10 Services with Shared Accounts for Your Loved One and You

If your monthly spending on Netflix, Apple Music, and other online services already exceeds your utility spending, it’s probably time to start thinking about optimizing them. We tell you how to save money on music, games, and TV shows by creating a shared family account with your loved ones.

Apple Music

A monthly subscription to Apple Music costs $ 10 for regular users and $ 5 for students. A family subscription will cost $ 15, but six users can use it at once, which will be $ 2.3 per month per member. It’s simple: find five friends, turn on Family Sharing, and add the Apple IDs of those with whom you decide to share a subscription. If you don’t have an Apple ID, you can get one on the website.

Google Play Music

A music service from Google that comes pre-installed in most Android smartphones. For $ 15 per month, six users get full access to the entire catalog of songs without restrictions and advertising.


The basic version of a monthly subscription to Netflix (no HD, you can watch only on one device) costs $ 7.99, the standard version (no UltraHD, you can connect two devices) — $ 9.99, and the premium (four devices plus UltraHD) — $ 11.99. If you share one account with the premium version with three friends, then each subscription will cost only $ 2.99. Now you can have a perfect evening of Netflix and watch solar movies with your family while saving up.

Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch owners who pay for a subscription have access to multiplayer, cloud save storage, and exclusive offers in the Nintendo Store. The subscription costs $ 4 per month. Unlike similar services for PlayStation and Xbox, Nintendo offers a family subscription for $ 35 per year, which can be used simultaneously by up to eight people.


Spotify has a free version, but you can’t listen to music offline and skip more than six songs per hour. A monthly subscription costs $ 10. An account for six will cost $ 14.99 (per month, or $ 2.49 per person.

YouTube Premium

In the summer of 2018, YouTube launched a paid YouTube Premium subscription for $ 10 per month. Its owners can watch videos offline, without ads, and in the background (that is, the video will not stop if you open another application). You can save on YouTube Premium by gathering a group of six people. Such a subscription will cost $ 15 (or $ 2.3 per person).


Another foreign music service with 53 million songs in the catalog and the functionality of a social network (you can share playlists and follow a friend’s listening if they allow). A monthly subscription of Deezer Premium will cost $ 6. For this money, you can listen to music without restrictions, advertising, and offline. If you manage to find five more people willing to use Deezer, apply for a Deezer Family for $ 10 per month.


Tidal can be accessed via your Twitter or Facebook account. For a Premium subscription, you will be charged $ 9.99 per month, for Hi-Fi (high-quality lossless sound) — $ 19.99. For family users, the first option will cost $ 14.99, the second — $ 29.99. You can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Prime Video

The service from Amazon offers a large library of films, although it is inferior to Netflix. Prime features American Gods, Mr. Robot, and Dr. House. However, the platform is more suitable for fans of films. Here you can buy movies or rent. As for the subscription, it will cost you $ 2.99 for the first six months. After that, the amount will increase to $ 5.


There is a lot of free content on this platform, but a paid subscription will give you access to films from studios such as Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros, and Paramount. The cost per month is $ 7.