenses in 27 categories
  • Save to CSV file format so you can email expenses from your device
  • Tip calculator


DejaToday organizes your calendar and tasks for the entire day. It shows contacts associated with your events for one-tap access to email, mapping, and phone numbers. You can also set up DejaToday as a Widget on the home screen of your Android device.

Outlook JournalDejaJournal

Track communication with every contact by logging phone calls, meetings, and tasks. Journal entries can be attached to Contacts.

  • Automatically log incoming and outgoing calls
  • 6 types of journal entries
  • Sync DejaJournal with Journal in Microsoft Outlook
  • View Journal entries by contact

Android ShortcutsWidgets and Shortcuts

(Android only) Widgets display upcoming calendar and task items. They are available in two sizes - condensed 1x4 strip or full 4x4 strip to fill your Android's screen. Homescreen shortcuts allow direct access to DejaContacts, DejaCalendar, DejaTasks, DejaMemos, DejaToday, and Sync from your Andorid's home screen.

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