DejaOffice for Android - Release Notes

DejaOffice 4.4.61 (1628) (12/18/2023)
-Crash Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.61 (1620) (10/24/2023)
-Fixed theme issue with Linked From field in Dark Mode.
-Crash Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.61 (1615) (10/09/2023)
-Default UI is now Style 7 (Settings > Display Settings > UI Style).
-Default to New Icons for new installs (Settings > Display Settings > New Icons).
-Added new Multi Line Subject option for Events and Tasks.
-Double Tapping the Current Calendar View will now return you to Today.
-Fixed issue with Category Filter for records with multiple categories and Grouped By Category.
-Fixed issue with UI Style 7 in Tablet mode that didn't link contact to new events correctly from the shortcut.
-Fixed issue with Contact Photos that could cause a crash.
-Added Display Settings to Settings menu and moved some settings to it.
-Default all new App installs to Medium Font.
-Fixed display issue with contacts when sorting my Most Recent and Grouping by Category.
-Fixed issue with Native Sync direction resetting if Native Sync was disabled, then reenabled.
-Fixed issue with Category Dot Display in Templates list.
-Fixed issue which could save a new All Day event in NZ time to the wrong day.
-Added option to "Show Linked From" in Contacts for cross linked contact display.
-Added option to disable Auto Dupe checking for DejaCloud sync.
-Updated Background Colors.
-Added Calendar Option to directly open Events to Edit Panel.
-Added Slovak Language.

DejaOffice 4.4.61 (1597) (7/25/2023)
-Added Real Time sync option for Wifi Sync.
-Changes trigger RT sync with Wifi Sync.
-Tweaks for NZ Time zone.
-Fixed issue with selected Date Format not appearing correct in Search results.
-Updated Australian Holiday Calendar.

DejaOffice 4.4.60 (1589) (6/26/2023)
-Tweaks for Widget Refresh on App open after Phone Restart.
-Fixed issue with Hyperlinks in Event Subjects.
-Tweaks for preveting Auto Sync if login credentials are not correct.
-Added Other section in contacts to "UI Style 7" for linked Memos and Expense.
-Added filters for Sending Contact as vCard.
-Added multi-select for linked contacts option to Calendar Settings.
-Fixed issue with new search filters not appearing in linked contact search.
-Added Location and Linked Contact sync to DejaOffice Memos.
-Default Native Contact Note sync to disabled for new installs.
-Added Deal Sync support for DejaCloud (and Wifi - CL update required).

DejaOffice 4.4.59 (1553) (1/9/2023)
-Fixed issue with Alarms on older Android OS's (12 and lower).
-Fixed issue with Today widget showing 2 lines vs Task widget showing 1 line for long tasks subjects.

DejaOffice 4.4.58 (1548) (12/15/2022)
-Fixed Notification Permission issue for OS 13 which could cause the app to lock.

DejaOffice 4.4.58 (1540) (12/12/2022)
-Fixed text issue for long subjects in History.
-Fixed issue with Completions via Tap and Hold not triggering Real Time Sync.
-Fixed issue with Contact Photos in Search appearing in different sizes.

DejaOffice 4.4.57 (1524) (10/3/2022)
-Updated to TargetSDK 33 per Play Store requirements.
-Added Persistent Backup system (requires storage permission).
-Added Bluetooth permission prompt for OS 13 requirements.
-Tweaks for OS 7 slowness.
-Fixed issue with Company Name not showing in Dark Theme in Search.
-Fixed issue with context menu not matching dark theme.
-Fixed issue with deleting future occurrences of an event not removing the alarm.
-Tweaks to Exact Match Search.
-Fixed issue with Android Lock Screen Notification Setting for "Hide Content" not working for DejaOffice.
-Removed DejaVoice Accessibility API.
-Text color improvments for Dark Mode.

DejaOffice 4.4.56 (1508) (8/15/2022)
-Updated Places API for Address Look-ups.
-Added Places API counter.
-Added API Query Limit of 1000 look-ups with a email to request more.
-Fixed issue with Memo sort order.

DejaOffice 4.4.55 (1501) (7/6/2022)
-Added new default setting for All Records in Search Filter options.
-Fixed issue with Alpha Slider not adhering to the Group By setting.

DejaOffice 4.4.55 (1495) (6/21/2022)
-Improvements to Search with filters and more options.
-Fixed issue with Waze not launching for Maps on OS 12.
-Fixed issue with deleting recurring events with long subjects.
-Updated Christian Holidays.
-Added an Alarm Setting to Clear Custom Alarm Durations.
-Added new color scheme option to "Use Phone Theme" for auto switching light\dark themes.

DejaOffice 4.4.55 (1480) (5/16/2022)
-Fixed issue with list view not loading more events on scroll.
-Added FCMID for Bluetooth Sync.
-Updated UK Spring Bank Holiday.

DejaOffice 4.4.54 (1474) (4/19/2022)
-Improvements to Birthday\Anniversary event generation and Calendar Load Speeds.
-Fixed issue with records not updating when opening via Shortcuts.
-Fixed issue with Week view which could add new records on wrong date using + to add.
-Fixed issue with Task Location not syncing.
-Fixed refresh issue with Wifi sync in some calendar views.
-Fixed issue with Alarm tone permissions.
-Fixed issue that could cause Calendar list to start in wrong position.
-Added FCMID for CL10 Wi-Fi reconnect.

DejaOffice 4.4.53 (1459) (2/22/2022)
-Fixed issue which could prevent DejaHelper from being accessed.
-Added better messaging for "Clearing and Reloading" Native records.

DejaOffice 4.4.52 (1455) (1/24/2022)
-Fixed issue with cleared Email fields in Outlook not clearing in DejaOffice vDejaCloud.
-Added "Default Time Zone" option to allow new events to default to a Time Zone other than the Phone's Time zone.
-Fixed issue which could prevent some ICS imports.
-Fixed issue which could prevent "Create New Database" from working.

DejaOffice 4.4.52 (1452) (11/29/2021)
-Fixed issue with Legacy Storage option reverting for pre-existing installs.

DejaOffice 4.4.52 (1445) (11/08/2021)
-Updated to Target SDK 30 Per Play Store Requirements.
-Fixed issue with Phone number adding space on contact edit.
-Fixed issue with Timezone not showing in Event Edit without using Always Show More.
-Fixed issue with rotating device in Agenda view losing date position.
-Fixed issue which could cause a "Start Sync from device" loop on the PC when syncing via USB.

DejaOffice 4.4.51 (1438) (10/19/2021)
-DejaOffice data folder shifted to the new Storage location required by Android (Except USB Syncs using older CL).
-Increased frequency of USB Sync message for older CL builds.
-Fixed issue with some past events not displaying in Calendar views.
-Fixed issue with Contact Shortcuts after update to new storage location.

DejaOffice 4.4.50 (1428) (10/4/2021)
-Fixed issue with "Retrieving Calendar Data" on opening Calendar.
-Fixed crash issue in Tablet Mode when selecting More in Edit.
-Fixed issue for Category Filter which could prevent All Categories option from appearing.
-Fixed issue with Group By in Calendar List view hiding all records.
-Fixed issue with All Day Events being added one day previous in New Zealand time.

DejaOffice 4.4.50 (1418) (9/14/2021)
-Added improved display for long searches.
-Add ability to tap Back to cancel a long search.
-Fixed issue with Calendar displaying a "Retrieving Calendar Data" message.
-Added "Always Show More" option to Contact Edit Panel.
-Added option to "Clear and Reload" native Contact or Calendar account in same setting.
-Change to persistent alarms to re-notify less if device in Silent or DnD mode.
-Added Change Due date option to long press on Tasks in Task List.
-Added Change Date option to long press on events.
-Improvements to USB "Closing Android" speed (DJOA and CL Fix).
-Fixed issue that could cause Font Size to reset.

DejaOffice 4.4.49 (1401) (8/3/2021)
-Added new Storage Location (Android\Data\) for DJOA per Play Store requirements.
-Fixed Alarm issue which could cause excessive wake-ups.
-Fixed issue with "Fill Location from Link" option filling location from the Contact Detail Add Event when disabled.
-Fixed issue with Journal Tab Sort.
-Added Country selection option to Map Nearby Records.
-Fixed issue with All Day events saving to the wrong day in New Zealand Time.
-Fixed refresh issue with Today not showing event dates.
-Fixed issue with some Emojis not saving to the custom list.
-Fixed issue with the first instance of a "Last" "Day" recurring event not appearing.
-Fixed Alarm issue which could cause excessive wake-ups.
-Event and Task notes are now transfered to the History record on Record Completion.
-Add Sort Order option to UI Style 7 for History section.
-Added Juneteenth to US Holidays calendar.
-Improvements to USB sync which could cause a slow "Closing Android" message on PC.
-Changed Push Sync text to Realtime.
-Tweaks for USB sync speed on "Closing Android".
-Fixes for Press "Ok" message not always appearing after complete USB sync.
-Fixed issue with All Categories option not appearing in Single Select Category mode.
-Updated Italian Translations.
-Updated Spanish Translations.
-Added Privacy Policy.

DejaOffice 4.4.48 (1376) (3/31/2021)
-Added DJO 7 Style for new Contact Detail Panel design (Settings > General Settings > DJO Style).
-Fixed translation issue for Calendar Views.
-Fixed issue which could prevent sync from completing.
-Added new option to "Show Completed" Task filter to show completed past due tasks.
-Releases Notes no longer automatically pop-up on update (Web View fix).
-Bug Fixes and Performance improvements.

DejaOffice 4.4.46 (1358) (3/23/2021)
-Updated all language translations.
-Fixed issue with Month View Widget not loading correctly.
-Fixed issue with hyper-linked telephone numbers in notes causing new line loss.
-Fixed issue with adding new contact from WhatsApp.
-Fixed issue with Adding "Sync" shortcut adding the wrong icon.
-Fixed issue with changing phone orientation losing cursor position.
-Fixed issue with phone sleep changing selected field in edit panels.
-Added "Specify Location" option to Map Nearby Contacts.
-Bug Fixes and Performance improvements.

DejaOffice 4.4.45 (1342) (12/08/2020)
-Fixed issue with recurring events from Native Calendar using RRule pattern BYSETPOS that could cause DejaOffice to stop responding.
-Fixed display issue with Birthday event "Will Be\Was" showing one year off.
-Fixed issue which could trigger incorrect auto syncs at midnight.
-Fixed issue with Contacts list moving to bottom after adding a new contact.
-Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements.

DejaOffice 4.4.44 (1336) (11/30/2020)
-Added Japanese Holiday Calendar.
-Added Expense sync for DejaCloud.
-Added option to set Luminosity for text on color categories.
-Fixed issue with Event Quick Alarm displaying minutes for a Week Alarm.
-Fixed issue with Saving Attachments.
-Fixed issue with Custom Phone Fields from Native Android contacts not syncing to Outlook.
-Added friendly date for overdue Tasks up to 14 days past due.
-Fixed issue with duplicates when completing recurring events from DejaOffice.
-Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements.
-Crash Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.41 (1319) (10/14/2020)
-Updated to latest Android TargetSDK 29. (Drops Android OS 6 Support).
-Added option to set Saturday to the First of the Week.
-Fixed display issue with Birthday/Anniversary event details showing 1970.
-Fixed issue with All/None selectors not working in some general settings.
-Fixed issue with exporting events in British Summer Time.
-Fixed issue with disabling hyperlinking in note fields.
-Fixed issue with start date when changing future/past all day events to timed events.
-Fixed crash issue with Android OS 7.
-Crash Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.39 (1306) (8/24/2020)
-Crash Report Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.38 (1304) (7/24/2020)
-Added option to disable search text highlight in notes.
-Fixed issue with Contact Groups from syncing to DejaCloud.
-Fixed issue with Contact Note position resetting when leaving and returning to DejaOffice.
-Added options to set Native Sync Directions.
-Fixed issue with Japanese Task Status Translations.
-Fixed issue with Task Status sync in Japanese via Bluetooth.
-Added Contact Setting to hide the Note\History indicator in Contact List.
-Fixed issue with completing events not clearing the task alarm.
-Fixed issue with Tasks not displaying the Linked Contact info in the Task List.
-Fixed issue with Task Status not displaying in the Task List.
-Fixed issue with Default Alarm not being set for events imported via ICS file.
-Fixed issue with Group By Category not working for Contacts and Tasks.
-Fixed issue with Tabs syncing to record notes on Shift Phones.
-Added quick switch option when in DejaOffice Direct Mode.
-Added option to Hide Completed events and tasks in DejaOffice Contact History tab.
-Updated address lookups to latest Google Places API.
-Fixed issue with adding ";" to category names causing category to split.
-Added a "Rebuild Categories" option to check for bad categories.
-Added support for DPC Multi-User databases using DejaCloud Sync.
-Added option to Task Settings to hide Not Start task statuses on task list.
-Fixed issue with tapping Cancel when setting a Task Alarm still setting an alarm.
-Added extra checking when adding a new Contact Photo for correct orientation.
-Improvements to Real Time Auto Sync.

DejaOffice 4.4.37 (1266) (4/13/2020)
-Added FCM ID Setting for Direct Dialing on Mobile via DejaOffice PC CRM.
-Added Custom Duration option to Event Edit Panel in UI Style 6.
-Fixes for DejaHelper Call Logging on OS 10.

DejaOffice 4.4.36 (1255) (3/30/2020)
-Crash Report Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.35 (1249) (3/24/2020)
-New UI Design 6 Style (Set in DejaOffice General Settings).
 -New Calendar Edit Panel with quick select options.
 -New Task Edit Panel with quick select options.
-Added new API Key for Google Places Details.
-Fixed issue with "Copy" for calendar records missing some fields.
-Fixed issue with "Reread All Native Data" option does not uncheck after a Reread.
-Fixed issue with set event start time being reset to 5 AM when changing from an All Day back to timed event.
-Added General Setting for "Search at Start of Words" for searching on partial words.

DejaOffice 4.4.34 (1236) (2/19/2020)
-Fixed issue with Contact Photos removed from Outlook not removing in DejaOffice. (CL update required).
-Added Custom Fields to .vcf export when using "Send Contact" from DejaOffice.
-Fixed issue contact .vcf note export when using "Send Contact" from DejaOffice.
-Improvements to attachment handling.
-Fixed issue with Calendar List View not displaying all records with a small calendar count.
-Fixed issue with the Emoji for the Jewish Holiday "Pesach" not displaying.
-More fixes for new lines in Note fields not appearing on new lines in DejaOffice.
-Added "Delegated" Task Status when in Franklin Covey CRM Style.
-Improvements to Birthday and Anniversary event and contact detail display.
-Fixed issue with Search missing records that contained Emojis.

DejaOffice 4.4.33 (1228) (1/23/2020)
-Fixed issue preventing task updates from syncing.
-Added Contact Setting to set DejaOffice CallerID notification position.
-Fixed issue with +1 on phone numbers added to DejaOffice via the Android Contacts app.
-Fixed issue with Timezone shift set to "Home Timezone Only" causing duplicate alarms.
-Fixed Crash issue with large task counts.
-Fixed issue that could cause some events not to sync to the Android Calendar app.
-Fixed issue with completing the first instance of a recurring event not displaying future occurrences.
-Moved Mobile to the top of the Phone Number Type list when adding a contact via the Android Contacts App.

DejaOffice 4.4.32 (1221) (1/16/2020)
-Fixed issue with Templates not defaulting to Subject line.
-Increased number of visible calendar entries that occur at the same time in Day View to 8.
-Fixed display issue with editing a single occurrence of a recurring event might show 1969 as date.
-Fixed issue with Calendar hanging on "Rebuilding Calendar".
-Added extra checking for Timezone change to rebuild calendar display.
-Added Quick Priority change from Task list and Task Details. Tap Priority field to cycle.
-Fixed issue with Department field not syncing to Native Android contacts.
-Fixed issue with blank lines being removed in DejaOffice Memos.
-Changed DejaOffice Contact Note and History indicators * and # to appear as Emojis.
-Updated May Day UK Holiday change for 2020.
-Fixed issue with contacts added to Groups in Android Contacts not syncing to DejaOffice categories.
-Fixed issue with HTML parsing that could hide some note information.
-Added "Local Storage for DB" option to General Settings.
-Friendly Text for Birthday display in Contacts.
-Map Max Records option changed to default of 20 records.

DejaOffice 4.4.31 (1211) (12/10/2019)
-Updated all Note Fields for compatibility with Act! v22 HTML and CSS note changes.
-Fixed issue with Event Date Picker not moving to next year when changing months past end of year.
-Fixed issue with Event Date Picker not selecting a day for recurring events if just a month is selected.
-Fixed issue with "Monthly by day" calendar recurrence saving to the wrong day in New Zealand time.
-Fixed display issue for ring tones assigned to categories displaying when assigned to a contact.
-Optimizations for Native Contact sync to prevent unnecessary duplicate checking.
-Fixed issue with Address appearing too large in Event Details Panel.
-Fixed issue with Location not being populated in events and tasks when added via Contacts.
-Fixed text size issue for Addresses in Event Details.
-General Crash and ANR fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.30 (1203) (11/25/2019)
-Added 11 additional Custom Fields to Contacts in DejaOffice.
-Fixed issue with support setting Log Android DB not completing.
-Added Attachments to Export option for Expense.
-Fixed issue with Native Job Title field not updating.
-Fixed issue with Phone fields 1-3 appearing out of order in contact details.
-Changed DejaOffice Address lookups to manual.
 -Setting can be changed in General Settings under Location Search.
-Fixed issue with Dismissing event alarms not updating event modified time.
-Fixed issue with Dismissing event alarms not triggering a Push Sync.
-Fixed "not logged in" issue with Wifi sync to Mac.
-Fixed issue with Mask Private Records in Tasks not masking Task Subject.
-Fixed issue with Attachments in DejaOffice Records not opening from SD Card.
-Fixed crash issue with editing some existing Template types.
-General Crash and ANR fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.29 (1186) (10/14/2019)
-Added popup notification for expired DejaCloud accounts.
 -Added a "None" sync method if "Disable" is selected for the DejaCloud Account Expired message. Selecting "None" hides Sync button in DejaOffice.
-Tweaks for Wifi connection stability.
-Changed primary display field for History to Subject.
-Fixed issue with selecting an event when several events occur at the same time.
-Fixed issue with Google API keys per Play Store requirements.

DejaOffice 4.4.28 (1180) (09/24/2019)
-Changed "Map Nearby Contacts" to use OpenMaps API.
-Fixed issues with "Sync in Progress" notification appearing when no sync is occurring.
-Fixed issue with "Create New Database" option not working.
-Fixed text for "GoldMine" in Setup Wizard when selecting CRM Style.
-Updated text for ADB mode Sync Message when starting sync from device.
-Fixed issue with DejaOffice notification panel shortcuts not opening DejaOffice.
-Fixed issue with Address fields being cleared if a horizontal picture attachment is added to a Contact record.
-Fixed socket error with Bluetooth sync and Wifi sync.
-Fixed display issue with Date appearing truncated in calendar list view.
-Added option to Category Settings to hide record counts in Calendar List view.
-Fixed issue with saving a Camera Attachment to a DejaOffice record when changing phone orientation.

DejaOffice 4.4.27 (1173) (09/04/2019)
-Fixes for issue with "Sync in Progress" Notification appearing with no sync.
-General Crash and Bug Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.26 (1171) (08/23/2019)
-Removed Bing Maps from Address Lookup.

DejaOffice 4.4.25 (1170) (08/19/2019)
-General Crash and Bug Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.24 (1167) (07/22/2019)
-Added "local timezone" display to Contact details.
 -Added option to disable Local Timezone display in Contact Settings.
-Added record counts to categories when Group By set to Category.
-Fixed issue with Today Widget displaying at the wrong size on some devices.
-Address lookup changed to Bing Maps.
 -Option to use Google Maps in General Settings.
-Increased TargetSDK to 28.
-Fixed issue with Device name for Wifi sync.
-General Crash and Bug Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.23 (1160) (07/22/2019)
-Added a "Dismiss All" to DejaOffice Alarm Notifications.
-Fixed issue with DejaOffice results for completed events syncing to Act! results incorrectly via Wifi.
-Fixed issue with completing a Task from the Android Notifications menu if "Use Completion Dialog" was also enabled.
-General Crash and Bug Fixes

DejaOffice 4.4.22 (1157) (07/15/2019)
-Call History updated for Google SMS and Call Log policy
 -See Caller ID in Contact Settings
 -See History Settings to Enable Call Follow-up
-New Address Lookups for Google API changes.
-General Crash and Bug Fixes
-Fixed Armistice Day appearing on incorrect day.
-Fixed issue with refresh not appearing when adding a category to multiple tasks.
-Fixed issue with categories set to private not marking assigned records as private.
-Fixed issue with Network Name not displaying in DejaOffice Wifi Settings. Requires Location Android Permission.
-Fixed issue with History record count not appearing on DejaOffice main menu.
-Fixed issue with dedupe logic in histories when changing to Bluetooth Sync.
-Bluetooth connection speed improvements.
-Fixed issue with completed event adding Event date and duration to History record notes.
-Improvements to SMS history collection
 -Added option to combine SMS histories by day

DejaOffice 4.4.21 (1140) (06/04/2019)
-Tweaks to new Wifi foreground service to prevent app not responding.
-Crash fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.20 (1138) (05/20/2019)
-Improved Bluetooth connection and timeout.
-Added foreground service for Wifi Sync on Android OS 9.0 for better connection during sync.
-Added option to keep DejaOffice as a foreground service for better Wifi auto sync.
-Updated translations for all languages.
-Fixed issue with DejaOffice Alarms ignoring Do Not Disturb Settings.
 -To rebuild alarms, DejaOffice Settings > Alarm Settings > tap and hold "Sound and Vibrate Settings", select "Rebuild Alarm Channels".
-Fixed issue with Custom Alarm tones ramping up in volume.
-Tweaks for adding attachments to DejaOffice records.
-Fixed an issue with King's Holiday appearing on the wrong day.
-Fixed permission issue for creating a new database in DejaOffice.
-Added correct icon for completing Tasks via Android Notification menu.
-Fixed issue with Completed Tasks not appearing in Task list with Completed filter set to All.
-General Crash Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.19 (1131) (04/22/2019)
-Fixed crash issue with new Quick Add Screen if DejaOffice font was set to Small.
-Fixed issue with Calendar Emojis not displaying in Month or List view.
-Fixed issue with single occurrences edited via Drag and Drop not maintaining alarm.

DejaOffice 4.4.18 (1129) (04/16/2019)
-Fixed issue with new contact Quick Add screen causing a crash when using Templates in DejaOffice.

DejaOffice 4.4.17 (1128) (04/15/2019)
-Added "Modes" to DejaOffice for Act, Goldmine, Palm, Outlook and DejaOffice.
 -Selected in DejaOffice Settings > General Settings > CRM Style.
-In Act! and GoldMine modes, added Activity Type options to DejaCalendar.
-Added Emojis to Act! Activity Types.
 -Can be Disabled in DejaOffice Settings > Calendar Settings > Show Emojis.
-Added "Direct Mode" for direct syncing with Native Android Calendar\Contacts app.
 -Enabled\Disabled in DejaOffice Setup Wizard or in General Settings > CRM Style > Direct.
-Added volume options in DejaAlarm Settings to fix an issue with alarms ringing at wrong volume.
-Added category indicator to calendar day and week views to display multiple categories.
-Added Quick Contact creation panel.
 -Disabled in DejaOffice Settings > Contact Settings > Use Quick Add Screen.
-Added option to DejaToday to show/hide tasks that occur through today as active.
-Removed "Deja" from all data sets.
-Fixed issue with some events not syncing to Native Android Calendar.
-Fixed issue with duplicate categories when using native sync settings "Sync DejaOffice Contact categories to Android Contact Groups".
-Added new backup method to work with Smart Switch.
-Fixed issue with DejaOffice 4x4 Month Widget missing data on last week for months with 6 weeks.
-Fixed issue with Syncing Birthday and Anniversary fields to Native Android Contacts.
-Fixed issue with Completed Tasks ignoring Completed Task filter when task has no due date.

DejaOffice 4.4.16 (1116) (03/05/2019)
-Removed "Voice Commands in DejaOffice" option in DejaVoice Settings.
-Removed speex library and usage.
-Fixes for various crash report issues.

DejaOffice 4.4.15 (1111) (02/28/2019)
-Removed DejaOffice SMS and Call History permissions per Google Privacy Policy Change. Check Here for more details.
-Added 64 bit support for DejaOffice Libraries.
-Fixed issue with Multiday Tasks not appearing in Task list when Show Active Filter is set to Today.
-Fixed issue with Maroon category color saving as neon green.
-Fixed issue with opening Journal records in tablet mode.
-Fixed issue with Task Alarm not defaulting to Due Date of Task.
-Fixes for Category Colors when syncing via Bluetooth.
-Fixes for Category Colors when syncing via USB.
-Fixed a Task List display issue when completing a Recurring Task.
-Fixed issue with custom field names resetting with a Reread of DejaCloud.
-Fixed issue with Encryption causing DejaOffice respond slowly.
-Fixed issue with "Copy Note Text" in DejaMemos not copying the memo subject.

DejaOffice 4.4.14 (1102) (11/16/2018)
-Fixed issue with XMPP.

DejaOffice 4.4.13 (1101) (11/15/2018)
-Fixed issue with Address fields when adding Contact Photos.
-Fixed issue with Birthday Event Categories.

DejaOffice 4.4.12 (1099) (11/07/2018)
-Updated address lookup API
-Added new UI Design: DejaOffice 5 Style (Settings > General Settings > UI Design)
-Changed square categories to circles (DJO 5 Style)
-Updated category colors (DJO 5 Style)
-Fixed issue with DejaContacts list view not refreshing on a change
-Fixed issue with DejaMemos list view not refreshing on a change
-Fixed issue with Department field not syncing via DejaCloud
-Fixed issue with Sync shortcut not adding the correct icon
-Added "Send Contact" option to list view
-Added "Send Event" option to all calendar views
-Added option to disable Event Location auto-filling from a linked contact
-Fixed issue with Address Lookup not showing Street
-Fixed issue with International addresses
-Fixed issue with cleaing and repopulating native records

DejaOffice 4.4.11 (1091) (10/17/2018)
-Fixed issue with opening Maps from DejaOffice address field.
-Fixed issue with Alarms not clearing when dismissing from Notifications.
-Fixed issue with copying some contact addresses to clipboard.
-Fixed issue with "Map Nearby Locations".
-Fixed issue with adding journal entry after call.
-Added option to adjust calendar cache date range.

DejaOffice 4.4.11 (1087) (9/18/2018)
-Fixed an issue with recurring events with a start date before 1970.
-Updated Google location services.

DejaOffice 4.4.10 (1086) (9/10/2018)
-Added support for native calendar sync on Android P.
-Added Bluetooth to Setup Wizard
-Fixed an issue with alarms in vibrate mode on Note 9.
-Fixed an issue with email fields in DejaOffice.
-Fixed an issue with scheduling events at 11 PM.
-Fixed an issue with European Addresses.
-Fixed an issue with DejaOffice Caller ID.
-Fixed an issue with address fields in DejaOffice.
-Fixed an issue with task alarms.
-Added "Clear alarms on task rollover" option to task settings.

DejaOffice 4.4.9 (1076) (7/11/2018)
-Fixed a display issue when sorting by company name.
-Fixed an issue with Task due dates.
-Fixed display issues with the DejaToday widget.
-Added ability to send multiple events via email.
-Fixed an issue where non overdue tasks would show in Red in the DejaToday widget.
-Tweaks to help with Notification.
-Fixed an issue with marking new records as private.

DejaOffice 4.4.8 (1072) (6/26/2018)
-Fixed an issue with changing "Show Active" tasks to "No Due Date" did not refresh the widgets.
-Fixes for various crash reports.
-Added logic to display past due tasks to show in Red in DejaOffice Widgets.
-Fixed an issue with context menu not opening when on Notes\Journal tab in DejaContacts.
-Fixed a display issue with DejaContacts list.
-Added a "No Due Date" option to DejaTasks "Show Active" for tasks without due dates.
-Fixed an issue with context menus in DejaOffice not opening correctly.

DejaOffice 4.4.6 (1068) (6/11/2018)
-Fixed and issue with Cut\Copy\Paste.
-Fixed display issue for Category Filter.
-Added options to Show\Hide Emojis in holiday calendars.

DejaOffice 4.4.5 (1064) (6/11/2018)
-Further fixes for DejaWidgets.
-Corrected an issue with DejaToday 4x1 widget.
-Updated DejaOffice in App release notes.
-Fixed an issue with importing an ICS file into DejaCalendar.
-Fixed a DejaContact display issue.
-Fixed a display issue when using UI 3.
-Changed default start time of events created on current day to current time.
-Fixed an issue with saving ringtones.
-Updated Task display options.
-Text and Menu updates.
-Fixed an issue with widget settings.
-Fixed an issue with Categories.
-Further Icon updates.
-DejaOffice Icon updates.
-Fixed an issue with extensions.
-Fixed an issue with DejaOffice Alarms in OS 8.
-Fixed an issue with UI design style 3 in newer Android devices.
-Added more latitude and longitude format options for location picker.
-Combined Group By and Ascending\Descending options.
-Fixed some issues with default alarms and new Alarm logic.
-Fixed an issue with Dark Theme text.
-Added option to omit weekly recurring events displaying in the Month View.
-Combined Sort By and Ascending\Descending options.
-Improved DejaTask sorting.
-Icon and text updates.
-Added Location field to DejaMemos.
-Added options for latitude and longitude to location picker.
-Added a "Show Password" option for DejaCloud.
-Added two new options to Add Journal after call setting, "Prompt (if in contact list)" and "Automatic (if in contact list).
-Added quick launch options for DejaOffice and DejaCalendar.
-Added Ascending sort options to Group by and Sort by in DejaTasks and DejaCalendar.
-Added a field for create date and Sort By option for create date for DejaTasks.
-Added notification icons for quicker dismiss\snooze of events.
-When database is locked, Month View Widget shows in white.
-Added preferences popup when first adding Deja Today 4x1 widget.
-Updated notifications to target Android OS 8.0 and above.
-Fixed an issue with attachments not opening correctly.
-Fixed an issue with Alarms not updating properly in native calendar
-Added option for "No Formatting" to phone numbers in DejaContacts.
-Fixed an issue with shortcuts in OS 8.0.
-Added Ascending/Descending options for "Group By" order in DejaTasks.
-Fixed a display issue with templates.
-Fixed an issue with changing a single event to a recurring event.
-Changed Location Picker default to Manual.

DejaOffice 4.4.2 (1038) (4/20/2018)
-Fixed an issue for Encrypted Databases

DejaOffice 4.4.1 (1036) (4/18/2018)
-Improved Alarm logic for older Android OS's
-Fixed and issue with Custom Calendar colors
-Added Device ID reset option
-Fixed an issue with adding pictures to events directly from Android Camera App

DejaOffice 4.3.9 (1025) (2/13/2018)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes events at the same time would overlap in the display
-Added Real Time backup timer if Real Time fails to initiate

DejaOffice 4.3.8 (1021) (1/25/2018)
-Fixed an issue where completing a task would auto-sort the task list. Added task setting to sort list, or not, when task is completed
-Fixed an issue where multiple task categories could not be selected
-Fixed an issue where sometimes updating a phone number in DejaContacts would not save
-Fixed an issue where sometimes DejaOffice would not use the device's phone formatting

DejaOffice v4.3.7 (1018) (12/18/17)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the widget launcher would crash when viewing DejaOffice widget previews
-Fixed an issue where sometimes disabling an alarm would not disable
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the wrong contact would appear in an event
-Fixed an issue where sometimes events would not sync to the native Android calendar
-Fixed an issue where sometimes recurrent events would sync to native calendar at the wrong time
-Fixed an issue where editing new event details could trigger its alarm to ring
-Fixed an issue where the date/time stamp would not paste to the cursor position
-Fixed an issue where adding phone numbers to were not formatting correctly
-Fixed an issue where sometimes an attachment would not open correctly
-Fixed an issue where sometimes Thanksgiving would not display as a holiday
-Added new task sort features

DejaOffice v4.3.6 (1002) (7/24/17)
-Fixed an issue where native calendar sync would sometimes not complete
-Fixed an issue where sharing a calendar event in DejaCalendar would not work

DejaOffice v4.3.5 (1001) (7/17/17)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes adding an event record to DejaCalendar would cause the app the crash

DejaOffice v4.3.4 (1000) (7/5/17)
-Fixed general crash reports

DejaOffice v4.3.3 (998) (6/28/17)
-Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping events in a large calendar database was slow
-Fixed an issue where sometimes sending contacts, events, etc did not work
-Fixed an issue where sometimes event alarms would not ring
-Fixed an issue with alpha slider not positioning the contact list correctly
-Fixed an issue where searching in record notes were not consistent
-Fixed an issue where initiating a sync from the slider menu
-Fixed an issue where sometimes an .ics file would not import correctly
-Fixed an issue where sometimes a wifi sync would fail
-Added new database logging
-Updated widget thumbnail screenshots

DejaOffice v4.3.2 (990) (5/17/17)
-Fixed an issue with the contact alpha slider
-Fixed an issue where calendar events would sometimes not line up correctly with the hour marker
-Fixed an issue where swiping left or right on a DejaContact would not show next or previous contact
-Fixed some general crash issues

DejaOffice v4.3.1 (989) (5/15/17)
-Added new Tasks, Contacts, and Memos Widgets

DejaOffice v4.2.8 (984) (5/10/17)
-Added country option to General Settings (Location picker uses it)
-Fix for db corrupt issue for some cases
-Native calendar sync now checks for calendar permission instead of contact permission
-Fixed an issue where sometimes calendar alarms would ring more than once

DejaOffice v4.2.7 (979) (4/17/17)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the DejaOffice database would be missing after a sync
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the DejaOffice contact account in native contacts would not display when adding new contacts

DejaOffice v4.2.6 (971) (2/22/17)
-Added Push sync improvements
-Fixed an issue where sometimes in DejaCalendar Grid View the bottom half would be blank
-Fixed general crash reports

DejaOffice v4.2.5 (968) (2/15/17)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the font size in DejaCalendar would appear to big
-Fixed an issue where sometimes icon indicators in the Dejatask list would not display properly
-Fixed an issue where sometimes tapping the Today button in DejaCalendar would have no effect
-Adjusted default setting for "Day/Week view high res font size"

DejaOffice v4.2.4 (965) (2/08/17)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes Map Nearby Contacts would miss some contacts
-Fixed an issue where de-duping would sometimes merge similar names
-Fixed an issue where sometimes deleting an attachment in a DejaCloud sync would not sync the delete
-Fixed an issue where sometimes opening event details would display the bottom of a long note
-Fixed an issue where the department field was not being included in a contact search
-Fixed an issue where updated alarms in native calendar would not update in DejaOffice
-Fixed an issue where sometimes scrolling through calendar would scroll too fast
-Fixed an issue where the search scope was not limited to selected app (i.e. A search in DejaContacts will now only search for contacts)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes a USB sync would not initiate after the first sync
-Fixed an issue where sometimes an alarm would not snooze
-Added options to eliminate the phone number display and email addresses
-Added sort by group date to DejaExpenses

DejaOffice v4.2.3 (947) (11/21/16)
-Fixed various crash issues

DejaOffice v4.2.2 (944) (11/16/16)
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would crash when opening an encrypted database

DejaOffice v4.2.1 (942) (11/11/16)
-Added support for Android 6.0 permission prompts
-Improved alarm ring time logic
-Fixed autogenerated birthday/anniversary record view screens sometimes showing the wrong end date
-Completing an event/task from the view screen should now trigger a cloud push sync
-Fixed various crash issues
-When searching for recurring events, taping on an entry will now show closest instance to today, instead of first instance
-Improved Month view widget appearance if it is made really small
-Fixed sort by not working issue with tasks when Group By Contacts is enabled
-Fixed issue with records not being saved sometimes if user exits the edit screens in unexpected ways
-Removed delete icon from titlebar

DejaOffice v4.1.7 (925) (07/06/16)
-Fixed an issue where app would crash if the database was encrypted

DejaOffice v4.1.6 (924) (07/06/16)
-Fixed crash issue on Android OS 2.3
-Fixed general crash reports
-Fixed an issue where tapping a phone number in the contact note field would not dial the number
-Fixed an issue where attempting to delete a memo does not show a "Are you sure?" message
-Fixed an issue where tapping an email in a custom field would not launch the email app
-Fixed an issue where rotating the phone could change Free/Busy status when editing an event

DejaOffice v4.1.5 (915) (06/09/16)
-Fixed an issue where the context menu in a record's detail view would not respond

DejaOffice v4.1.4 (916) (06/02/16)
-Added "Today" button to day picker
-Added option to search within selected categories
-Fixed an issue where image attachments would not display in tasks
-Fixed an issue where DejaToday would show future days when set to show 0 days
-Fixed an issue where the DejaOffice contact account would not appear in native contacts on some devices
-Fixed an issue with graphical alignment for All Day events in Day view

DejaOffice v4.1.3 (906) (04/29/16)
-Added search feature to now work with multi-select
-Fixed a display issue that would sometimes occur with the date picker
-Fixed an issue where weekend color was not shown in day view
-Fixed an issue where search would not work properly with non-latin characters
-Fixed an issue where record attachments would not sync with DejaCloud sync
-Improved bluetooth sync
-Fixed an issue where contacts would not be associated with their category
-Fixed some issues with calendar when using German language
-Fixed a photo orientation issue when using the camera to add an attachments
-Fixed a few field mapping issues when using a WIFI sync

DejaOffice v4.1.2 (900) (04/20/16)
-Fixed StartDate being shown instead of DueDate on Task List/TodayList/TaskView/Widget screens.
-Fixed DJO V2 Colors and DJO V3 Colors, so text color is no longer white on white or black on black.

DejaOffice v4.1.1 (898) (04/19/16)
-Material Design Interface.
-We've adjusted icons and colors to conform with Material Design specs.
(If you like the old look, it is still found in the App. Select DejaOffice 3 UI in General Settings.)
-New Calendar colors. Calendar background colors may now be set under DejaCalendar Settings.
-New Icons, updated edit screens.
-Added support for Remote Wipe in DejaCloud Sync
-Added multi-select on list views for batch delete, batch update

DejaOffice v3.2.28 (885) (04/01/16)
-Fixed crash issue when adding a new contact with a phone number from dialer
-Fixed issue where completing a recurring task sometimes would not generate a new alarm immediately
-Synchronize shortcut will now automatically close DejaOffice once sync is complete
-Updated wizard to use flat button style
-Fixed issue where Wi-Fi sync service might not restart properly after changing Wi-Fi networks
-Fixed category color on view screen after adding returning from adding a category on an edit screen

DejaOffice v3.2.27 (881) (03/23/16)
-Added Exit option to side menu
-Changed Group By header on list fields to be the same size
-Settings screen no longer changes based on font size setting

DejaOffice v3.2.26 (878) (03/21/16)
-Fix for records adding a category sometimes not saving
-Fix for sync progress not showing on Wifi sync
-Fix for Wipe option in DejaCalendar settings not working
-Fix for Clear Unused Categories not sending the deletes when syncing to DejaCloud
-Fixed event list screen sometimes highlighting an appointment it shouldn't
-Fixed issue when adding data from another app to an existing contact, the search might not behave correctly
-Added confirmation prompt to Rollover option in DejaToday
-Fixed crash when creating a task template
-Fixed an issue where filtering out large numbers of categories could prevent list screens from working
-Added copy/paste options for event week grid view
-Added option to show category filter on list screen when no filter is selected
-Added options for Show Completed to specify the number of days you want to see completed records for
-Added multi select on list screens
-Added button to DejaContact edit screen to add a date/time stamp to the note
-Added option to DejaContacts to include Next Action in list view
-Changed Last Sync time display to show today/yesterday/day of week
-Fixed crash in 4x4 DejaToday widget

DejaOffice v3.2.25 (866) (02/24/16)
-Fix for Wifi sync sometimes failing with connect
-Fix for crash on startup for some users

DejaOffice v3.2.24 (862) (02/23/16)
-Added option to delete Past Instances of recurring events
-Added 'Add Contact' button to top of event edit screen, which will also put the contact name in the subject line
-Fixed an issue in event list where the background color of a record might be incorrect
-Added option on event Wipe Records option to specify a date for how old you want to delete
-Added ability to set multiple address lines in location picker manual entry
-Added Font Size option in Font Setting->Custom screen for DejaToday 4x4 widget
-Fix for alarms sometimes not being able to be snoozed
-Fix for Group By Categories on Event List screen not working
-Fix for Group By Contacts with Category filter on Journal list screen not working
-Fixed an issue in Contact List where swipe to call/email/sms/map was not working if only one phone/email/address existed on that record
-Fixed an issue where completing the last instance of a recurring task would not clear the alarm
-Added delete confirmation prompt on task edit screen
-Added delete confirmation prompt on contact edit screen
-Added Send Email option to contact view screen, which will prompt or send to multiple email addresses if linked to multiple contact records
-Added Send SMS option to contact view screen, which will prompt or send to multiple phone numbers if linked to multiple contact records
-Added Austrian holidays
-Updated languages for German and Dutch
-Fixed issue when grouping by category and filtering out completed events not showing correctly
-Fixed issue on History List screen to keep position after viewing a record and coming back
-Changed search within each app to pay attention to current category filter
-Tweaks for alarms sometimes not dismissing/snoozing
-Completing a task from the edit screen will now clear the alarm
-Fixed an issue on the task list screen where the day of week might be wrong when sorting by alarm time
-Fixed an issue where showing multiple holidays on the same day wouldn't show up on the today screen/widgets
-Added option to filter and search by Category on event month screen
-Fixed an issue where creating a copy of a record from the list screen wasn't working if in tablet mode
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice was not able to read a contact Shared from native contacts
-Attachments of images now show a thumbnail instead of a generic icon
-Added message if GPS location is not available and Map Nearby Records menu option is selected

DejaOffice v3.2.22 (825) (12/15/15)
-Fixed a potential low memory issue during native sync
-Fixed an issue where DejaToday sometimes showed contacts that were not linked to records for today
-Fixed an issue with DejaCalendar Weekend Color settings not working correctly
-Fixed an issue for Text to Speech on Event List view to start with the top most visible entry instead of older ones
-Fixed various crash issues

DejaOffice v3.2.21 (820) (12/10/15)
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would crash on Android OS 2.x devices
-Fixed an issue where alarms would not sync from native calendar to DejaOffice

DejaOffice v3.2.20 (819) (12/08/15)
-Fixed an issue on OS 5.1 or higher for devices with multiple sim cards not allowing user to choose which sim card to dial with when calling from DejaOffice
-Fixed an issue where deleting a contact in native sync did not work on some devices
-Fixed an issue where the title bar search button was not working
-Fixed an issue where selecting No Category as the filter would be lost when reloading the list later
-Fixed an issue where category color could change after a wifi sync in cases when it shouldn't
-Fixed an issue with DejaAlarms shortcut sometimes opening the last screen instead of DejaAlarm screen

DejaOffice v3.2.19 (811) (12/07/15)
-Changed today color on month view screen
-Changes to calendar records during sync should no longer re-trigger non-dismissed alarms
-Changes to day/week/month/year/list views to today/weekend colors
-Added option in DejaToday Settings to show multiple instances when showing future days
-Map Nearby Contacts now filters based on current category filter
-Removed Monotype font, and added checkbox for 'Monospace Font for Notes', which applies the font only to the note field on view/edit screens
-Added setting to change calendar colors in DejaCalendar Settings, Calendar Colors option
-Added Slovenian language
-Added Slovenian holidaysAdded Italian holidays
-Updated Japanese language translations
-Fixed an issue where the day of week listed on the task list view could be incorrect for some timezones
-Updated feedback for invalid DejaCloud passwords
-Added Country back to contact view screen address fields
-Map Nearby Contacts now show additional contact fields
-Priority style Alpha (Franklin) now has a list of user-editable options instead of a text field
-Backup option now lets you choose which storage to save to if you have more than one
-Added "Send Invite" option to events that add linked contacts, which will send the email when you save
-Send Event option will now include additional details in the email to/subject/body
-Added support for BlackBerry Priv
-Fixed an issue where an autosync might trigger when it shouldn't
-Fixed an issue where popup menu options were sometimes vanishing before one could be selected

DejaOffice v3.2.18 (810) (11/18/15)
-Added support for BlackBerry Priv

DejaOffice v3.2.16 (788) (09/23/15)
-Fixed an issue where editing an event/task when the alarm has triggered could sometimes cause it to ring again later
-Fixed an issue with German short dates not having a period at the end
-Added Sort By Project for DejaTasks and DejaToday
-Fixed various crash issues

DejaOffice v3.2.15 (785) (09/17/15)
-Added "Save and Send" option to event add/edit screen
-Added confirmation prompt when deleting recurring events
-Removed birthday/anniversary records from contact history view screen
-Fixed an issue where date picker could require you to select a date twice if it was past 11pm at night
-Changed date picker to pick tomorrow as the default date if after 11pm at night
-DejaToday widget will now pay attention to the DejaToday category filter
-Fixed an issue where default category for new records might be incorrect
-Fixed an issue with DejaCloud sync where task alarms might not get set
-Added feature to color time slots on event datetime picker if another record is in that time slot
-Added support for Cloud Attachments for datebook and journal records
-Fixed an issue on contact list alpha picker where it sometimes would appear over top of contact information
-Added year to subject line for generated birthday/anniversary records
-Added option to Default Category option on adds to have a Default (active filter) and No Category options
-Renamed DejaConnect USB to ADB Mode
-Tweaked Wifi setup to use pairing for setup instead of entering device name
-Added Monospace Font option to Font Settings
-Added confirmation on canceling an edit screen
-Tweaks for autosyncs
-Fixed issue with month view widget on high resolution devices
-Fixed an issue with calendar templates not working
-Fixed an issue where modifying the name of a contact then deleting it would show the wrong name on confirmation prompt
-Modified DejaToday and widget to only show first day of a multiday event, instead of two entries
-Added option in DejaTask Options screen to set what time the rollover of tasks will occur (now defaults to 6am)
-Fixed an issue where automatic rollovers might not trigger
-Fixed an issue where DejaVoice search via Google Now would sometimes give an unnecessary message prompt
-Fixed an issue with DejaVoice commands via Google Now not working
-Fixed an issue where changing device orientation on event list screen would lose your current position

DejaOffice v3.2.14 (767) (08/11/15)
-Fixed an issue where editing a calendar event in tablet mode would sometimes update fields incorrectly
-Added option to remove birthday alarms for generated birthdays once you set it in DejaCalendar Settings
-Fixed an issue where the microphone might not be usable when hitting the Search button in DejaOffice
-Added a line to the 4x4 widget to seperate days for calendar records, if multiple days are shown
-Added Sort By Category to DejaMemos
-Changed the location of the amount and date fields in DejaExpense list screen
-Added long press to address/location field on edit screen, which gives an option to clear the location/address field
-Fixed an issue where Map Nearby Contacts sometimes tried to show entries without a valid address
-Fixed an issue where changing the Holiday/Birthday/Anniversary category color did not update existing holiday/birthday/anniversary records
-Fixed an issue on DejaCalendar month view where long pressing wouldn't keep the context menu up long enough to be used
-Fixed an issue in tablet mode where alarm values might not default correctly when editing/adding a record
-Fixed some general crash issues
-Added new Time Zone Shift (Home Time Zone) option
-Fixed an issue where a linked contact for an event/task/etc would sometimes not show when clicked on
-Added Silence Time setting to DejaVoice Settings
-Added "Create contact copy" option to contact view screenViewing a masked private record will remask the record when leaving the screen
-When using Send Contact feature, the vcf file name will now contain the record name
-Fixed an issue where sometimes an address field wouldn't show values on the contact edit screen
-Fixed an issue where the history tab on a contact record would sometimes not show
-Fixed an issue where in calendar list view, multiday timed events would show the later events sorted incorrectly
-Fixed an issue where changing a task alarm time would sometimes not hide the snooze/dismiss options on the view screen
-Fixed an issue when using Cloud Push Sync and task rollovers sometimes not triggering a sync when available
-Added an option in Event Options to change "Month view category colors" to the old style or current one
-Fixed an issue on event day/week view if the category of the record is black
-Fixed an issue where viewing a private record could reset the privacy timeout and remask private records
-Added a new Month View Widget
-Fixed refresh issue with widgets

DejaOffice v3.2.13 (754) (06/23/15)
-Fixed an issue where adding a contact picture on the contact edit screen would sometimes fail
-Fixed an issue where the dismiss/snooze option on the event view screen would sometimes show incorrectly
-Added options to the Map Nearby Records menu options for Today/This Week/On Date/Date Range/All
-Fixed an issue where birthday records in the calendar would sometimes not show the category
-Fixed an issue where templates would not sort correctly
-Fixed an issue where frequently wifi autosyncs could cause alarms to ring too frequently
-Fixed an issue where adding/modifying a contact in DejaOffice would not transfer to native until the sync was run manually
-Fixed an issue where adding a contact picture was failing when in tablet mode

DejaOffice v3.2.12 (746) (06/03/15)
-Fixed an issue where snoozed tasks would sometimes fail to ring later
-Fixed an issue where snoozed recurring events would sometimes ring past instances
-Fixed an issue where ICS files would sometimes fail to import
-Fixed various crashing issues

DejaOffice v3.2.11 (744) (06/02/15)
-Added Complete option to task alarm notification
-Changed shortcut name from "DejaCalendar - Last View" to "DejaCalendar" for newly created shortcuts
-Birthday and Anniversary records created for the calendar will now also contain the contact's categories
-Fixed issue where ICS files would sometimes fail to import

DejaOffice v3.2.10 (742) (05/26/15)
-Fixed an issue where birthday/anniversary/holiday records could be slow to load
-Fixed an issue where after a reboot, DejaCloud push sync wouldn't trigger until DejaOffice was launched
-Fixed an issue where Create Event Copy option of a task could create two instances
-Fixed an issue where copy and paste in DejaCalendar would sometimes not paste the last copied data
-Fixed an issue where switching screen orientations could cause edit screen changes to be lost when in tablet mode
-Fixed an issue where the 4x1 widget scrolled less frequently than specified
-Long pressing the address, location, or note field on a record view screen will now copy the information to the clipboard
-When Collect SMS is enabled, SMS will now also be collected when Contact screen is launched
-Automatic rollover of tasks will now check for rollover more frequently
-Fixed an issue where alarms might use the wrong alarm sound when it rings
-Fixed an issue where running DJO from the Sync shortcut would sometimes trigger additional syncs on screen orientation changes
-Added option to DejaTask settings to combine the tap zone for category and completion field on the list screen
-Added option when editing recurring tasks to edit All Instances or This Instance
-Added option to Map Nearby Contacts (based on address) on Contact list screen
-Alarms now show up to 8 events and 8 tasks, instead of 3
-Fixed First Day of Summer holiday option occurring on wrong day
-Changed event month view category colors to be the background instead of text color
-Added holiday option for Netherlands to DejaCalendar
-Fixed an issue where a calendar record would still be visible after being deleted from DejaCloud
-Fixed an issue where a calendar record shortcut might not show the record if the record was moved to another day
-Added Easter to additional holiday calendars
-Fixed DejaVoice preventing keyboard microphone from working while on edit screens
-Fixed an issue where importing a vcal/ics file might use the wrong timezone
-Added Sort By Category to task list screen
-Added option to Category Settings to change category filters back to single selection instead of multiple selection
-Added option to event view screen to Jump To the day/week/month/list screens
-Added option to DejaContact Settings to set the default phone number to display in the list view
-Added option to DejaJournal Settings to enable or disable the automatic creation of journal entries when clearing a task
-Increased the maximum number of search results in DejaOffice search from 200 to 1000
-Changed which fields were shown on Contact List screen when grouping by company
-Long pressing the location box in the location picker dialog will now give an option to clear the field
-Fixed an issue with importing/exporting vcal/ics files where allday multiday appointments were off a day
-Added holiday option for Switzerland to DejaCalendar
-Fixed an issue with Cloud push sync where it would not trigger later if the network wasn't available earlier
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the linking info for contacts linked to contacts would not be shown on the contact view screen
-Fixed an issue where private records with alarms would show the alarm with masked fields when not set to
-Fixed an issue where a snoozed event alarm would sometimes show the incorrect time on the view screen
-Fixed an issue where attachments might go away during a USB sync
-Added Map Nearby Events menu option to DejaCalendar screens
-Added Map Nearby Tasks menu option to DejaTask list screen
-Added Map Nearby Records menu option to DejaToday list screen

DejaOffice v3.2.9 (726) (04/13/15)
-Fixed task Move To Today option to automatically sync to DejaCloud if enabled
-DejaTask group Due Date now sorts by Subject then Priority, instead of just Subject
-Custom field labels for DejaContacts now only change in a sync if they are still the default values
-Deleting a multiday all day event now deletes properly
-Fixed font size on DejaContact view screen for phone numbers
-Fixed some phone numbers not being clickable in the note field
-Fixed an issue where DejaCloud auto sync would sometimes trigger even if autosync was disabled
-Fixed an issue where alarms would sometimes not show up
-Fixed an issue with DejaContacts where changing category filter did not refresh the view immediately
-Fixed an issue where a lot of contact records with birthdays would slow down the calendar display
-Fixed an issue where deleting a contact did not remove the birthday associated with it
-Increased tap zone width on the DejaContact alphabetical bar
-Fixed an issue with DejaCalendar week view, where flinging would sometimes not land on the start of the week

DejaOffice v3.2.8 (719) (03/27/15)
-Added long press option on list view to add event, task, etc.
-Added some DejaVoice improvements
-Fixed an issue where completed events would incorrectly show in "work week" view
-Fixed an issue where URL and Email links were not selectable
-Fixed an issue where the buttons on the category filter picker would sometimes not be readable

DejaOffice v3.2.7 (716) (03/23/15)
-Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent DejaCalendar from loading
-Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented Google Now's voice options from working properly

DejaOffice v3.2.6 (714) (03/20/15)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes contacts would fail to display after update
-Fixed an issue where contact pictures would fail to sync to native

DejaOffice v3.2.5 (712) (03/19/15)
-Added Voice Commands lets you speak to navigate, create appointments, contacts, tasks, notes.
-Added Text-to-Speech engine reads out loud your DejaToday, Tasks, Calendar, and more
-Added day of the week when grouping by due date
-Added Holidays to DejaCalendar
-Added options to group by Country or Country and Zip (City Code)
-Added Birthday Alarms
-Added DejaVoice options
-Added button to view entire note for large notes
-Added new menu option on view screens to "Copy Note Text"
-Added option to "Collect SMS" messages into DejaJournal
-Added option to customize the name of a DejaOffice shortcut
-Added option to the menu in view screen for events, tasks, and history to "Create Followup"
-Added option to include "Day View Details" to the event display
-Added location and priority fields to DejaJournal entries
-Added various improvements to Text to Speech functionality -Added prompt when swiping on contact list for call/sms/email/map if there is more than one phone/email/address for a contact
-Added Text to Speech for all conduits
-Added support for Google voice search, i.e. “Search for Lunch Meeting in DejaOffice”
-Added Review/Rate message prompt
-Added contact name display for the DejaJournal list
-Added new shortcut for DejaAlarms
-Added additional sort functionality to Franklin Covey tasks
-Fixed an issue where searching would sometimes not function
-Fixed an issue where sometimes unchecking the completion box would not remove the strike-through display
-Fixed an issue where some phone numbers were not selectable to dial
-Fixed an issue with XMPP failing to reestablish after losing Wifi connection
-Fixed some issues with alarms to improve reliability
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice did not autosync after tasks rolled over
-Fixed an issue so completing a recurring task will not create an alarm if the instance is in the past
-Fixed a display issue with DejaToday where Tasks with no due date would not show
-Fixed an issue with some German translations
-Fixed an issue with the Journal list sort order
-Fixed an issue where changing categories/completing items from the task list was difficult to select-Added option to sync birthdays and anniversaries to native
-Fixed an issue where alarms would ring at incorrect times
-Fixed an issue where sometimes contacts did not sync to Android native
-Fixed Caller ID display to show more data
-Fixed an issue where clicking "Go" on the keyboard would crash Dejaoffice during a search
-Fixed an issue where a linked contact would sometimes not show on a calendar event if syncing with DejaCloud
-Fixed an issue where searching in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean text would not match content
-Fixed an issue where start and end times could not be selected in the DejaCalendar template
-Fixed an issue with contact list white space
-Fixed an issue where categories would not display correctly in the DejaToday view
-Fixed an issue where text in the category menu while using the dark background was difficult to read
-Fixed an issue where completing a regenerating event in DejaOffice would not follow the correct regeneration pattern
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would sometimes crash after a USB sync
-Fixed an issue where a search did not start when a physical keyboard was used
-Fixed an issue where event details would always display as "Standard Time"
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would not load on Nexus 9 devices
-Fixed an issue where category colors could not be modified from a conduit
-Fixed an issue where the Dejatask scroll bar would sometimes jump down the list
-Fixed an issue where rotating the screen would sometimes trigger a sync
-Fixed an issue where the DejaToday widget would sometimes not display the name of the month on some devices in some languages
-Fixed various UI issues for Android 2.3 devices
-Fixed an issue with searching for contacts written in Bulgarian
-Fixed an issue where an existing contact's email would sometimes not be updated
-Fixed an issue with the contact alpha scroll being too small
-Fixed some general crashing issues

NOTE: Disable automatic updating in Google Play to prevent your down-graded app from being updated to the latest version. Open the DejaOffice page in the Google Play Store and un-check "Allow automatic updating"

DejaOffice v3.1.4 (656) (09/25/14)
-Added new shortcut for DejaAlarms
-Added additional sort functionality to Franklin Covey tasks
-Fixed an issue with searching for contacts written in Bulgarian
-Fixed an issue where an existing contact's email would sometimes not be updated
-Fixed an issue with the contact alpha scroll being too small
-Fixed some general crashing issues

DejaOffice v3.1.3 (651) (09/15/14)
-Added attachments feature to Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Memos, Journal and Expenses
-Added option to set location picker to Manual for DejaContacts
-Added option to adjust for incorrect alarm times for some devices that may experience alarms times that are slightly off
-Fixed an issue in DejaToday with subjects longer than 1 line of text were missing the blue icon linking its location
-Fixed a display issue when adding a calendar event with contact on the Nexus 7
-Fixed issue where changing the due date on a task would not update the alarm
-Fixed an issue where a section of the Location Picker button would do nothing
-Fixed an issue where invites accepted via vcal would sometimes display the wrong time
-Fixed an issue where recurring events would not copy properly
-Fixed an issue where the DejaTask list would sometimes display incorrect dates
-Fixed an issue where sometimes a calendar event update would not display
-Added ability to disable auto-links for phone numbers, email, and websites in the note fields
-Fixed an issue where if both the background and text were white the memo would be unreadable
-Fixed an issue where sometimes phone numbers in custom fields would not dial if tapped

DejaOffice v3.1.2 (640) (07/28/14)
-New: Location Picker with map/street views
-New: Templates for quick creation of contacts, calendar, tasks, notes
-New: Android 4 alarm notifications
-New: Slider menu for easy switching between apps
-New: Android 4 style widgets, views and fonts
-Added setting for “Day view Event Height”
-Added DejaOffice Caller ID
-Added card views to Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Memos, Expense, and Journal detail screens
-Added map icon to alarm notification when location field is filled in
-Added grid week view and horizontal vs vertical modes
-Added option for alarm snooze options for automatic or prompt
-Added notes to calendar events that are 1 hour or longer
-Added option to clear Auto-Fill lists
-Added the ability for the DejaOffice 4x4 widget to display 2 lines of subject text
-Added option to switch existing contact address between Work, Home, and Other
-Added option to clear address
-Added new address format options
-Changed ‘Read Android Data’ feature to always be visible
-Changed default week day grid to vertical
-Fixed an issue where persistent alarms would sometimes ring late.
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would sometimes crash when adding a contact to a calendar event.
-Fixed an issue where sometimes linked contact details in an event would show even when not selected
-Fixed an issue where event alarms would ring at original time even if time of event was changed
-Fixed an issue where switching categories would sometimes fail when grouping with contacts
-Fixed an issue where changing Sort Order in DejaTasks would cause a crash
-Fixed an issue with slow launching if many alarms were scheduled
-Fixed an issue where some contact details would not be visible when in dark background and tablet mode
-Fixed an issue where sometimes events would not update after changing time zones
-Fixed an issue where sometimes rotating the screen would cause a crash
-Fixed an issue where WIFI sync would sometimes fail at the calendar sync
-Fixed various issues where sometimes native sync would fail
-Fixed an issue where saving “All instances” of recurring event after a time zone change would save the wrong time
-Fixed various background color issues
-Fixed issue with side bar menu in tablet mode
-Fixed issue where exporting DejaExpense entries would show an incorrect time
-Fixed an issue were rotating to landscape while creating a new template would prompt for a new template redundantly
-Fixed an issue where DejaAlarms would open a blank screen when in tablet mode
-Fixed an issue with calendar buttons when using the black background
-Fixed an issue where alarms could sometimes go off a few minutes late
-Fixed an issue where alarm buttons were not displaying properly
-Fixed an issue where sometimes highlighted text in search would disappear
-Fixed an issue with DejaTask sort by priority
-Fixed an issue with DejaToday widget not using localized date format
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the subject text and location text overlap in DejaAlarms
-Fixed an issue when 4x4 widget is resized to 2x2
-Fixed an issue were completed tasks were not always removed from widget
-Fixed an issue with calendar template defaults
-Fixed an issue where sometimes a calendar autocomplete field would show the wrong data
-Fixed an issue with weed day grid settings not taking effect
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would sometimes crash while creating a template
-Fixed an issue with DejaOffice where adding an email address from an existing email would not save
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the native sync with the DejaOffice contact account would not sync
-Fixed an issue were events would change to Busy
-Fixed an issue where duplicate “group by” options would be displayed
-Fixed an issue with memos not sorting properly
-Fixed an issue where deleted alarms would sometimes continue to ring
-Fixed an issue displaying priority string in task list
-Fixed an issue importing vcf files
-Fixed an issue where sometimes details would be missing from list view in tablet mode
-Fixed an issue where sometimes running a sync would delete personal ringtones
-Fixed an issue with exported DejaExpense text files would be missing decimal points
-Fixed an issue where sometimes home address would not be displayed in DejaContacts
-Fixed an issue where completed task alarms would still ring
-Fixed an issue where DejaContacts would sometimes be missing journal items
-Fixed an issue where All Day events would display the wrong time zone
-Fixed an issue where an appointment would be an hour behind in select instances
-Fixed an issue where the wrong date/time cell would highlight in DejaCalendar on some devices
-Fixed an issue where deletion of a new currency was not available in DejaExpense
-Fixed an issue with DejaTask alarms not ringing
-Fixed an issue where selecting a time slot of DejaCalendar would highlight the wrong day on some devices
-Fixed an issue with DejaCalendar where Daily view scrolling would lag on some devices
-Fixed an where daily regenerating task alarms would set to the wrong date
-Fixed an issue with adding an event with no time frame
-Fixed an issue in DejaCalendar where sometimes info would overlap each other
-Fixed an issue where sometimes alarms would not ring
-Fixed an issue with some recurring events displaying the wrong time zone after DST
-Fixed an issue were sometimes an .ics invite failed to add to DejaCalendar
-Fixed an issue with 15 minute appointments being unreadable
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would crash when editing a task
-Fixed an issue were sometimes an event could not be dragged and dropped on the hour on some devices
-Fixed an issue on DejaContacts where the alphabet slider was not visible
-Fixed an issue were DejaOffice Caller ID would not function on some Android OS’s
-Fixed an issue when syncing to Palm Desktop where Work Fax number would sync as Other
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the location picker would display only black boxes
-Fixed an issue where the DejaToday Widget would display linked contacts even when not enabled
-Fixed an issue where current day in week grid view was not being highlighted
-Fixed an issue where the side menu bar text was sometimes not visible
-Fixed an issue with changing the weekend color on DejaCalendar
-Fixed an issue where sometimes selecting specific categories to sync to native calendar would not save in sync settings
-Fixed an issue where the location picker would prevent address entry when without a data connection
-Fixed an issue where contacts added to the native contacts would sometimes not sync to DejaContacts
-Fixed an issue where completed recurring tasks alarms would not disable if completed
-Fixed more general crashing issues
-Fixed an issue where sometimes DejaOffice would treat a task with mostly similar information as a duplicate

DejaOffice v2.5.9 (538) (02/04/14)
-Added more options to store phone number types to DejaContacts after a call
-Added confirm button to roll forward tasks
-Added confirm button to merge duplicates
-Added ability to add Task or Calendar item from DejaToday screen
-Added ability to copy from view screen on contact or calendar event
-Added ability to sort and/or group by a custom field
-Added calendar graphic to indicate existing events currently out of view
-Added ability in DejaToday to limit display by category
-Added option to send calendar events in VCS format (works for Outlook 2003)
-Added prompts to clarify alarm settings when syncing to native calendar
-Added more default calendar event duration options
-Added option to view record counts (Logging and Support Settings)
-Added dropdown menu feature for last choices on Calendar, Task, Memo, or Journal
-Added option to create task from calendar event and vise versa
-Added ability for contact shortcuts to include the contact picture
-Added ability to default new calendar events to a specific category
-Added Dejacontact notes back to details view
-Fixed issue where omitted alarms during a meeting would never ring, now will ring when meeting is over
-Fixed an issue with merging categories
-Fixed an issue where 15 minute events would not stack properly in DejaCalendar day view
-Fixed an issue where alarm notifications would not display correct time details
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would sometimes not automatically sync after decrypting the database
-Fixed an issue where journal entries would sometimes not be sorted with newest on top
-Fixed an issue with color contrast on sync status box on some devices
-Fixed an issue with "Not Started" status appearing on the DejaTask list screen
-Fixed an issue event duration did not display on some calendar views
-Fixed "History" section to say "Journal" instead

DejaOffice v2.5.8 (531) (01/09/14)
-Fixed an issue with encrypted databases with devices running Android 4.4
-Fixed an issue with multiple alarms displaying the alert time
-Fixed a UI issue that occurred while copying tasks
-Fixed an issue where sending a log would not automatically include the support email address
-Fixed an issue where clearing unused categories would still delete categories in use
-Fixed an issue where contacts pictures would sometimes shrink
-Fixed an issue with a slow native calendar sync
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would sometimes not read all the DejaCloud data

CRITICAL UPDATE: If you encypt your DejaOffice database, you must decrypt the database BEFORE downgrading to any of the previous builds below. Then re-encypt the database after you've installed the older build.

DejaOffice v2.5.7 (518) (11/05/13)
-Fixed an issue where DJOA would crash randomly
-Fixed an issue that caused battery drain while syncing via Bluetooth
-Fixed an issue where a category updated in DJOA would not delete the original category
-Fixed an issue with events syncing an hour early on the day of DST
-Fixed an issue in DejaTasks when defaulting due date as today was defaulting to the wrong day
-Fixed an issue were DJOA would sometimes crash during a WIFI sync
-Fixed an issue where the items/journal on the history tab didn’t always show
-Fixed an issue where private contact records would sometimes sync to native

DejaOffice v2.5.6 (509) (10/10/13)
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would sometimes crash during a sync if running Android 2.3 or lower
-Fixed an issue with the DejaCalendar App shortcut appearing in the applications section of the device
-Fixed an issue with search not working for the note section of DejaMemos
-Fixed an issue with contacts sometimes not syncing from DejaCloud
-Fixed an issue with DejaCalendar displaying Mutli-Day events an extra day in certain time zones
-Fixed an issue with editing a record in DejaToday displaying a blank task while in tablet mode
-Fixed an issue with All-Day recurring events shifting while opened for editing in certain time zones

DejaOffice v2.5.5 (504) (10/02/13)
-Fixed an issue where font was too large in Month view for DejaCalendar
-Fixed an issue where no tasks would display if Group By was set to Category for DejaTasks

DejaOffice v2.5.4 (500) (09/30/13)
-General improvements to DejaCalendar for usability and display
-New Feature - DejaOffice now runs in Samsung Multiscreen window
-Improved Monthly recurring event options
-Can now update existing DejaContact record from native Android phone app
-Fixed an issue with custom font sizes
-Fixed an issue with phone fields in DejaContact records
-Fixed an issue adding events to 3 day Day View
-Fixed an issue where DejaCloud synchronization could fail

DejaOffice v2.5.3 (490) (09/13/13)
-New Feature: WiFi Only setting for Push Sync (DejaCloud)
-DejaCalendar Day & Week view changes for Tablet Mode: Day view now defaults to 3 days, Week view to 7
-DejaToday now has the same sort options as DejaTask
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice could crash on open
-Fixed an issue where opening a vCard with DejaOffice could cause a crash
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice did not show as an option when opening an email invite attachment
-Fixed an issue where All Day event alarms did not save,ring correctly
-Fixed an issue where phone number could become de-formatted in DejaContacts

DejaOffice v2.5.2 (484) (08/02/13)
-Fixed an issue with Search being very slow
-Fixed an issue where long pressing on calendar item did not display correct subject
-Added new settings to DejaTasks - Default Start Date, Default Due Date
-Fixed an issue where the notes field was cutoff if sending record via email or SMS
-Fixed issue where DejaOffice did not see the external SD card on the Galaxy S4
-Fixed an issue where multiple calls did not initiate DejaJournal/DejaContacts prompt
-Fixed an issue with HTC One where task alarms did not ring

DejaOffice v2.5.1 (480) (07/12/13)
-Added option to turn off automatic Journal entry creation for completed Tasks (DejaJournal Settings)
-Added option to wipe all records for each conduit
-Added option to merge duplications, wipe all records for Categories
-Under Widgets, 1x1 option now appears as DejaOffice Shortcuts - to clarify purpose/use
-Can now add widgets to lock screen (for Android v4.2)
-Fixed issue where widgets were not sized correctly for some devices
-Moving the application to the SD card will now result in a prompt/warning that some DejaOffice functions can be affected
-Search now includes Journal
-Search now ignores characters {},[],() to more accurately return results
-Added option to include/exclude completed tasks from Search
-DejaToday and widgets now pay attention to "Show Completed" setting in DejaToday
-Phone fields that contain text (ex: 555-555-5555 Secretary) can now be dialed correctly
-Added duration of 30 minutes, default duration for DejaCalendar events
-Improved scaling in DejaCalendar
-When sorting by Due Date, DejaTasks now does secodary sort by Priority, Subject
-Added option to Synchronize Notes to Android Contacts - default is set to off
-Added Group By GTD Status (Getting Things Done) to DejaTasks
-Added Sort By Start Date to DejaTasks
-Added better explanation for Delete contacts/calendar from Android app
-DejaJournal entry can now be saved without Subject
-Added Category Settings
-Added Sort By Contact to DejaJournal
-DejaJournal can now automatically log calls (can set to Never, Prompt or Automatic)
-Can now configure Search to ignore Notes for all record types
-Widget will now display full date for future events
-Widget will now display full date with year for tasks if year is not current year
-Dark background will now differentiate from weekend days, current day in DejaCalendar
-Fixed an issue where the Search icon was missing from Tablet View
-Fixed an issue where linking contacts to DejaTask records did not work
-Fixed an issue where Address field was removed by editing a record
-Fixed an issue where All Day event alarms did not sync correctly
-Fixed an issue where synchronization with Android apps could fail if the display turned off
-Fixed an issue where filtering by category could cause DejaMemos to crash
-Fixed an issue where some options were not visible in the Tablet mode menus

DejaOffice v2.4.5 (453) (06/14/13)
-Fixed an issue where DejaCalendar display was too small for HTC One
-Fixed an issue where alarms could ring too early, causing later alarms to not ring correctly
-Fixed an issue where the calendar display on the Galaxy S III was obscuring the date/day
-Fixed an issue where Group By was not working correctly for DejaJournal
-Fixed an issue where the List view would show the incorrect date
-Removed 'do not ask again' from DejaContacts prompt to add unknown contacts; now leads to Settings
-Duration of calls is now logged

DejaOffice v2.4.4 (449) (5/20/13)
-Fixed an issue where calendar event sizes were too large for some devices

DejaOffice v2.4.3 (448) (5/17/13)
-Added support for ISO date formats
-Fixed an issue where calendar event sizes were too small for the S4
-Fixed an issue where All Day recurring events did not sync from DejaCalendar to the Android calendar
-Fixed an issue where recurring event exceptions did not sync to the Android calendar
-Made a number of small changes regarding alarms to improve reliability
-Fixed an issue where DejaCalendar List view could show events for the wrong day
-Fixed an issue syncing records from CamCard to DejaContacts (Requires user to tap on Read Android Data)

DejaOffice v2.4.2 (442) (4/24/13)
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice contacts would not sync to native
-Fixed an issue with category notifications during a sync
-Fixed an issue with dismissing recurring event alarms

DejaOffice v2.4.1 (436) (3/21/13)
-New calendar "Show As" status - "Working Elsewhere"
-Fixed an issue where the number of years for a birthday/anniversary did not display correctly
-Fixed an issue where the DejaContact search did not return results for City field
-Autocomplete Addresses setting now turns off Location autocomplete
-Fixed an issue where a crash could occur when opening DejaContacts
-Fixed an issue where a DejaExpense records with value of '0' would not save
-Fixed default alarm (in Alarm Settings)
-Fixed a number of display issues for Tablet Mode
-Fixed an issue where contact pictures did not synchronize to the Android app correctly
-Fixed an issue where last week of the month did not display correctly in date picker
-Fixed an issue where alarms might not ring after rebooting device

DejaOffice v2.4.0 (425) (2/13/13)
-New features = Push Sync for DejaCloud, Clear unused categories, Delete completed tasks
-Minor updates based on customer requests
-Added feature ‘Clear unused categories’
-Added feature ‘Delete Completed Tasks’
-Fixed an issue where alarm notifications could disappear
-Fixed an issue where DejaCalendar List view would jump to a date in July/August
-Fixed an issue where alarm notifications would not stay in Notification list
-Fixed an issue where events synchronized via DejaCloud did not sync to Android calendar
-Removed Admob Ads SDK
-Fixed an issue where adding a category automatically saved a record in Tablet Mode
-Fixed an issue where editing a recurring event in DejaCalendar did not correctly bring up the prompt to edit This Instance/All/Future
-Removed resizable widget options
-Fixed an issue where DejaContact search included the Notes field, when it was excluded
-Fixed an issue with Busy/Free status when synching via CLSH
-Fixed an issue where the Location field was not visible when the background color was set to Dark
-Fixed an issue where some contact records could crash
-Fixed an issue where records with more than two categories did not sync to Android contacts
-Changed how search works for non-ascii characters; will now search for both upper and lowercase
-Fixed an issue creating a calendar event from a contact record; record is now linked properly
-DejaTasks Sort by Date now sorts with Date and Priority as primary, Subject as secondary
-Fixed an issue where multiday event alarms did not sync correctly
-Fixed a number of issues where editing or deleting specific records in DejaContacts resulted in a crash
-Fixed an issue syncing 0 minute duration events from DejaCalendar to Android calendar
-Fixed an issue where calendar event display was blank when rotated to landscape mode
-Fixed an issue where multiple alarms could not be snoozed/dismissed correctly because the single alarm screen displayed
-Fixed an issue where for some users, alarms would always ring twice
-Fixed an issue where Palm Desktop categories did not display correctly in DejaOffice
-Fixed an issue where calendar invites could not be saved directly to DejaCalendar
-Fixed an issue where scrolling in DejaContacts caused a crash
-Fixed an issue creating multiday, all day events in DejaCalendar (forum)
-Fixed an issue where an erroneous alarm was created for multiday, all day events (forum)
-Fixed an issue where a contact record linked to another contact record could not be unlinked
-Fixed an issue where searching for multiple words did not work correctly
-Fixed an issue where editing a record in DejaCalendar could lead to a blank screen
-Fixed an issue syncing Nexus 4 via Direct USB
-Free/busy status now syncs from DejaCalendar to Android calendar
-Fixed issue displaying long field names in DejaContacts (Department)
-Fixed issue creating new record from on board email application
-Fixed an issue where a time zone change might result in erroneously shifted events
-Fixed an issue where a multi-day event generated too many alarms
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice could crash when adding a contact pic
-Fixed an issue with Group By in DejaExpenses

DejaOffice v2.3.5 (377) (12/18/12)
-Fixed an issue where alarms repeated too frequently

DejaOffice v2.3.4 (375) (11/29/12)
-fixed an issue where persistent alarms would not continue to ring after the initial alarm

DejaOffice v2.3.3 (372)(11/26/12)
-fixed an issue where DejaOffice would crash in the month/year view when tapping the menu button
-fixed an issue where search in DejaContacts would search notes regardless of search setting

DejaOffice v2.3.2 (371) (11/19/12)
-fixed an issue where the paste option not available
-fixed issues where records could not be edited or displayed in Tablet mode
-fixed an issue where cut/copy/paste was not available in Tablet mode
-fixed an issue where alarms would not ring after a Wi-Fi sync
-fixes some issues where sometimes DejaOffice, or certain DejaOffice mini apps would fail to open
-fixed an issue where some users could not edit records in Tablet mode
-fixed some issues where categories did not sync to tasks correctly
-fixed an issue where sometimes DejaOffice shortcuts titles showed as 'DejaOffice'
-fixed issues editing a recurring task due date
-fixed an issue where some users saw the DejaOffice widgets removed after upgrading
-fixed an issue changing dark background to light background
-fixed an issue where some types of persistent alarms did not ring properly
-fixed an issue where the date was not visible in Business/Micro font sizes

DejaOffice v2.3.1 (367) (10/19/12)
-New feature: Addresses now automatically complete in DejaContacts; this is an option that can be disabled
-New feature: Company names now automatically complete in DejaContacts
-New feature: Tasks can now be mapped via ‘Map Nearby Tasks’ feature; works on new tasks using auto-complete location
-New feature: Can now merge two contact records
-New feature: Can now add a shortcut for an individual records, also to add records
-New feature: Can now group tasks by due date
-New feature: Can now Sort By Percent Complete
-New feature: Completing a calendar event or task now automatically creates a DejaJournal entry
-New feature: Can now Copy individual records from the List view; tap & hold to see option
-New feature: Can now Edit Note from List view for individual records; tap & hold to see option
-Can now configure DejaContacts to search on open
-Due Date year displays in List view for DejaTasks, if it is not the present year
-Fixed an issue where task alarms would not ring
-DejaContact list now indicates whether a contact record has a note (*) or history (#)
-DejaContact record now dims Note and History tabs when there is no information present
-DejaContact detail view now shows Notes by default
-Fixed an issue with private calendar event alarms. The alarms will now show as masked in the Alarm list, even if Hide Private is enabled. User can dismiss/snooze without password.
-Added 'Custom Duration' option for DejaJournal records
-Improved visibility for linked information (ex: phone numbers) on some devices
-Fixed an issue where deletions from the PC would not be deleted in DejaCalendar (this was specific to having the sync with Android calendar on)
-Improved search for all conduits; now searchable for multiple values
-Fixed an issue where deleted categories would immediately regenerate
-Fixed an issue where the alarm for a monthly recurring task did not regenerate correctly (in certain time zones)
-Can now create a shortcut for DejaJournal
-Fixed an issue where high resolution contact pics did not sync correctly between DejaOffice and Android contacts
-Contact picture display is now based on the width of the device, enlarges contact pic in Details screen
-Fixed an issue where the contact account defaulted to Phone for Android contact sync
-Fixed an issue where the DejaOffice account did not display in the Android People account on HTC devices
-Improved DejaJournal list screen speed
-Contact history tab now shows older event records, increasing range of displayed dates
-Fixed an issue where contact photos did not synchronize back to the PC
-Fixed an issue where All Day events did not sync correctly for GMT+12 time zone
-Fixed an issue where yearly recurring events did not display correct for GMT+12 time zone
-Fixed an issue where changing the day of the week for a recurring task was not possible
-Fixed an issue where changing the due date after 4pm did not save correctly
-Fixed an issue where a task alarm could be set incorrectly
-Fixed an issue where priority icons did not display in DejaTask list view
-Fixed an issue where Journal records lost their duration after being edited
-Fixed an issue where the alarm for a recurring task (monthly) did not regenerate correctly
-Fixed an issue where Category ringtones would revert to default
-Fixed an issue where events with more than one category would not sync to the Android calendar if category filter was enabled

DejaOffice v2.3.0 (352) (09/25/12)
-Added "Delete contacts from Android Contacts app" to Sync Settings screen
-Fixed an issue where snoozed alarms would re-ring after a sync
-Fixed an issue where task alarms synchronized incorrectly via DCL
-Fixed an issue where not responding to an alarm would prevent all other alarms from ringing
-After encrypting/decrypting, the alarm table will be rebuilt
-After changing time zones, the alarm table will be rebuilt
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would crash when a user attempts to open a .vcs file (via Android mail app)
-Fixed an issue where background color reverts to dark/light
-Fixed an issue where Sync Settings did not display with a dark background
-Fixed an issue where adding an event via the company name did not link to contact correctly
-Fixed an issue where editing a recurring task triggered the past alarm
-DejaJournal shortcut can now be made
-Can no longer create a task with a due date prior to start date
-For smaller screen devices, Year view is now scrollable
-Added ability to move DejaOffice to the SD card
-fixed an issue where recurring events without an end date did not sync to Android Calendar
-fixed issues with the last week of the year being labeled incorrectly
-fixed an issue in DejaToday where the Sort By option did not work
-fixed an issue in DejaToday where scrolling may cause the app to crash
-fixed an issue in Categories where the context menu caused the app to crash
-fixed an issue where the prompt to add last call to DejaContacts or DejaJournal did not appear consistently
-fixed an issue where multiple mobile numbers from PDTv4 did not sync to DJO
-updated DejaCloud setup settings screens to include create and manage account links
-fixed an issue where the date would sometimes disappear in the widget
-fixed an issue where you were unable to add a category to a Journal entry
-added Year/Month to bottom of 4x1 widget
-widgets are not resizable in Android OS 3.1 or higher
-when searching, the search starts after typing a 2nd character
-birthday and anniversary fields in DejaContacts now show relative years next to the date
-fixed an issue where some title bar screens looked malformed
-completing calendar events now remove the any associated alarm for the event
-fixed an issue where the favorite/starred contacts in Android native were removed after a sync
-fixed an issue where the contacts list view ran very slowly for some users
-fixed an issue where the font size would not change in calendar day/week view
-fixed an issue where unchecking "DejaOffice alarms" still triggered alarms
-fixed an issue where phone numbers were not properly formatted when set to a non-US English language
-fixed an issue where in some cases users saw duplicate category names

DejaOffice v2.2.11 (347) (09/06/12)
-Fixed an issue with USB sync for some Motorola devices.
-Fixed an issue where duplicate shortcuts could be created.
-Fixed an issue with DejaConnect USB not syncing on connect if DejaOffice was closed.

DejaOffice v2.2.10 (344) (08/28/12)
-fixed an issue with Wi-Fi and DejaConnect sync where sometimes DejaOffice did not respond to CompanionLink
-fixed an issue where contacts would not sync to native Android when set to sync via DejaCloud
-fixed an issue where contacts would not sync to native Android contacts after a PC sync
-fixed an issue where unchecking "DejaOffice alarms" still triggered alarms
-fixed an issue when using the Go To Date function caused some events to appear duplicated
-fixed an issue where DejaOffice on some devices would crash on open

DejaOffice v2.2.9 (341) (08/20/12)
-fixed an issue where the Merge Duplicates option incorrectly identified a blank record as matched duplicate record
-fixed an issue where some users saw a crash on open after updating to DejaOffice 2.2.7/8
-fixed an issue where the "Add last call to DejaContacts" pops up for every outgoing or rejected incoming call when the setting is unchecked

DejaOffice v2.2.8 (340) (08/16/12)
-fixed an issue where a crash may occur after a DejaConnect or Wi-Fi sync completes
-fixed an issue where contacts did not sync to native when first setting up DejaOffice
-fixed an issue where the device name in the setup wizard did not show properly
-fixed issues with background colors updating from an older version
-fixed an issue where All day events in GMT+ time zones did not get saved properly

DejaOffice v2.2.7 (337) (08/10/12)
-fixed an issue where week number did not display properly for non-US English language
-fixed an issue were alarm notifications continued to appear in the status bar after snoozing if persistent is used
-fixed an issue where all day events would default to UTC time zone

DejaOffice v2.2.6 (336) (08/06/12)
-added ability to send Events and Tasks via vCal and ics files
-fixed an issue where Sort By Priority did not sort properly
-fixed an issue where DejaOffice may crash when using pinch-to-scale week days
-fixed an issue where some events did not display do to spaces in the subject line
-fixed an issue where a contact photo could not be removed
-cleaned up menus with more consistent options
-updated languages
-Android OS 1.6 and higher is now required
-fixed an issue where a new DejaJournal entry could not be created
-fixed an issue where the context menu in DejaJournal caused a crash
-fixed an issue where DejaOffice may crash after a DejaConnect sync
-fixed issues where the import contacts function would sometimes not work
-fixed an issue where the title bar in edit views looked malformed
-contact links now show using the DejaOffice font
-fixed an issue where list views crashed in Android OS 1.6

DejaOffice v2.2.5 (331) (07/26/12)
-fixed an issue where the week number may not display properly
-improved dragging/dropping events
-fixed an issue where DJO would crash hitting back from DejaToday in tablet mode
-fixed an issue where DJO would crash when selecting categories in DejaToday
-fixed issues where icons did not fit on the home screen for many different languages on some devices
-improved load times for day/week views
-fixed an issue where unlock password pattern doesn't display when tapping on private record search results
-fixed an issue where copy/paste would not work correctly in DejaOffice edit screens
-updated a few screens in the setup wizard
-added ability to import vcal/ics files into DejaCalendar
-duplicate records are now removed from the selected native contact account when running the "Merge Duplicates" function
-added the time picker interval setting back to DejaCalendar settings
-added a search button to the DejaOffice home screen

DejaOffice v2.2.4 (325) (07/20/12)
-Added ability to import existing records from the other accounts in Android apps to DejaOffice account (Setup Wizard).
-Added 'Merge Duplicates' to the settings menu for all record types
-Free/Busy/Out of Office status now synchronizes to DejaCalendar events
-Fixed an issue where version 2.1.9 or 2.2.3 would crash on sync, mini apps.
-Fixed an issue where the DejaOffice font did not render correctly on Android 4.0
-Adding contacts from call log screen now pre-fills the phone number in DejaContact record
-Added option to show start time for calendar events in Day View
-Removed All Categories header. The category header will now only show if it is filtered.
-Updated Setup Wizard for DejaCloud & CLSH user name & password
-Removed the 'Where should alarms ring' from Sync Settings (Calendar)
-Made a number of adjustments to micro/business/delightful font display in DejaContacts
-Fixed an issue where vertical/horizontal scaling could cause Day view to crash
-Fixed an issue where alarm screen displayed in vertical mode, when device was in landscape
-Adjusted the size of the header when DejaOffice is launched
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice overlooked duplications based on lower/upper case
-Fixed an issue where searching with the database closed (encryption) caused a crash
-Fixed an issue where bold text appeared grey in the DejaOffice font
-Search screen results now has our title bar, made title bar consistent across program
-Fixed an issue where the DejaOffice backup would not restore if the original database had been deleted
-Removed the category border
-Changed 8:00 AM to 8:00a for Day, List & Widget views
-Fixed issues where the system font would display incorrectly (instead of DejaOffice font)
-Device menu button now pulls down action overflow menu & added missing options if they were not present
-Made context/overflow menus consistent across applications
-Changed 'Email Memo' to 'Send Memo'
-Wizard now defaults to DejaConnect sync
-Fixed an issue where alarms did not ring correctly for the Samsung Galaxy S III
-Fixed an issue where notifications had no sound on Nook (user must toggle the Play Sound option on/off). Next Nook build with have this.
-Fixed an issue where custom recurring events did not show in Day/Week view.
-Fixed an issue where single instances deleted on the DejaOffice calendar would sync back from Android calendar

DejaOffice v2.2.3 (315) (07/06/12)
-Setup Wizard no longer directs users to pick Android Contact account - instead defaults to DejaOffice & prompts to import records.
-DejaOffice icon now automatically installs to device's home screen
-Fixed Tablet Mode setting so that it will now stay on
-Moved all font settings to General Settings
-Fixed issue where DejaOffice would crash if tapping on context setting in contact view
-Fixed multiple issues with font sizes in DejaContacts
-Fixed issue with category display in DejaContact list view
-Fixed date/time picker display for Task alarms, Journal
-Fixed an issue where All day events did not display at the correct time
-Adjusted the size/color of additional text for list view in all apps
-Fixed an issue where a previously made backup of the DejaOffice database was still accessible after encrypting the db
-Added unlock code to Incoming/Outgoing call prompt for encrytped db
-Incoming/Outgoing calls now prompt user to add Journal entry. Can disable setting in DejaJournal Settings.
-Multiple alarms snooze/dismiss now does not require user to enter unlock code if db is encrypted - user will be prompted when tapping to view individual records.
-User can now remove password by entering it in the Private Records setting
-DejaOffice will now reference the record name when Deleting/Editing (previously Delete This Record, now Delete (Subject))
-Fixed issue where DejaOffice would crash in DejaTask list view when rotated
-Fixed issue where 2 or more days did not display correctly in Day View
-Subject now contains time in Day View
-Moved logging from General Settings menu to its own menu item in DejaOffice Settings
-Updated other settings: Private & Encryption, Alarm Settings
-DejaTask list now shows MM/DD instead of MM/DD/YYYY for due date
-Fixed an issue where a contact dialed beginning with a 1 was not found in DejaOffice
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would crash when selecting Read Android Data or other sync options.
-Fixed an issue where DejaContact display would display incorrectly after being rotated
-Fixed an issue where date & duration were display in Week view
-Fixed several issues where keyboard did not 'pop up' in app
-Fixed an issue where tapping on a phone number or email on the Kindle Fire caused DejaOffice to crash
-Fixed an issue where linked memos, journal and contactentries could not be displayed via Contact record History tab
-Fixed issue where Edit, Add Event did not work when selected via Notes tab in DejaContact record
-Fixed issue where incorrect context menu displayed via DejaContact History tab
-Fixed multiple issues where alarms did not ring/problems snoozing or dismissing when database is encrypted
-Fixed multipel issues with display (expand/collapse icons, category boxes, All Day star icon)
-Removed 'Other' expense currency
-Fixed crash issue when rotating device while category filter dialog was open
-Added Search/Settings options main app screens that did not already have them
-Fixed native calendar sync issue for deleting "All Future Instances" from DejaOffice
-Fixed event list screen display issue with custom recurrings
-New images for some wizard screens

DejaOffice v2.2.2 (309) (06/25/12)
-Account logic now runs our sync command
-Can now mark categories as "Private". (New records in category will be private.)
-Can now mark all existing records in cateogry as private/not private.
-Search results for contacts now show same field order as contact list screen. Changing sort order there will change search result appearance.
-Search results for tasks now show duedate/startdate (if either is set, only shows one of them), and location comes after it
-Searching for text now highlights text on result page.
-Changed Contact edit screen so that a Summary displays at top and additional fields are grouped via collapsible sections
-Can now link contacts to contacts
-Added "DejaOffice" as an option when selecting Add Contact from the native contact app
-Added screen title "Unlock DejaOffice"
-Squared the DejaOffice homescreen
-Removed "Alarm for" description for alarms
-Highlighting search term now displays in search result list
-Search suggestions now show when database is encrypted
-Can now link memo records to contacts
-Can now create memo, journal records from Contact view
-Task with no due date now do *not* show when "Show Last 7 Days", "Next 7 Days", or "Show Current" is selected.
-Added "Show Active" option to task list screen. Includes task that are overdue, due today, begin date is prior to today, no due date.
-Added "Sort by Alarm Date"
-Task list now shows status
-Can now send memo via email
-Can now add/edit/delete expense list in DejaExpense; can define the lists of payment methods and expense types
-Can now create custom currencies in DejaExpense
-Added option for privacy password to use the unlock code instead of text password if desired
-Contact photos now show in main list
-Adjusted how week numbers how in Month view (if option selected)
-Linked contact name now matches the name format of DejaContacts (first, last)
-Task sort now sorts by due date first then by priority even when using Franklin Covey priorities
-Search now functions by application: If in DejaContacts, search only contact records. If searching from main screen, all records types are searched.
-Category field is now part of search by default
-If sending email from a "linked" contact, DejaOffice will prompt to email all linked contacts
-Added All Day rows to DejaCalendar options.
-Task list now displays checkbox to complete/uncomplete task
-Tapping on right side of task from task list will prompt to edit due date/status
-Date/time picker now inherit color from edit screen background
-Removed Time Interval option from DejaCalendar settings: Now always 5 minutes.
-Added support for MTP sync (Must be on Honeycomb or higher)
-Can now tap to change category from list view
-Increased max font size for day/week view.
-Changed category view in DejaMemo to bar
-Date/time pick now have duration buttons
-Alarm information is now stored in separate, unencrypted db. Alarm snooze/dismiss status preserved when encryption is on/db inaccessible.
-Added left/right swipe in list view
-Fixed an issue where a space at the end of a field name created duplicate group headings via Group By
-Fixed an issue with the DejaOffice account on the HTC One S
-Fixed an issue where "Read Android Data" crashed if encryption was enabled
-Fixed an issue where Group By Category caused a crash/issues in DejaOffice contact list
-Fixed an issue where not all events would display when filtered by category in DejaCalendar
-Fixed an issue where DejaToday did not prompt user to edit Current/All/Future instances of recurring items
-Fixed an issue with alarms that caused multiple-alarm screen to show incorrectly
-Added extra logging for DejaConnect failures

DejaOffice v2.2.1 (289) (05/23/12)
-fixed an issue where a sync icon would appear in the notification bar, possibly causing battery drain.
-can now pinch for "Full" day, which shows no part of the day on left or right of calendar
-can now pinch for 1-3 days in Day view, 5-9 days in Week view
-DejaCal Event Options now shows 5-9 days (previously 5-7)
-DejaCal Event options now shows 1-3 days
-can now sync from "direct connect" field to DejaContacts ("Radio" field) for Motorola Titanium
-corrected display issue that obscured certain settings when DejaOffice background was set to Black/White text
-fixed an issue where search might not work when private records were hidden

DejaOffice v2.2.0 (285) (05/14/12)
-Added new mini-app, DejaJournal
-Added full database encryption options
-Added new "DejaOffice" Android contacts account, records are read only in Android but are linked to the DJO where you can edit them (Android OS 2.0 req)
-Added new "DejaOffice" Android calendar account (Android OS 4.0 req)
-Newly redesigned title bars for each mini-app. Uses ICS-style buttons
-Added new custom "DejaOffice Font"
-added Bluetooth sync option; requires upgrade of CompanionLink
-users will no longer see a 'blank' alarm list screen after individually closing alarms
-DejaCalendar will no longer crash on devices running 1.5 or 1.6
-default alarm time for tasks is now 8am
-fixed an issue where tasks did not roll over correct if the time was after 5pm
-encryption option now on private records screen
-"Set Password" now "Privacy Password"
-added "Show Password" option
-fixed an issue for an SQLite error (error was not displayed to user but in log)
-fixed an issue where some events would not display if 'Go to Date' was used
-fixed an issue where 'PC side did not complete' would display erroneously
-improved dedupe logic for DejaOffice to Android sync
-masked records will now correctly prompt for password when opened from search list
-improved how DejaOffice handles larger record sets on Wi-Fi sync
-fixed issue where records w/o a category would still sync to the Android calendar when 'Sync selected categories' was selected
-fixed 'padding' issues with day/week view that happened after pinch to zoom introduced, causing some items to overlap without space
-fixed an issue where some calendar records would appear on the wrong day in day/week view, which happened when multiple events occurred in the same time block/s
-made several improvements to shortcuts; navigating via the home button should now show the correct screen when shortcut is opened repeatedly, shouldn't need to remake shortcuts
-fixed several issues with calendar displays in general
-day/week view will now show correctly on devices with smaller screens
-fixed an issue where rebooting the device resulted in a blank DJOA db
-fixed an issue where all day recurring events (like holidays) would sync to DejaCalendar from the Android calendar one day off
-fixed an issue with recurring task alarms
-improved swiping in DejaCalendar
-single day all day events now display in List view with 'All day' instead of date
-fixed issue where 2 day all day events did not show the end day
-added alphabetic index list on right side of screen to Contact List screen. Allows quick jumping to different positions in the list
-fixed an issue where Islamabad/Karachi time did not sync properly via Wi-Fi
-fixed an issue syncing a pink category from Palm Desktop 4 via Wi-Fi
-fixed an issue where selecting private records from search results did not prompt for a password
-fixed an issue where the the "main" phone field from Palm Desktop could not be edited in DejaOffice
-fixed an issue where sometimes DejaOffice would not respond to the PC (and the PC would time out) during a Wi-Fi or DejaConnect sync
-fixed an issue where some events would not display when filtering by category
-fixed an issue where city/state/zip would not sync to native Android contacts if there was not street address filled in
-after a timezone shift, alarms now are recalculated to ring at the proper time
-newly redesigned calendar view buttons
-fixed issues syncing multiple contact links via CLSH
-fixed issue when adding a category to a record in tablet mode sometimes causing a crash

DejaOffice v2.1.9 (264) (03/29/12)
-fixed an issue where month view would crash on some devices
-fixed an issue where the sync would not start after mounting the SD card using DejaConnect USB
-added an Exit button to DejaOffice home screen menu for help with troubleshooting Wi-Fi and DejaConnect sync issues
-fixed an issue where Go to Date would not work from various calendar views
-fixed an issue where DejaToday would use DejaTasks' date filter settings
-fixed an issue where location and/or linked contacts didn't display in DejaCalendar day view
-fixed an issue where editing a task would change the task alarm
-fixed an issue where no events would show after changing font sizes in DejaCalendar list view
-pinch/zoom calendar resizing improvements
-various calendar UI enhancements

DejaOffice v2.1.8 (261) (03/21/12)
- Fixed issue that could cause duplicate contacts when syncing via DejaConnect.
- Fixed issue where the sync complete dialog did not always display correctly.
- Fixed month/year view "flicker" in Calendar.
- Fixed issue where Calendar day view did not show location.
- Fixed issue where the DejaOffice database to become unavailable during device bootup.
- Improved USB sync stability.
- Fixed display issues for certain recurring events.
- Improved calendar month view for Android tablets.
- Fixed issue with time indicator display after resizing DejaOffice Calendar.
- Fixed alarm display issues.
- Various UI enhancements.

DejaOffice v2.1.7 (257) (03/15/12)
-fixes an issue where calendar views were very slow to navigate
-fixed an issue where the incorrect date was displayed when using 'Go to date' in DejaCalendar
-fixed an issue where the 'Today' setting did not display current date
-fixed an issue where the incorrect date was displayed when rotating a device horizontally/vertically
-fixed an issue where the time displayed incorrectly if a custom snooze time was configured (e.g. 4 weeks showed as -31262 minutes)
-fixed an issue where a custom alarm time displayed incorrectly (e.g. 2 weeks displayed as 14 days)
-fixed an issue where the incorrect date was displayed when scrolling forward in DejaCalendar
-fixed an issue where the last date of a recurring event did not display in DejaCalendar
-fixed an issue where an event alarm could move one month (occurred in edit screen)
-fixed an issue where contact pictures would not synchronize from DejaOffice to the Android contact app
-Business & Personal categories can now be permanently deleted
-improved swipe response/visual feedback for DejaCalendar
-added pinch to zoom on day/week views

DejaOffice v2.1.6 (250) (03/12/12)
-fixed an issue where after a USB sync data was no longer visible in DejaOffice

DejaOffice v2.1.5 (249) (03/07/12)
-improved DejaConnect configuration

DejaOffice v2.1.4 (247) (03/02/12)
-fixed an issue where the modified times of records were not detected correct if the device's time zone was changed
-fixed an issue where some calendar records did not sync from native to DejaCalendar
-fixed an issue where email fields were not mapped after a sync to native
-improved visual feedback when swiping in DejaCalendar
-improved private record behavior (tapping to display record, entering password)
-fixed an issue where deletions made in DJO did not sync to PC (DejaConnect)
-fixed an issue where multiple 'sync did not complete' windows would display (DejaConnect)

DejaOffice v2.1.3 (242) (02/17/12)
-fixed an issue where updates made in native Android contacts would not sync back to DJOA/PC when syncing via DejaConnect USB
-improved DejaConnect USB sync reliability
-improved Setup Wizard to help set up DejaConnect USB
-fixed an issue where alarms did not sync between DejaOffice and native Android calendar

DejaOffice v2.1.3 (238) (02/13/12)
-renamed USB Debugging Sync to "DejaConnect USB"
-fixed an issue where contact pictures did not sync between native and Dejaoffice if no PC sync had ever run
-fixed an issue where the DejaToday widget did not update when deleting records
-added visual feedback when swiping between month and year view
-added haptic feedback when selecting tap and hold context menus
-updated UI elements (new colors, icons and other subtle changes)

DejaOffice v2.1.3 (235) (02/03/12)
-fixed an issue where sometimes not all contacts sync to native Android contacts

DejaOffice v2.1.3 (233) (02/02/12)
-removed duplicate checking which causes slow sync speeds and sometimes sync crashes
-added option to remove contact picture from DejaOffice
-removed setting in setup wizard to sync with native calendar for devices without native calendars
-fixed an issue where the time picker could sometimes only display 3 digits instead of 4 in the calendar edit screen
-improved Android contacts sync speed

DejaOffice v2.1.2 (01/26/12)
-fixed issues syncing with native calendar on Android 4.0 (ICS) devices
-fixed an issue where Wi-Fi sync would fail with device ID's containing extra whitespace
-fixed issues where DejaOffice may default to 1969
-fixed issues with alarms crashing on 1.5 devices
-fixed crashing when mounting/unmounting issues for some devices
-fixed an issue where the message "Native sync is running" may show erroneously
-fixed issues typing in decimal points on Kindle Fire
-fixed an issue where phone numbers were not dialable
-fixed an issue where the last 2 weeks of 2012 would display as week 52
-fixed an issue where rolled over tasks did not show using the "Today" filter
-fixed an issue where calendar records could sometimes appear to be duplicated
-fixed calendar sync issues with East Australia time zones
-fixed issue with Droid 3 sometimes not syncing to PC (now saves DJO db to the external SD card)
-fixed an issue where all day events would sometimes not show at the top of each day in list view

DejaOffice v2.1.1(12/30/11)
-fixed an issue where categories could be stripped from DejaContacts when enabling and disabling Groups/Categories sync
-fixed an issues when swiping on somes screens was too senstive and registered as a tap instead
-fixed an issue where DJO did not wake the devices display when triggering notifications
-fixed an issue where notifications did not update when dragging events
-tapping sync now restarts the Wi-Fi sync server on the device in cases where sometimes users were unable to sync via Wi-Fi
-DJO now automatically restores from a previous backup if the database becomes corrupt after syncing
-fixed issues with contact links not syncing correctly to calendar events from Outlook
-fixed an issue with non-US English users were unable to save DejaExpense records
-fixed an issue where DejaExpense did not save time stamps properly
-updated DejaToday widgets to display date revelvant information for records in the future
-fixed an issue where alarms do not turn on display
-fixed an issue where event exceptions may not save properly when dragging to change the time/date
-fixed an issue for some 1.x devices where "connect device with USB to PC" would always display when trying to USB sync
-fixed some issues where native calendar sync could be slower than usual
-Nook Tablet now saves its database to the internal storage
-fixed an issue syncing via Wi-Fi where tasks with alarms set for 4pm or later sync to DJOA due 1 day ahead
-fixed an issue where duplicate time zones would show in the calendar view screen
-fixed an issue where events would show no dismiss/snooze button after ringing
-fixed an issue where "Sync failed" may display while running Read Android data
-fixed calendar UI issues with Android 1.x devices
-fixed an issue where native contacts/calendar sync settings were grayed out on 1.x devices
-fixed an issue where running "Read Android data" caused DJO to crash on 1.x devices
-private records now display in search results if "Show Private" has been selected (records will no longer display when timeout period expires)
-fixed an issue where multi-day all-day events synced from Android calendar to DejaOffice losing 1 day
-fixed an issue where recurring execeptions did not sync back to the PC properly
-fixed issues syncing monthly recurring events to native Android calendar
-fixed an issue where the message 'Is this a different device' prompt must be tapped twice to dismiss
-fixed an issue where date format did not translate in landscape view
-fixed issues saving all day annual recurring events for +13 time zones
-fixed issues syncing with native calendar on Android 4.0 (ICS) devices
-changed the delete icon on some screens to fix an issue where the older icons did not display

DejaOffice v1.12.8 (12/21/11)
-added USB sync support for most Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) devices

DejaOffice v1.12.7 (12/16/11)
-fixed an issue where multiple syncs could run at once
-fixed an issue where the same alarm sometimes showed up multiple times
-fixed a freeze issue that sometimes occurred in Wi-Fi and CLSH sync
-fixes issues where USB sync would sometimes error after repeated syncs

DejaOffice v1.12.6 (12/02/11)
-improved support for Kindle Fire

DejaOffice v1.12.5 (11/21/11)
-fixed an issue where native Android contacts sync may stall

DejaOffice v1.12.4 (11/17/11)
-added drag and drop capability (to move records) for day and week view in calendar
-added “Send Contact” option to contact View screen to send contacts as vCards via email or MMS
-added the option to receive vCards
-added 5 day week option to DejaCalendar settings
-fixed title bar sizing issues on smaller screen devices
-fixed an issue where the record note field would only show temporarily
-fixed an issue where DejaOffice would detect time zone changes incorrectly
-fixed issues with Sony Xperia devices not syncing with Android contacts
-fixed an issue with the date picker that would save all day events one day early
-fixed an issue where category groups could duplicate in native Android contacts
-fixed an issue where DJOA did not open on older 1.x devices
-fixed an issue where old DejaOffice alarms may ring after syncing or after mounting the SD card
-fixed an issue where after starting the sync from the Sync shortcut, DejaOffice would display "canceling sync"
-fixed issues with All Day events for +13 time zones
-fixes an issue where DJO assigned colors to categories marked in Outlook with "no color" (requires CL5005+)
-fixed a few crashing issues when starting a USB sync
-fixed an issue where auto-syncing via CLSH caused sync messages to display each sync
-reduced spacing with DejaOffice icons - will display 3 columns on most devices

DejaOffice v1.12.3 (10/19/11)
-fixed an issue with Droid X2 2.3.4 update that prevented USB sync from working
-fixed an issue where DJO would not close after running a sync from the sync shortcut
-fixed an issue where categories are removed from contacts after a sync
-added "Show Today + Overdue" date filter to DejaTasks and DejaToday
-location field now autopopulates when adding a contact to a calendar event
-added swiping left/right for DejaContacts and DejaMemos
-fixed an issue where in some time zones the events would not display on the first day in month month
-fixed issues with some DejaOffice apps crashing when Group By was enabled
-fixed issues with rolling over overdue tasks
-added support to send text via Google voice from DejaOffice
-added backup creation before each USB Sync
-fixed an issue where some Droid Bionic users could not sync with the native Google acount
-fixed a few issues with the Go to Date function in DejaCalendar list view
-fixed an issue where selecting the context menu from the DejaCalendar list view could crash
-fixed an issue where automatic rollover for tasks didn't work sometimes

DejaOffice v1.12.2 (09/29/11)
-fixed issue with Droid Bionic sometimes not syncing to PC
-added search options for DejaCalendar
-fixed a crashing issue when tapping No after receiving the "Has your Time zone changed?" message
-added highlight colors to day/week view when tapping/long pressing to more clearly indicate what time you are tapping on
-fixed an issue where adding an event from week view via tap and hold defaulted to the wrong day
-improved overall search to display more relevant results
-Calendar search results now display newest events at the top
-fixed an issue where alarms ringing while DJO was syncing could cause a crash
-fixed an issue where DejaCalendar would not refresh events after changing time zones
-added logging to improve time zone change detection
-fixed an issue where day and month view did not display multiple all day events
-added date relevance to DejaToday widget when displays 1+ future days
-Show private and privacy timeout now function globally across all DJO apps

DejaOffice v1.12.1 (09/01/11)
-added ability to "Complete" calendar events, and to hide or show them. Completed recurring events will sync to PC as exceptions.(Requires Build 4049/5000 or higher)
-improved DejaToday's calendar event display settings: Added 'Show Future Days' (0-5), Added 'Show Today's Past Events', Added 'Show All-day events', Added day of the week relevance
-fixed issues where users may see the Setup Wizard after running a USB sync (added a delay before opening DejaOffice after unmounting the SD card)
-improved Android contacts account info in Sync Settings with images and account types
-fixed an issue where the time zone list did not display for when using the white text on black screen theme
-fixed issue where events would sync from native Android calendar to DejaCalendar with the wrong time zone
-fixed font size issues with events that were shorter or longer than one hour
-fixed an issue where DejaOffice would sync contact images over 1MB causing the Android contacts app to crash
-fixed issues creating special types of recurring events, e.g. recurs Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, every 4 weeks
-fixed an issue where a recurring event saved to the incorrect date if the pattern chosen did not match the original start date
-improved refresh issues when adding/changing/deleting records in DejaCalendar and changing views
-fixed an issue where today's tasks did not 'Show Today' for GMT +10 users
-fixed an issue where DejaOffice could not automatically mount the Motorola Photon SD card
-fixed issues where All Categories or No Category may show missing in DejaOffice
-fixed an issue where an events time zone would not display in the view screen for calendar events
-fixed issues with calendar contact links were lost when syncing via CLSH (Requires Build 4049/5000 or higher)
-Separated Hotel Incidentals into 2 different expense categories
-fixed an issue where tasks with alarms but without due dates did not sync

DejaOffice v1.12.0 (08/11/11)
-added new option called "Time Zone Shift" with Yes/No/Not Decided options. Users device if they want their events to shift based on a time zone change or to not shift and ignore their current time zone.
-added option to "Show Tomorrow's Events" in DejaToday settings
-added phone contacts account for Evo Shift
-added ability to view more than 4 all day event records in DejaCalendar
-added current time indicator to day view
-added cut/copy/paste options to DejaCalendar events in day/week view
-added Week number to the list view in DejaCalendar
-added push to talk functionality for the Motorola i1 (PTT numbers can only sync from Android to DJO)
-fixed an issue where the Sync shortcut did not work
-fixed an issue where Motorola Atrix devices would not automatically mount after the 2.3 update
-search results will now display highlighted text thatmatch the search query
-fixed issues when adding new records when Group By category or priority was enabled for DejaTasks
-fixed an issue where events would not display for Delightful font size and in horizontal orientation
-fixed an issue where rotating the display caused the day view to reset to today
-fixed some issues that may cause DJO to crash
-fixed an issue where Sort by most recent did not always sort properly for DejaMemos
-fixed UI issues with Android 1.5 devices
-fixed an issue where the private record field did not sync via Wi-Fi
-fixed issues with syncing DejaOffice categories to Android contact groups
-search results now display masked records
-fixed issues with the Android contacts sync category filter
-fixed issues with the recurring pattern, yearly on the last day
-fixed an issue where font sizes appeared much smaller on some devices after updating from 1.11.7 to 1.11.9
-fixed issues syncing yearly recurring tasks with start dates prior to 1970
-reduced whitespace in day/week view to maximize information for each view
-fixed issues saving favorite contacts on Droid X/2
-fixed an issue where the "Is this a different device" message would appear repeatedly

DejaOffice v1.11.9 (07/12/11)
-added custom alarm times to default alarm/snooze options and to snooze time list for alarm notifications
-added ability to remove task alarms
-improved "Phone" account detection for most Samsung devices (1 or more records must exist in the Phone account)
-added File As field to DejaContacts edit screens (defaults to Last, First for new contacts)
-DejaContacts list view now displays the contacts middle initial if filled in
-Search results now show calendar events in chronological order -fixed an issue where weekly recurring events on Fridays defaulted to Saturdays
-fixed an issue where you were unable to tap a calendar record in tablet mode to view it after switching orientation
-fixed changing orientation issues for recurrence patterns when in edit mode
-users should now be prompted when syncing the same Wi-Fi sync profile with a new device (CompanionLink build 4046 required)
-fixed issues when excluding calendar categories syncing with the native Android calendar
-fixed an issue where DejaCalendar week and day view may crash if week number is enabled
-DejaOffice will now warn a user if their SD card is almost full
-when searching from within a certain DejaOffice app, that apps search results will show at the top of the search results
-fixed an issue where tasks due tomorrow may show when filtering using Show Today
-fixed an issue where changing the color for No Category would be reverted after syncing
-users should now be prompted when moving their DejaOffice database to a new device if they have switched devices
-fixed an issue where selecting a record in DejaTasks, DejaMemos and DejaExpenses, would return the screen to the top of the list
-fixed issues where DejaOffice would not update the Android calendar after a sync
-fixed issues syncing Android via Wi-Fi where DJO may cause the CompanionLink to time out

DejaOffice v1.11.8 (06/15/2011)
-improved month view UI by increasing color luminosity
-month view layout now defaults to tablet style, now with the standard 3 font sizes
-added date to DejaCalendar search results
-fixed truncated text for 0 min duration events
-fixed an issues with editing multi-day weekly recurring events
-fixed issues with list view Go to Date/Today menu options
-fixed Business/Micro mode for View/Edit screens in tablet mode
-fixed an issue where "Show Private" did not work in DejaToday for hidden records
-fixed issues syncing Categories with native contact Phone accounts groups
-fixed an issue where DejaToday did not display All Day events
-fixed an issue where DejaOffice would sometimes not update the native Android contacts app after syncing

DejaOffice v1.11.7 (05/26/2011)
-Fixed an issue where Tasks were not being sorted by priority in DejaToday
-Fixed an issue where "last day" recurring events did not sync or save properly
-Improved UI for month view in tablet mode
-Added option to set ring tones in DejaContacts and to set ring tones for entire categories
-Snoozing and dismissing recurring task alarms now works properly
-DejaCalendar now displays the appropriate categories in the category filter
-Manual Sync Mode can only be enabled after 3 unsuccessful USB sync attempts
-Improved view screen UI for all day events
-If multiple alarms go off at once, the old alarm screen will be displayed, so you can see all alarms and snooze/dismiss all
-PC Wi-Fi Sync browser test now displays "DejaOffice Wi-Fi Sync Available"
-Improved Wi-Fi sync dialog
-Added "Sync selected contact/calendar categories option on Sync Settings
-Improved Sync Settings screen UI
-Search results now stay after multiple selections from search results
-Improved Contacts view screen UI for phone numbers and dialing/texting contacts
-Added Wi-Fi network name to Wi-Fi Settings screen and when pressing Synchronize in DJO
-Fixed an issue where all tasks automatically rolled over with or without the setting on
-Added "Omit Ring during Meetings" option to Alarm Setting
-Fixed issues where the "Me" native contact could be deleted on HTC Sense devices
-fixed an issue where alarms for all day events would not ring at the appropriate time
-fixed an issue where masked records were not showing masked in the 4x4 widget

DejaOffice v1.11.6 (05/13/2011)
-fixed an issue with syncing via CLSH where DJO may crash
-fixed an issue where search may not return all search results
-fixed an issue where adding a contact would crash in tablet mode
-changed the size of category boxes on view screens to match the selected font size

DejaOffice v1.11.5 (05/10/2011)
-Added Phone contacts account for the HTC Wildfire
-Added Shake it Bright integration
-Added Group By to DejaMemos
-Added roll over options to DejaTasks (automatic roll over, roll over all overdue, and roll over individual records)
-Added display Calendar/Tasks/Contacts settings for DejaToday
-Added Show Completed option to DejaToday context menu
-Added Sort By to DejaToday (applies to Tasks only)
-Added UI feedback for Back, Home, Edit, Save buttons
-Added option to "Add to Contact to DejaOffice" after a incoming or outgoing call
-Removed advertising
-DejaToday only displays events after they are an hour past the end time
-Added option to Calendar Options to display Week of Year info in day/week views in the calendar
-Selecting a record in search results and then selecting back now returns to search results
-Fixed an issue where task priorities would sync incorrectly via Wi-Fi/CLSH
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice may crash during a USB sync when the 4x1 widget is running
-Fixed an issue where deleted category colors would change to black on some records
-Fixed an issue where micro mode would sometimes display characters too small in edit screen fields
-Fixed an issue where contact updates did not sync from the Phone account to DejaOffice for the HTC Desire and Inspire
-Fixed an issue where IM fields did not sync via Wi-Fi or CLSH

DejaOffice v1.11.4 (04/18/2011)
-added custom alarm option for calendar events
-added Phone contacts account for HTC Thunderbolt
-search now shows more information per record
-snooze times are now saved on a per record basis
-fixed an issue where contacts names may not sync to Android contacts
-fixed an issue where DejaTasks and DejaMemos may crash on some Android 1.x devices
-fixed an issue where task alarms defaulted to the previous date
-fixed an issue with alarm notification remaining after deleting or editing the event or task
-reduced frequency of ads for users syncing with a registered version of CompanionLink
-improved calendar views for 0 minute events
-fixed an issue where various HTC data would sync from Android contacts to DejaOffice

DejaOffice v1.11.3 (04/08/2011)
-fixed an issue where the "Show Private" menu option did not function properly
-added Phone contacts account support for the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant (GT-i9000M)
-fixed an issue where DejaToday widgets did not display/hide/mask private records correctly
-DejaCalendar now hides and masks private records
-fixed an issue where (on certain dates) the month date picker did not cycle through months correctly
-fixed an issue where long date formats would show incorrectly
-fixed an issue where short date formats showed incorrectly for English UK language
-Sync Settings now shows the full email address for calendar accounts
-improved calendar views on smaller screen devices

DejaOffice v1.11.2 (04/05/2011)
*fixed an issue where the Android contacts app on Droid X, Droid 2, Droid Pro, and Atrix may crash or not open
NOTE: Updating should automatically resolve the issue

DejaOffice v1.11.1 (04/01/2011)
-expanded the default alarm settings to match regular calendar alarms
-fixed an issue where DJO would crash editing a recurring event in tablet mode
-fixed an issue where syncing with Android contacts could cause the Android contacts app to not open
-modified pictures from Android contacts now sync to DJO
-fixed an issue where the PC sync OK button did not unmount the SD card after a device went to sleep
-fixed an issue where some Sort By settings would not save in DejaTasks
-fixed issues with hardware keyboards inputting incorrect numbers in DejaContacts phone fields
-alarms should trigger after device reboot without needing to open DJO
-fixed an issue where DJO crashed if grouping by category with a category filter
-when Grouping by Category, other apps now show records multiple times if it is in multiple categories
-24 time now displays the hours 0-23
-fixed an issue where a Category was removed when changing orientation in view screens
-fixed an issue where you could not delete or edit a task from DejaToday
-fixed an issue where DJO would crash if the 4x1 widget was running and the device was mounted to the PC
-fixed an issue where monthly by day, 4th day of the month did not sync properly via Wi-Fi or CLSH
-replaced percent complete field in DejaTasks with due date and extended the subject line
-fixed an issue where DejaExpense amounts only rounded to 1 decimal place

DejaOffice v1.11.0 (03/24/2011)
-Added new Group By option to all mini-apps
-Added option to delete DejaExpense records prior to a specified date
-Added option for DejaContacts to sort by the File As field from Outlook (requires CL build 4037)
-Font Size settings now are reflected in Edit screens
-fixed an issues with completing tasks from DejaToday
-fixed an issue selecting edit via tap and hold from the DejaMemos list view
-Android contacts and calendar accounts now display their full email address in Sync Settings
-Added "Manual Mode" for USB sync troubleshooting
-Completed tasks' alarms will no longer ring

DejaOffice v1.10.9 (03/09/2011)
-added USB sync support for Samsung Epic 4G devices updated to Android OS 2.2 (Froyo)
-DejaCalendar and DejaTasks now allow searching records when linking contacts
-new tasks now default to no due date vs today's date
-fixed multiple issues with tablet mode crashing in various screens (DejaCalendar edits, DejaToday, and DejaExpenses)
-fixed an issue where the date picker in tablet mode did not display the full month
-fixed an issue in tablet mode where contacts did not display in business/micro modes
-fixed an issue where DJOA would crash after removing a task due date
-fixed an issue where the default alarm date picker could be set for 12/31/1969
-fixed an issue where non-recurring tasks would not sync via Wi-Fi or CLSH
-fixed an issue in tablet mode where default alarm times were not set

DejaOffice v1.10.8 (03/03/2011)
-Added native "Phone" contacts account for the HTC Inspire
-Added search menu option to all event screens
-improved scrolling performance in DejaContacts list view
-now only applicable categories show in new record screens
-fixed issues with PC sync (USB) not starting due to the DJO db saved to an incorrect location
-fixed an issue where all DJO data would appear to be missing
-fixed an issue where records added to DejaNotePad prior to build 1.10.6 would appear missing after updating
-fixed an issue where DejaCalendar list view would sometimes show "No Events" after syncing
-fixed multiple tablet mode issues: now able to save categories in calendar day view; now able to save task
-fixed an issue with SMS action not linking to a contact on Galaxy Tab
-fixed an issue taping on the all day section in day view to create a new event defaulting to the incorrect date
-fixed an issue where fax number from PDT would sometimes show up blank in edit screen
-fixed an issue where the wrong end time would display for events spanning DST

DejaOffice v1.10.7 (02/25/11)
-updated hardware requirements to support Motorola Xoom

DejaOffice v1.10.6 (02/22/11)
-fixed issues making tasks as completed when using the percent complete field
-fixed an issue when setting the default snooze time to 15min
-fixed an issue where USB syncing could get stuck at "Synchronizing..."
-fixed an issue with events showing 1 day early in week view for Mar 13-19 2011

DejaOffice v1.10.5 (02/18/11)
-Added DejaContacts to DejaToday/widgets
-Added support for 256-bit AES encryption for Wi-Fi and CL Secure Hosted sync (requires CL build 4032+)
-custom field labels now sync from Palm Desktop (requires CL build 4032+)
-added more DejaCalendar shortcut options
-simplified DejaOffice's search options to only use the new universal search method
-fixed an issue where events could display on the wrong date in month view
-searched private records no longer display
-fixed an issue with the Android OS "Select Text" feature not working in DJO note sections
-fixed issues with long names not appearing in the DejaContacts list
-fixed an issue with task due dates syncing incorrectly to the PC
-fixed an issue with multiday all day events not showing last date when spanning the start of DST 2011
-now able to create a daily recurring event spanning 1-3 days
-fixed issues with switching between task priority types not displaying the correct priority type in list or details views
-fixed possible category duplication issues
-fixed an issue where the start date picker defaults to previous day for Hong Kong time zone
-date/time picker now highlights end time when selecting it from the edit screen
-fixed an issue with non-predefined alarm times only showing in minutes
-events now appear at the top of the list in DejaToday
-back button now goes to DJO home screen when opening an event or task from the widget

DejaOffice v1.10.4 (02/01/11)
-Added DejaToday widgets
-changed the "Go to Date" button to use the month view calendar picker
-updated view/edit screens for selecting and viewing categories per record
-DejaCalendar month view now shows event information for all dates shown
-fixed an issue where tasks due 'today' would sometimes not display in DejaTasks
-fixed an issue where dismissed alarms would be marked as modified
-fixed an issue where creating a recurring task with no due date would cause DJO to crash
-fixed issues for the MyTouch 4G using 'Faves' with DejaOffice

DejaOffice v1.10.3 (01/25/11)
-adding recurring tasks support to DejaTasks (PC sync coming soon)
-added new Time Picker Interval option
-added option to create a DejaExpense shortcut
-fixed an issue where DejaCalendar day/week views would not display properly on low-res devices
-Event/Tasks view screens now show more appropriate reminder timings
-fixed an issue on some devices where the SMS icons did not function properly
-fixed an issue where deleted calendar events' alarms would ring

DejaOffice v1.10.2 (01/18/11)
-added new global search option to DejaOffice, and to the built in Android OS global search
-added language selector to DejaOffice settings
-added new mini-app, DejaExpense
-fixed an issue where DejaTasks would crash in tablet mode
-fixed an issue where native contact groups names would not sync on Galaxy S phones

DejaOffice v1.10.1 (01/12/11)
-added new "Future Instances" option when modifying recurring events
-added a category filter selector at the top of the DejaCalendar list view
-fixed an issue where task due dates would display 1 day early
-fixed an issue where a a tap and hold on the settings screen caused a crash
-fixed issues when syncing with the various native contacts "Phone" accounts

DejaOffice v1.10.0 (01/07/11)
-Added all new icons
-Added a new PalmOS style date/time picker
-Added new Categories option to assign Categories to native Contacts/Calendar accounts
-Added new Categories option to specify which conduit a categories applies to
-Added 2 line DejaTasks view and Sort by Status
-Added list and view screen font size options for each mini-app
-Added a subject field to DejaNotePad and now shows 3 lines in list view
-Added new DejaCalendar enhancements including, new size options and improved events in day/week/month view
-Records with no category assigned can be assigned a color
-fixed an issue where multi-day all day events would not show the last day
-fixed an issue where work fax may appear in DejaContacts list view instead of work
-fixed an issue with the contact birthdays before 1970 would not sync to the PC via Wi-Fi/CLHS
-fixed performance issues with large DejaNotepad data stores
-fixed an issue with Task due dates shifting dates when changing time zones

DejaOffice v1.9.8 (12/15/2010)
-added support for the "Phone" account for many devices
-increased speed when switching between calendar views
-fixed an issue where "Read Android Data" would sometimes overwrite the Android contacts app
-fixed an issue with saving Tasks when changing screen orientation
-fixed an issue with the DejaCalendar shortcut opening the wrong view (requires re-adding the shortcut)

DejaOffice v1.9.7 (12/08/2010)
*fixed an issue where the event list screen sometimes wouldn't show future records

DejaOffice v1.9.6 (12/06/2010)
* fixed the 'Other Address' field label in DejaContacts
* fixed an issue where the recurrence end date was not saved properly
*fixed an issue when deleting start/due dates from tasks would show a 1969 date in the view screen
*fixed an issue when create a task with only a due date where 2 date pickers would pop up

DejaOffice v1.9.5 (11/29/2010)
*fixed an issue where yearly by day events would sync the incorrect month
*fixed issues with the DejaCalendar list view events were sometimes un-selectable
*fixed an issue where yearly by day, yearly occurence would not sync properly
*fixed issues when switching between priority styles in DejaTasks would cause DJO to crash
*fixed an issue where the recurrence end date did not sync back to the PC correctly via Wireless
*fixed an issue where deletions did not sync back to the PC via wireless
*fixed an issue with some phone devices defaulting to tablet mode
*fixed an issue where year view may default to the year 1969

DejaOffice v1.9.4 (11/29/2010)
*fixed issues with the recurring end date field not saving or syncing properly for all sync methods
*fixed an issue where the 'Other' phone field did not sync via Hosted wireless sync
*fixed an issue when adding records might erroneously create a category named "No Category"

DejaOffice v1.9.3 (11/24/2010)
*week view now shows the subject text of each event
*re-added the persistent alarm setting
*fixed an issue where setting a task alarm without a due date would cause a crash
*fixed an issue where some phones may default to tablet mode upgrading from 1.8.3
*fixed an issue where the Sync Settings screen may crash for some users
*more stability fixes

DejaOffice v1.9.2 (11/19/2010)
*recurring events "by day" now show the correct pattern in the view screen
*fixed an issue where the Sync Settings screen had text cut off
*added option to "Sync DejaOffice contact categories to Android contact groups"
*added Year View to DejaCalendar
*fixed an issue where phone numbers may appear duplicated within a contact record
*added Phone and SMS icons to contact view screens that immidiately call or SMS the contact
*improved usability for context menus in all mini-apps

DejaOffice v1.9.1 (11/15/2010)
*added new "tablet mode" for split screen views on tablets
*fixed an issue where PC changes did not sync to Android contacts (via USB)
*fixed Wi-Fi sync issues where "by day" patterns synced incorrectly
*updated settings screens and other UI enchancements
*added new fields to DejaTasks - Perecent Complete and Status
*added new "Priority Style" setting in DejaTasks - Outlook Style, Palm Style, Alpha (Franklin) Style

DejaOffice v1.9.0 (11/11/2010)
*added a new Setup Wizard mini app
*added Shortcuts mini app to help creating shortcuts
*fixed an issue with task alarms and priorities not syncing via Wi-Fi
*fixed other various Wi-Fi sync issues
*fixed login issues with CL Secure Hosted sync

DejaOffice v1.8.3 (11/04/2010)
*fixed an issue where some devices would not start a USB sync from a mounted state
*fixed an issue with DejaCal Day and list views on 1.x Motoblur devices did not display
*fixed an issue with Palm Desktop priorities syncing incorrectly to DJO

DejaOffice v1.8.2 (10/28/2010)
*Additional fixes for European HTC date format.
*Fixed issue on Droid X where DJO would crash when attempting to sync while the device was in a mounted state.
*Fixed issue where "connect USB cable" message would sometimes erroneously appear.
*Various UI enhancements.

DejaOffice v1.8.1 (10/27/2010)
*fixed various Wi-Fi sync issues
*fixed date format issues with European HTC 2.2 phones

DejaOffice v1.8.0 (10/26/2010)
*added local Wi-Fi sync option (requires CL build 4021)
*changed event alarms to a pop up message
*fixed an issue with the calendar not always opening to today’s date
*fixed an issue with syncing with the native calendar where all day annual events would sync 1 day early
*fixed an issue where a “Sync did not finish” message would erroneously display on Samsung Galaxy S phones
*added ability to add contact pictures within DejaOffice
*added default snooze time option

DejaOffice v1.7.4 (10/11/2010)
*contact pictures now sync with Sony Xperia x10 contacts
*fixed an issue where the "My Contact Record" for Sense UI phones would freeze
*added sort by Nickname option in DejaContacts
*fixed an issue with syncing multiple work/mobile/home numbers to DejaContacts
*street addresses now link to the native maps application
*day view now defaults to the current time minus 1 hour
*added a "Go to Date" option in DejaCalendar
*improved error messages and logging
*increased picture resolution in DejaContacts
*fixed an issue with ACT calendar/Tasks not syncing via Wireless Sync
*updated settings screens with large fonts
*added sort by category option to DejaTasks
*added a start date field to DejaTasks
*added sort by most recent option to DejaNotes
*week view now shows the date for each day of the week
*fixed an issue with Android OS 2.2.1 that caused Android calendar sync to fail
*improved shortcut functionality (requires recreating shortcuts)
*notes now save when exiting DJO via the home button

DejaOffice v1.7.3 (10/1/2010)
*fixed various shortcut issues
*fixed global search for old events
*Fixed an issue where the calendar list view wouldn't open on today's date
*New task alarms default to the task's due date

DejaOffice v1.7.2 (9/23/2010)
*sync shortcut will now begin a sync

DejaOffice v1.7.1 (9/22/2010)
*improved search functionality

DejaOffice v1.7.0 (9/21/2010)
*added new Wireless Sync option (requires CompanionLink Pro, build 4016 or higher)

DejaOffice v1.6.8 (9/13/2010)
*fixed an issue where DejaToday would not update when opening from its shortcut
*fixed issues with shortcuts not always opening the correct app
*fixed issues with Birthday fields not syncing to the native app correctly

DejaOffice v1.6.7 (9/8/2010)
*fixed an issue when pressing the sync button wouldn't show any progress window
*fixed an issue where syncing native Android contact groups may fail
*improved logging
*fixed an issue where the sync would start after launching DJO
*tweaked settings screens including fixing UI issues with 1.5 devices
*fixed an issue where contact deletions did not sync from Android to DJO.
*DJO now displays a message if there is no SD card present
*fixed an issue with all-day recurring events, where the 1st instance would sync 1 day early for European time-zones.

DejaOffice v1.6.6 (8/30/2010)
* Fixed an issue where speed dial and contact widgets may get reset after syncing
* Fixed an issue with multiple work phone numbers not showing
* Fixed an issue where some calendar accounts would not sync properly
* Fixed an issue where all day events would sync to the incorrect day

DejaOffice v1.6.5 (8/25/2010)
*fixed an issue that may cause DejaCalendar and Categories to hang
*improved DejaOffice startup loading times
*improved DejaCalendar loading speed

DejaOffice v1.6.4(8/18/2010)
*fixed an issue where certain calendar events would not show in the list view
*fixed an issue where some DJO calendar events would not sync to the native calendar
*fixed an issue where DejaTasks and DejaNotes may crash if the category filter was set to a nonexistent category
*fixed an issue where all day events showed up incorrectly in certain time zones
*Categories now shows the correct title
*fixed an issue where street addresses could be duplicated
*added a "No Category" option for the category filters
*fixed an issue where new events with a category created in DJO would not sync to the native calendar
*improved performance in DejaCal for large data sets

DejaOffice v1.6.3

* Fixed an issue where sync with built-in apps would fail on AT&T Backflip.
* Fixed an issue where recurring events that spanned DST would sync one hour off.
* Fixed display issues for recurring events with no end date.

DejaOffcie v1.6.2

Major Features:
1.) Added the ability to add/create/edit recurring events within DejaOffice
2.) Added account selection options when syncing with the native Android apps
3.) Added Android OS 2.2 (aka "Froyo") automatic mounting support

DejaOffice v1.6.2
*Improved calendar view loading times
*fixed an issue where task alarms would not ring if there were multiple alarms pending

DejaOffice v1.6.1
*changed task due date sort order to include no due dates at the end
*fixed an issue where DejaNotes would sometimes crash adding a new note
*fixed an issue where modifying recurring events in DJO would not sync to PC
*fixed an issue where default task priorities were set to high
*fixed issues with sort orders in list views sorting capitalized and international characters incorrectly
*fixed an issue where the recurring pattern first/last weekday/weekend day of the month/year would sync incorrectly
*fixed an issue where recurring events starting prior to Mar 14 would sync an hour ahead
*fixed an issue with Droid X where contacts data could be lost or merged

DejaOffice v1.6.0
*added the ability to add/create/edit recurring events within DejaOffice
*added account selection options when syncing with the native Android apps
*added Android OS 2.2 (aka "Froyo") automatic mounting support
*Improved native contact/calendar sync speed
*Fixed an issue where disabling contacts/calendar syncing on the PC would disabled sync b/w DJO and native apps
*Fixed an issue where email addresses wouldn't sync from the native contacts app
*Fixed and issue where the website field would sync incorrectly
*fixed an issue where task alarms synced from the PC would not ring
*fixed an issue where all day annual recurring events synced one day early to the native calendar

DejaOffice v. 1.5.8(7/21/2010)
* Fixed an issue where the DJO calendar display would erroneously show duplicate entries on some devices.

DejaOffice v. 1.5.7

* Fixed issue synchronizing with on-board contacts and calendar apps for Samsung Galaxy devices.

DejaOffice v. 1.5.6

*fixed an issue with all day annual recurring events not syncing properly
*fixed an issue with recurring events' end times changing
*fixed an issue with contacts with company name only filled in didn't display in native correctly
*fixed an issue where the "Read Android Data" icon would be hidden if only native calendar is set to sync

DejaOffice 1.5.5

*added ability to click on links for phone numbers, email address, street addresses and URLs in the notes section of each mini-app
*added option to not sync private records
*fixed an issue with the Birthday field did not syncing from DejaOffice to Native contacts
*fixed an issue where the Call/SMS option did not pop up on some devices
*DejaCal now handles multi-day all day events properly
*fixed multiple issues when searching multiple names
*fixed an issue where multiple all day events did not display properly
*fixed view screens so they change with the Font Size setting
*fixed the add category button in the categories app
*fixed an issue where task subjects were being truncated
*fixed an issue where DejaToday did not display tasks and events properly
*fixed an issue with removing phone numbers from a contact in DejaOffice

DejaOffice 1.5.4

* Fixed an issue where contacts added to DejaOffice would not sync to built-in contacts on Android 1.x devices.

DejaOffice 1.5.3

*improved native Android contacts sync – no longer limited to 1500 contacts
*fixed a bug where 0 min alarms would not sync to the native android calendar
*fixed a bug that caused DejaOffice to crash when searching

DejaOffice 1.5.2

* Fixed a bug where synchronization could change dates for all-day events in certain cases.
* Fixed a bug where synchronization could change start/end times for all-day events in certain cases.
* Fixed a bug where contacts with Company name only would sometimes appear in Android contact manager as "Unnamed".

DejaOffice 1.5.1

1) Added "Show by Subject/Priority/DueDate" option to task list context menu
2) Fixed a bug where Alarms didn't Snooze properly
3) Fixed a bug where Contacts did not sync from Android to DejaContacts

* Fixed a bug that caused DejaOffice to crash when swiping between tasks
* Fixed a bug that prevent Sharing contacts from the Android contacts app
* Zipcode now allows non-numeric values
* Fixed a couple logging issues
* Native calendar sync is now on by default

DejaOffice 1.5.0

1) Tap and hold now pops context menus for most screens in DejaOffice.

2) Calendar events and tasks now support contact linking via the "Add Contact" button in the event/task edit screens. Also, from the Contacts view screen, a context menu option is now available to "Add Event" or "Add Task" using the current contact.

3) Added feature to mark records as Private. Options for password-protecting, masking, and hiding private records are available under DejaOffice Settings.

* Added support for multiple categories per item.
* Added device logging options.
* Updated persistent alarm mode settings.
* Updated context menus with more options including "Add Event" and "Add Task" option to contact view screen.
* Added links for phone numbers and email address from event and task view screens.
* Fixed multiple syncing issues including deleting notes, adding pictures, and category colors being reset.
* Multiple UI enhancements.

DejaOffice v1.4.1

* Added support for Android OS 2.2 (Froyo)
* Added option to disable alarms in DejaCal
* Added "Read Android Data" mini-app that syncs Android Contacts and Calendar apps with DejaOffice apps
* Fixed an issue where category colors were changed after syncing
* Fixed an issue where a task could not be completed from the view screen
* Fixed an issue where sync didn't finish when the device was mounted prior to starting sync

DejaOffice v1.4.0

* Added display size options (Delightful, Business, Micro) under General Settings.
* Various UI enhancements for DejaOffice edit/view screens.
* Left/right swipe from Task details view will now move to next/previous task in the list.
* Added context menus for list screens to allow two tap changes of Category, font size, and sort order.
* Adding/updating/deleting an event in DejaOffice calendar will now automatically save to Android Calendar app.
* When adding a new contact to DejaOffice, it will transfer to the Android Contacts app immediately.
* Added option to toggle DejaOffice color scheme (light background/dark text, or dark background/light text).
* Added task reminders.
* Larger fonts and display for calendar.
* Added option to create a new event by tapping on blank space in the DejaOffice calendar day view.
* Added category colors in DejaOffice list screens.
* Made phone numbers clickable in list view
* Made email address clickable in list view
* Added Settings options for long press throughout DejaOffice apps.
* Fixed spacing issues with phone numbers and names running into each other
* Added colors to "Categories" filter button in contact screen
* Fixed a bug where part alarms would sometimes ring after a synchronization.
* Fixed a bug where search was not ignoring spaces.
* Fixed a bug where location and notes fields were stripped from Outlook when synching with the native Android calendar.

DejaOffice v1.3.3

* Rebranded as DejaOffice.
* Added user-controlled option to sync with both Android Contacts and DejaOffice contacts, or just DejaOffice contacts.
* Added support for synching to the native Android calendar in addition to the DejaOffice calendar.
* Added support for custom synching categories.
* Added Birthday and Anniversary fields for DejaOffice contacts.
* Added support for synching contact pictures with DejaOffice contacts.
* Fixed a bug where alarms weren't always sounding prior to opening the app on the device.
* Fixed a bug where synchronizing would sometimes change category colors.
* Added option to mark tasks complete from view mode.
* Fixed a bug where changed category colors weren't updating across all DejaOffice apps.
* Fixed a bug where DejaToday would not refresh after editing.

CL USB Sync v1.3.2

* Added settings to control alarm notifications (sound/vibrate).
* Added feature to open calendar event from the notification window.
* Added feature to dismiss a single alarm, instead of dismissing all.
* Fixed a bug where tasks weren't always showing when filtering by category.
* Added option to search contact notes, in addition to name.
* Fixed a bug where contact search would sometimes fail immediately after launching app.
* Fixed a bug where contact search was not searching all name fields.
* Removed completed tasks from Android "Today" view.
* All-day events no longer show time in Android "Today" view.
* Fixed contact sorting issues.
* Fixed a bug where calendar events could show on the wrong day in list view.
* Added time-picker for events that supports 24-hour time format.
* Fixed a bug where calendar events ending at midnight would show on two separate days.
* Added option for Synchronize icon on Android desktop.

CL USB Sync 1.3.1 release notes:

* Fixed a bug with category list that prevented categories from displaying.
* Fixed a bug where some categories would be deleted after a sync.

CL USB Sync 1.3.0 changes:
* We now sync to Android Contacts again, in addition to our own Contacts app.
* Added sort option in CL USB Sync Contact App for First name, Last name.
* Fixed a bug where no tasks would show when filtered by category.
* Added warning message if trying to sync more than 2000 records
* Added search menu option to Contacts.

CL USB Sync 1.2.5
* Added support for AT&T Backflip

CL USB Sync 1.2.4
* Added support for Motorola’s MOTOBLUR enabled phones (includes CLIQ, CLIQ XT, BLACKFLIP, & DEVOUR)
* Improved company name display for contacts

CL USB Sync v1.2.1

* Fixed a bug where calendar events scheduled after March 15 2010 would sometimes not display.
* Fixed a bug where new calendar events would not immediately display on the device following a synchronization.
* Fixed an issue where device sleep mode would interrupt synchronization.
* Fixed an issue where the device was reading contacts with contacts disabled on the PC.
* Added application tab bar in sync screen.
* Added trackball support on sync screen.
* Fixed secondary sorting for tasks.
* Changed task date picker to pop up dialog (includes day of week).

CL USB Sync 1.2.0

* No longer merges similar contacts on Android 2.x devices.
* Made several stability enhancements.
* Fixed a bug where alarms weren't ringing with CL USB Sync closed.
* Improved support for using the app in landscape mode.
* Simplified the synchronization method. CompanionLink build 3087 or higher on your PC is required to take advantage of this feature -- visit to download.