About DejaOffice

Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Memos.

Hotsync to my PC App.

When I am in the office I want to be on my keyboard, using my PC App.

When I am mobile, I need to map appointments, text that I'm late, and check off my tasks.

I never want to miss an appointment!

And I never reme mber to hit the sync button!

Remember Casio BOSS and Packrat? Casio BOSS was the first device with Sync to PC. It was created in 1988 and was a joint project between Polaris, Casio, and IntelliLink.

Polaris Packrat 5.0 busted in 1993. The sync system sold, and sold; to us.

Remember when Jeff Hawkins said "Calendar will never have Categories"? We were in the room in those heady first months of Palm.

Palm added Categories to Calendar in 2006 when their market share started dropping against mobile devices that had Categories.

For 32 years we've delivered products to sync from Office PC to Mobile device.

Because that is our Business.

Let us help you be efficient and productive.