Sync DejaOffice with Outlook, Act!, and other Contact Managers and CRM apps

Option 1 - CompanionLink

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Use CompanionLink desktop software to synchronize DejaOffice with popular CRM and Contact Managers like Microsoft Outlook, ACT!, Salesforce CRM, Zoho CRM, Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop, GoldMine, and Highrise. Click here for more info.

Licenses for CompanionLink start at $14.95, backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

CompanionLink Software is the company that develops the DejaOffice CRM app. Because we develop both the mobile app and desktop sync software, we can deliver a reliable and secure sync experience from your device to your CRM or Contact Manager.

Option 2 - Bring Your Own Sync (BYOS)

If your CRM or Contact Manager software offers their own Exchange ActiveSync integration with mobile devices, you can use this. DejaOffice has a setting to automatically sync with your mobile device's built-in Contacts and Calendar apps.

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