DejaOffice for iPhone/iPad - Release Notes

DejaOffice v2.4.9 (1090) (06/12/2019)

-Fixed issue where the day/week calendar view would only display one zero-duration event at a time.
-If you try to save a zero duration event at midnight, DejaOffice will now automatically save it as all day.
-Fixed issue where you could get an event with end date/time earlier than the start date/time.
-CLDebug will now launch by running a global search for cldebug.

DejaOffice v2.4.8 (1089) (06/11/2019)

-Fixed issue with Text Messages app not opening when tapping Text Icon in DejaContacts.

DejaOffice v2.4.7 (1087) (06/03/2019)

-UI Improvements for Location Field in Calendar and Tasks.
-Mapping from Calendar and tasks now ahderes to the "Maps" setting.
-Location lookup now uses Apple CoreLocation by Default.
-Fixed issue where some Tasks might not show under DejaToday when filtered on zero days.
-Fixed issue syncing Birthdays field with native contacts for certain timezones.

DejaOffice v2.3.8 (1043) (11/15/2018)

-Fixed several stability issues related to iOS 12.
-Fixed issues where Global Search wasn't adhering to the private records setting in the app.
-Fixed issue with DejaOffice crashing while backing out of List view settings.
-Fixed issue with autocomplete in Task details causing crash.
-Fixed issue with deleted records displaying during sync on iOS 12.

DejaOffice v2.3.2 (1017) (10/15/2018)

-Fixed issue where unable to cancel sync when using USB as a sync method.
-Fixed issues with editing subject lines.

DejaOffice v2.3.2 (1016) (10/12/2018)

-Fixed issue where deleting a recurring exception record might crash native sync.
-Fixed issue where the sync progress bar wouldn't complete during XMPP sync.
-Fixed issue where DejaCloud sync would error if you were trying to remote wipe.

DejaOffice v2.3.2 (1015) (10/10/2018)

-Fixed an issue with DejaOffice crashing in iOS 8 and earlier.

DejaOffice v2.3.2 (1014) (10/09/2018)

-Fixed an issue with tapping Sync button in quick succession.

DejaOffice v2.3.2 (1013) (10/09/2018)

-Fixed an issue with Address lines 2 and 3 not syncing via USB.
-Fixed issues with new edit screens on iOS 8 and earlier.
Fixed issue where syncing while in the calendar view, then editing an event that was modified by the sync would give you a blank edit view.

DejaOffice v2.3.2 (1011) (10/08/2018)

-Fixed stability issues on iOS 8 and earlier.

DejaOffice v2.3.2 (09/11/2018)

-Fixed issue with Auto-complete for subject fields.
-Fixed issue where task and event subject fields were sometimes hard to tap.
-Subject field will now default to editing mode when opening task/event edit views.
-Fixed issues with Location Picker.
-Fixed issue with "No category" selection with Multi-select categories enabled.

DejaOffice v2.3.1 (09/05/2018)

-New and improved edit screens.

DejaOffice v2.3.0 (08/28/2018)

-Fixed an issue with auto backup and DejaCloud.

DejaOffice v2.2.9 (07/19/2018)

-Added automatic backup prompt.
-Fixed an issue with editing recurring events on iPad.

DejaOffice v2.2.8 (07/13/2018)

-Fixed issue where attempting to open an address in Waze maps would fail.
-Added support for setting custom duration in journal entries.
-Fixed issue where calls placed from DejaOffice were being logged to the journal when auto-entries were turned off.
-Fixed issue with journal list view when sorting by date.
-Added CRM styles.
-Added activity types for calendar events when CRM style is set to Act! or GoldMine.
-Fixed issue where journal call auto-entry wasn't displaying under the contact's journal tab.
-Various other minor fixes and updates.

DejaOffice v2.2.7 (04/05/2018)

-Added support for setting custom snooze times (Settings -> Alarm Settings -> Snooze Time -> Custom).
-A few bug fixes.

DejaOffice v2.2.5 (03/14/2018)

-Added ability to set custom alarms for calendar events.
-Bug fixes and minor UI updates.

DejaOffice v2.2.4 (03/01/2018)

-Added global font scale setting (Settings -> General Settings -> Global Font Scale).
-Bug fixes.

DejaOffice v2.2.3 (01/12/2018)

-Added setting for calendar month view display style (Calendar Settings -> Month View Category Colors).
-Calendar events can now copy/paste between separate weeks, and also between day view and week view.

DejaOffice v2.2.2 (01/08/2018)

-Bug fixes and UI improvements.

DejaOffice v2.2.0 (11/29/2017)

-Increased font sizes on 4.7" and 5.5" displays.

DejaOffice v2.1.9 (11/20/2017)

-Bug fixes.
-Support for full screen utilization on iPhone X.

DejaOffice v2.1.8 (11/03/2017)

-Added sort by alarm date for tasks.
-Various bug fixes.

DejaOffice v2.1.7 (10/25/2017)

-Bug fixes and enhancements for iOS 11.

DejaOffice v2.1.6 (06/09/2017)

-Stability fix for calendar.

DejaOffice v2.1.5 (06/06/2017)

-Fixed compatibility issue with iOS 6.
2.1.4May 11, 2017 -Fix for nuisance pop-up that would appear in native calendar sync settings screen.

DejaOffice v2.1.3 (05/10/2017)

-Added ability to filter lists on multiple categories (turn this feature on under General Settings).
-Task/events now allow completion from lit views.
-Category selection now supported from list views.
-Various fixes and improvements.

DejaOffice v2.1.1 (04/03/2017)

DejaOffice v2 - New icons and design colors, more features than ever before, updated sync to native Calendar.

DejaOffice v1.10.0 (01/26/2017)

-Added support for syncing recurring exceptions with native calendar.
-Various bug fixes.

DejaOffice v1.9.9 (11/14/2016)

-Fixed issue where persistent alarms sometimes wouldn't dismiss properly on iOS 10.

DejaOffice v1.9.7 (07/25/2016)

-Stability fix for task list view.

DejaOffice v1.9.6 (07/22/2016)

-Contact list group by category now shows a separate instance of each record for each category.
-Various minor bug fixes.

DejaOffice v1.9.5 (05/25/2016)

-Added support for multi-line phone fields.
-Fixed contact note issue in edit view.

DejaOffice v1.9.4 (05/09/2016)

-Bug fixes and stability improvements.

DejaOffice v1.9.3 (03/10/2016)

-Fix for month view list DST issue for certain events.
-Fix for German language calendar view settings.

DejaOffice v1.9.2 (03/03/2016)

-Image file attachments now open in DejaOffice.
-DejaTasks includes option to filter on overdue, today, and timeless.
-Various bug fixes.

1.9.0Feb 3, 2016

DejaOffice v1.9.0 (02/03/2016)

- Added support for file attachment sync via DejaCloud.
- Bug fixes and UI updates.

DejaOffice v1.8.4 (04/23/2014)

-Improved App Store product info to improve searchability.

DejaOffice v1.8.3 (03/27/2014)

-Fixed cause the contact note and custom fields field to truncate on the PC-side when syncing via WiFi.

DejaOffice v1.8.2 (03/13/2014)

-Added text to speech mode in detail views. Requires iOS 7 or higher.
-Added voice playback settings (General -> Speech Settings). System default is whatever your system locale language is, or British English if your language isn't supported.
-Added user selectable alarm tones.
-Added ability to wipe individual DJO applications.
-Added ability to delete expenses up to a specified date.
-Added option to sync with DejaCloud over http, instead of https (Settings -> Sync -> Sync Method Settings).
-Added option to hide the section headers index in DejaTask list view.
-Improved detail view transitions on iPad split-screen view.
-Fixed issue where one-way sync from native calendar -> DJOI was syncing two-ways.
-Fixed issue where contact birthdays would sometimes precess after multiple syncs with native.
-Fixed week grid, event list, contact history and month view agenda now show start/end dates for events that span multiple days.
-Fixed week grid day headers use US format "d/M" when not in US locale. If appropriate we'll use "M/d" instead.
-Fixed issue where company-only records weren't voice-dialable when added to native from DJOI.
-Fixed issue where event details view showed locally calibrated start/end times when time zone shift was off (now shows times calibrated to the time zone the event was scheduled in).
-Fixed issue on iPad where removing a task alarm wasn't removing the alarm icon from list view until you went out and back in.
-Fixed issue on iPad where event list view would sometimes default to tomorrow's first event, instead of today's next event.
-Fixed issue where DejaCloud push sync notifications might get ignored while viewing the calendar.

DejaOffice v1.8.1 (11/21/2014)

-Fixed issue where completed task strikethrough text could occasionally show an ellipsis glyph.
-Fixed bug where modified task note wouldn't sync if the note was modified under the notes tab, without editing the full record.
-Fixed bug I noticed where sometimes the last view controller wouldn't pop off the stack when opening DJOI from the shortcuts widget.
NOTE: If you did this a large number of times without ever hitting back or home in DJOI, you might eventually run out of memory.
-Fixed bug where all day event scheduled for today's date would not display in DejaToday widget if you had not yet visited DejaToday Settings.
-Added button press animation when tapping on phone numbers, emails, URLs or addresses in DJOI contacts.
-Added sync direction setting for native contacts and calendar.
-Added checkbox setting to overwrite DejaCloud conflicts (DJOI Settings -> Sync Settings -> Sync Method Settings).
NOTE: Also includes a warning that will pop up, so that you don't choose this option haphazardly.
-Added purge and reload options for native contact and calendar syncs.
-Added USB Sync setting and USB Sync setup screen in setup wizard.

DejaOffice v1.8.0 (11/18/2014)

-Added DejaOffice shortcuts widget.
-DejaToday now calibrates days to midnight, instead of 24 hours.
-Added long press to duplicate records in week grid view.
-DJOI now prompts to start the initial sync with native contact/calendar when you turn native sync on, rather than waiting until you close the app.
-Added support for syncing monthly by day and yearly by day custom recurrences from Apple calendar to DejaOffice.
-Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

DejaOffice v1.7.9 (11/06/2014)

-Added DejaToday banner-style widget for iOS 8. Can be configured under General Settings -> Widget Settings.
-Improved load times for calendar views. -Added optional tablet mode interface for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (can be enabled/disabled under DejaOffice Settings -> General Settings).
-Events now show location in week view.
-Tapping whitespace in week grid view now opens calendar day view.
-Fixed USB sync character encoding issue for certain unicode characters.
-Fixed day labeling issue in week grid view when scrollign through DST time change.
-Fixed issue syncing yearly recurring events via DCL if they were modified on the device and scheduled for the nth weekday of the month.
-Fixed issue where auto-complete couldn't be disabled for calendar and task subject fields.
-Fixed issue where Waze map setting would revert to Google after restarting the app.
-Fixed bug where secondary duplicate check wasn't disabling for DCL sync after turning off dupe checking in CLDebug.
-Miscellaneous fixes.

DejaOffice v1.7.8 (10/10/2014)

-Stability fix for global search on iOS 8.
-Fixed issue where autosync settings sometimes wouldn't appear for DejaCloud sync immediately after switching from another sync method.
-Fixed issue where DejaCloud reread settings wouldn't remain selected after exiting/re-entering the sync settings screen.
-General stability improvements on iOS 8.

DejaOffice v1.7.7 (09/23/2014)

-Added USB sync. Requires CL build 6020 or higher.
-Added option to use Waze for mapping contact addresses.
-Backup and restore now supports iOS 4.3 and up.
-Added feature to show duplicated records after scan for duplicates completes.
-Added clear text button in search bar views.
-Fixed issue on iPad event list view where deleting a recurring event from the context menu wasn't showing the delete type picker.
-Fixed issue where addresses sometimes weren't hyperlinked in event location field.
-Fixed issue where task completion made from list view might not sync back to the PC.
-Various UI and performance enhancements.

DejaOffice v1.7.6 (08/22/2014)

-Fixed bug on iPad, where adding new contact while a previous one was selected in split-screen view would cause detail view to overlap edit view.
-Added backup and restore feature (under General Settings).
-Added utilities options under General Settings.
NOTE: Like DJOA, this includes a button that shows record counts, among other things.

DejaOffice v1.7.5 (08/14/2014)

-Added feature to scan for duplicate contacts (under General Settings).
-Added support for dialing from contact custom fields.
-Added support for dialing from event and task subject fields.
-Stability fix for memo list view on iPad.
-Stability fix for native contact sync.
-Fixed issue where contact link text would sometimes overlap location text in calendar day view.
-Fixed issue where category filter sometimes didn't show contacts that were added from native iOS groups.
-Fixed issue where recurring event details start date would sometimes show the series start date, rather than the occurrence start date.
-Fixed swipe between memos on iPhone.
-Various UI fixes and updates.

DejaOffice v1.7.4 (08/01/2014)

-Added new week grid calendar view.
-Various UI fixes

DejaOffice v1.7.3 (07/21/2014)

-Added new detail view interface for calendar, tasks and memos (card-style; same as contacts).
-Added location picker.
-Fixed issue where yearly recurring tasks would sometimes save with a bogus recurring date.
-Fixed issue where company-only records would not show linked journal items under the contact Journal tab.
-Fixed issue where contact linking info in events was parsing strings containing comma characters into separate links.
-Fixed issue where DJOI was sending Unix-like event time zone DST info to CL, which would occasionally cause CL to infer the wrong event time zone (CL infers using Windows-like DST info).
-Fixed issue where DCL sync would fail if the user's data contained a unicode byte order mark.
-Improved context menu animations on iPad (should be cleaner now).
-Fixed issue where group by category would sometimes file categorized records under "*" header immediately following a deletion.
-Various bug fixes and stability improvements.

DejaOffice v1.7.2 (06/06/2014)

-Fixed issue on iPad where contact links sometimes weren't automatically added via the "Add Event" context menu option.
-Fixed issue where completed recurring task with no category could sort under empty section header in task list view (now sorts under "* No Category" header).
-Updated fonts and text color contrast in contact detail view to improve readability.
-Improved screen space utilization in contact details on iPad.
-Improved stability for DejaCloud push sync.
-Fixed issue where contact URL without application layer protocol prefix (e.g. "http://") wouldn't automatically open in the browser when tapping on it.
-A few minor UI fixes.

DejaOffice v1.7.1 (05/27/2014)

-Fixed bug where Add Event/Task/Journal context menu buttons could open a blank page when opened from contact list view on iPad.
-Added feature to automatically scroll to today's date (or the most recent item prior to today) when opening the contact journal tab.
-Fixed a variety of minor UI issues.

DejaOffice v1.7.0 (04/30/2014)

-New contact detail interface. Includes all of the features below:
-Contact header view with name, company, title and email.
-Contact photo thumbnail is now expandable by tapping.
-Detail scroll view for contact custom fields and note.
-Multi-line fields scale/wrap intelligently.
-Contact notes tab. Notes are directly editable here. Changes are saved automatically.
-Contact journal tab. Displays contact history along with upcoming events/tasks linked to the contact.
-Improved fonts for better readability.
-Calendar day view now allows pinch and zoom to scale (iOS 6 and higher).
-Various bug fixes and stability improvements.

DejaOffice v1.6.5 (04/30/2014)

-Added feature for native contact sync where we map DJOI contact categories to native groups.
-Added location field for calendar events in day/week view.
-Added support for auto-generating new recurring task alarm when a recurring task with an alarm is completed.
-Fixed Second line of location field is not visible until the phone is rotated
-Fixed Creating events with no category in DJOI do not show up in month view with dark background
-Fixed Bug: Linked BBB contact appears as blank line next to a red X when linked from context menu on iPad
-Added DejaOffice command utility (CLDebug screen).

DejaOffice v1.6.4 (03/17/2014)

NOTE: Requires CL build 6013.20 or higher. NOTE: Requires that the device is paired with the PC and that CL is configured for WiFi autosync.
-Improved Journal sync reliability on iOS 7.
-Added support for syncing Journal entry duration.
-Fixed issue that could prevent mobile phone field from syncing correctly in a few cases.
-Added auto-formatting support for Canadian phone numbers.
-Fixed issue where date picker could appear truncated in certain cases when opening in landscape mode on iPad.
-Fixed issue where adding event/task/journal via context menu would not link the contact if the contact had no first or last name.
-Fixed issue on iOS 7 where recurring events in DJOI would sync to native with recurring end date one day early.
-Fixed a few minor UI issues.

DejaOffice v1.6.3 (02/27/2014)

-Added stability and performance improvements for iOS 7.
-Fixed a few remaining issues with multi-line text fields on iOS 7.
-Fixed issue where contact link name would sometimes appear truncated in event list view.
-Added support for syncing second Work and second Home phones via WiFi.
-Added multi-line subject for memos
-Added new app icons.

DejaOffice v1.6.2 (02/20/2014)

-Fix for issue on iOS 7 where multi-line text views would only display the first few lines of text.
-Fixed issue on iOS 7 where DejaToday would show white text on white background when configured for dark background theme.
-Added global CRM search. Works for all data types. Use the search icon on the home screen navigation bar to access it. You can tap on section headers in the search results table to expand/collapse sections as needed.
-Added ability to print contacts, calendar, tasks, memos, and expenses via any AirPrint enabled printer.
-Fixed issue that occasionally prevented WiFi sync from connecting with the PC (would require closing/re-opening DejaOffice to get a connection).
-Contact picker now inherits sort/group settings from main DejaContacts list.

DejaOffice v1.6.1 (02/11/2014)

-Updated to iOS 7 SDK. This gives the app a more iOS 7-like look and feel.
-Fixed issue where Job Title wasn't included in contact search.
-Added new date picker. Should be quicker/easier to use than the old one.
-Added calendar day and week view font size options.
-Added calendar day view scale options.
-Tertiary task sort now uses subject if subject isn't used in Group or Sort By settings.
-Fixed issue where contact note sometimes didn't export as vCard.
-Fixed issue in month view where events wouldn't display in landscape mode during six week month on certain devices.
-Fixed issue where contact phone numbers sometimes appeared truncated in micro-list view.
-Fixed issue where linked contact name sometimes appeared truncated in calendar day/week views.
-Improved Time Picker UI.
-Fixed private records display issue in DejaToday.
-Fixed issue where Task location field was sometimes removed during sync with native Reminders.
-Improved native calendar sync resource usage.
-Filed a variety of rotation transition UI issues for calendar views.
-Various minor UI improvements.
-Various minor bug fixes.

DejaOffice v1.6.0 (01/014/2013)

-Added sync with native Apple Reminders. Requires iOS 6.0 or higher. NOTE: Reminder lists sync with DJOI categories (handles categories similar to the way CL handles them when syncing with Google Calendar).
NOTE: Apple Reminders doesn't handle large databases very well, so DejaOffice will discourage users with more than 500 tasks/reminders from syncing.
-Added dupe checking for WiFi sync.
NOTE: All earlier versions of DJOI only had dupe checking for DejaCloud sync.
-Added dupe checking for native contacts, calendar and task syncs.
NOTE: Dupe checking for all sync methods can be enabled/disabled in the CLDebug menu.
-Added send contact feature.
NOTE: This is in the context menu. Similar to DJOA; when you select this option we create a vCard from the contact and attach it to an outgoing email.
-Added send event/task feature.
NOTE: Similar to above. Sends a vCal 2.0 (ics) file.
-Added send memo feature.
-Fixed bug where you couldn't view the native sync settings without first enabling sync.
-Added On/Off labels to native sync settings checkbox cells. Uses green or red text.
NOTE: This should help prevent someone accidentally having it in the wrong state, due to the bug fix above.
-Added numerous UI upgrades to the DJOI sync settings screen.
-Fixed bug where the Sync Method settings cell sometimes didn't show sync method in the detail text.
-Added improved (less intrusive) native sync status.
NOTE: Users who prefer the old status bar can change it back to the old style under General Settings.
-Added DejaToday setting to show overdue tasks.
-Added feature where tapping on a month in year view will push a new month view using a falling icicle style animation (previously tapping did nothing).
-Added animated feature in year view to show days that have events scheduled using random shuffling algorithm.
-Fixed Group by Category; Sort by company does not sort the contacts correctly
-Added feature to automatically select category in picker view if you create it from within an item edit view.
-Added iOS 7 style frosted glass on the DejaCloud sync status dialog. Works on all versions of iOS.
-ADDD various UI enhancements.

DejaOffice v1.5.8 (12/02/2013)

-Added daily agenda in calendar month view.
-Calendar month view now shows tasks in addition to events.
-Added option to sync native contact pictures.
-Fixed issue where tapping whitespace in calendar week view sometimes wouldn't launch the new event window.
-Fixed issue where DejaMemo note field couldn't be intentionally blanked out.
-Various minor UI fixes.

DejaOffice v1.5.7 (11/17/2013)

-Added infinite horizontal scroll for calendar day view.
-Added text highlighting for search terms in record detail views.
-Improved handling of long notes.
-Added ascending/descending sort options for contacts, tasks, memos, and expense.
-DejaToday tasks now inherit sort order from DejaTasks.
-Added option to specify default priority for tasks.
-Fixed font size issue in DejaToday.
-Fix for category filter sometimes not working in DejaTasks.
-Fixed issue where section index column in DejaTasks was sometimes showing duplicate indices when grouping by category.
-Fixed issue where group by linked contacts in DejaJournal would sometimes truncate the contact name in section headers.
-Added ability to delete the default Business and Personal categories.
-Fixed search issue when sorting/grouping by category in DejaMemos.
-Fix for issue where events recurring monthly by day could sometimes recur on the wrong day of the month in < 31 day months.
-Stability improvements.

DejaOffice v1.5.6 (11/08/2013)

-Added conduit-specific category assignment.
-Added ability to create categories directly from the picker view.
-Fixed bug where native contact sync would sometimes run slowly on a reread from DJOI -> native.
-Fixed bug where setting sort by company and group by company together would show the company name as both the title and subtitle of the contact list cells.
-Various minor UI fixes.

DejaOffice v1.5.5 (10/28/2013)

-Added event time zones.
-Added Time Zone Shift setting.
-Added DejaCloud contact picture sync.
-Added category filter for native contact sync.
-Added option to regenerate recurring tasks by completion date.
-Added search history.
-Added auto-complete/search-suggestions for list view searches.
-Added auto-complete/suggestions option for calendar and task subjects.
-Added support for unlimited characters in custom contact fields.
-Added support for syncing categories with DejaOffice Online.
-Improved event dragging smoothness on iOS 7.
-Added setting for the default calendar view.
-Added option to enable/disable drag and drop.
-Added support for syncing zero minute duration events with native calendar (requires iOS 6 or higher).
-Fixed issue where cursor would move to the end of the field when editing contact phone numbers.
-Added group by linked contacts for DejaJournal.
-Fixed issue where multiple linked contacts for events were sometimes not syncing via DejaCloud.
-Fixed issue where event recurring monthly by date on the 31st wasn't the generating correct instances for 30 day months.
-Calendar search results now sorted going back in time (oldest at the end of the list).
-Added option to search all fields for events.
-Added feature to show up to four categories per item in list views.
-Fixed inconsistent wording for show/hide private settings.
-Fixed issue where events in day view would overlap if both events were scheduled at the same time and had 0 duration.
-Various UI improvements.

DejaOffice v1.5.4 (09/11/2013)

-Fixed issue with company group/sort.
-Fixed issue where alarms sometimes wouldn't ring for recurring events with past start dates.
-Fixed calibration issue with one week alarms.

DejaOffice v1.5.3 (08/28/2013)

-Added copy/paste from list view for contacts, calendar, tasks, and memos.
-Added copy/paste for events in day view.
-Added drag and drop for events in day view and week views.
-Added context menus in detail views.
-Improved DejaCloud sync performance -- should be 5 - 10 times faster.
-Improved resource handling for large databases syncing via DejaCloud. My own testing shows that iPhone 4S will handle a 30k contact sync; iPhone 5 will handle 40k (possibly more).
-Fixed date picker issues.
-Fixed issue where item details were not accessible from search results list when sorting by category.
-Fixed section index issue in date picker when sorting by category.
-Added Group By options for Contacts, Memos, and Expenses.
-Fixed issue where search results list was not refreshing for deleted items.
-Fixed issue where task priority field sometimes didn't refresh correctly in details view.
-Stability improvements.
-Added contact linking info for events in calendar day view.
-Added feature to selectively enable/disable individual DejaCloud sync applications.
-Fixed issue where list view sometimes wouldn't retain its place after viewing a record.
-Added sort by start date option for tasks.
-UI improvements.
-Fixed secondary sort issues for contacts synced to the device via WiFi.
-Added additional alarm times for calendar events.
-Fixed text formatting issue when syncing bullet items in note field to the device via WiFi.
-Improved handling of alarms -- particularly for databases where a large number of alarms are present.
-Added option to automatically roll overdue tasks.

DejaOffice v1.5.2 (07/17/2013)

-Fixed issue where DJOI could occasionally crash if configured for timed autosync and the device network connection was poor/non-existent.
-Added feature to set new entities to the current category filter.
-Miscellaneous stability fixes from iTunes Connect reports.

DejaOffice v1.5.1 (06/28/2013)

-Added iOS 7 support.
-Improved user interface.
-Added navigation bar search option from all list views and all calendar views.
-Added search in contact picker.
-Fixed issue where alarms sometimes wouldn't ring on the device.
-Fixed issue where, if you had multiple native contacts accounts of the same type, only one of them was selectable for synchronization.
-Fixed various geometry/rotation issues on iPad.
-Fixed stability issue when saving a calendar event selected from the search list results view on iPad.
-Fixed issue where completed tasks would sometimes show in list view when show completed was turned off.
-Fixed issue where completed tasks were showing when "Show Overdue" was selected".
-Fixed issue where detail view note text would sometimes wrap outside of the note field.
-Fixed issue where long note would sometimes appear truncated when scrolling quickly through edit view.
-Added support for syncing calendar event completion status.
-Fixed issue where Expense Type was exporting incorrectly.
-Fixed issue where task due date would appear truncated in list view when using European style date formatting.

DejaOffice v1.4.6 (06/17/2013)

-Added DejaJournal.
-Added recurring tasks.
-Added ability to complete calendar events.
-Added category colors in calendar month view.
-Added strikethrough text in calendar views, to show completed events.
-Calendar now opens to last viewed view, instead of always opening to day view.
-Fixed issue that could prevent native sync from running if timed autosync was in use.
-Added option to enable/disable alarms.
-Added option to enable/disable ring and vibrate for alarms.
-Added option to set a default alarms for new events.
-Added snooze for alarms.
-Added feature to omit ring on alarms during meetings.
-Added persistent alarms.
-Added feature to automatically display the event/task that the alarm is scheduled for when the alarm rings.
-General UI improvements.
-Fixed issue where DejaOffice would sometimes perform an unnecessary native sync when push sync was enabled.
-Added feature to show home or mobile phone number in contact list view if the contact has no work number.
-Added section headers index for contact picker.
-Fixed issue that could cause the user interface to temporarily freeze after a sync with a large number of recurring events.
-Fixed issue where "," character was unavailable for expense amount field when in locale that uses "," as the decimal separator.
-Fixed issue where the "Other Address" fields could duplicate when syncing with native Apple contacts.
-Fixed issue where addresses added to Apple contacts via Maps could get removed during a native sync.
-Fixed issue where phone numbers with * prefix weren't dialing (Note: numbers with * prefix will dial without the prefix).
-Added support for dialing extensions denoted by the text "ext".
-Added options to choose dialing pause length.
-Fixed issue where syncing with Palm Desktop calendar categories could cause an app crash.
-Added support for syncing Palm Desktop category colors.
-Fixed app stability issue when attempting to read certain native Apple calendars.
-Improved stability when syncing native Apple contacts.

DejaOffice v1.4.5 (05/08/2013)

-Stability improvements for task list display.
-Added day of the week to calendar day view.

DejaOffice v1.4.4 (04/27/2013)

-Added task alarms.
-Added dark background UI theme (General Settings -> Color Scheme).
-Added strikethrough for completed tasks.
-Improvements to sync, calendar, and app stability.
-Fixed issue with rotation.

DejaOffice v1.4.3 (03/25/2013)

-Fixed issue where work phone from Palm Desktop could duplicate in the Pager field in DejaOffice.
-Fixed issue where alpha category sort was not case insensitive.
-Fixed a few rotation issues that would sometimes cause the screen to redraw incorrectly.
-Added support for syncing modified category names with DejaCloud.

DejaOffice v1.4.2 (03/19/2013)

-Added real-time push sync for DejaCloud. -Fixed issue mapping phone numbers between DejaOffice and native contacts when syncing via DejaCloud.
-Fixed issue where multi-day all-day events might not sync correctly via DejaCloud.
-Added DejaCloud sync stability improvements in cases where internet connectivity is poor.
-Added code to make Wi-Fi sync more tolerant of poor connections.
-Improved contact link UI for calendar events, which should help prevent long names from appearing truncated.
-General UI improvements.
-Fixed issue that could cause failure of some DejaCloud data to transfer to the device. This was a pretty rare case, and would generally only happen in cases where the data set was exceptionally large.
-Fixed issue where contact lookup would fail from calendar events if the contact had a last name but no first name.
-Fixed issue where the device could go into standby mode during
-DejaCloud logoff phase, which could interrupt the sync.
-Fixed issue where the device might display the message "turn off airplane mode or use WiFi to access data" when opening DJOI while the device was in airplane mode.
-Added setting to show timeless tasks in DejaToday.
-Improved autosync settings interface (DejaOffice Settings -> SyncSettings).
-Fixed issue where tasks that were added from DejaCloud would sometimes not display in DejaToday.
-Fixed issue where long contact notes would appear truncated in iPhone portrait view.
-Fixed issue where search text was autocorrecting.
-Fixed issue where DejaCloud username in setup wizard was autocorrecting.
-Native sync stability improvements.
-Fixed issue where Wi-Fi sync could crash at the end of the syncprocess if the device log file was particularly large.
-Fixed issue where calendar events might not sync with a valid date if the device was using a European-style date format and was configured to use 12-hour time.
-Fixed issue where record updates would fail to sync via DejaCloud if the device was using a European-style date format and was configured to use 12-hour time.
-Fixed issue where empty birthday/anniversary field was syncing as January 1, 2000 via secure bosted wireless sync.

DejaOffice v1.4.1 (02/07/2013)

-fixed issue where some events might not display in calendar week view
-added "Group By" for tasks, to allow for multiple sort criteria calendar day/week view UI improvements
-improved DejaCloud sync stability
-stability improvements for native sync on iOS 6.x

DejaOffice v1.4.0 (01/23/2013)

-added new UI theme (if you prefer the old one you can change it back under General Settings)
-improved native sync stability
-general app stability improvements
-improved Wi-Fi sync connection reliability
-improved Wi-Fi sync stability
-fixed issue where DejaCloud sync could hang after a connection timeout
-fixed issue that would sometimes prevent you from saving a recurring event on the device
-improved load times for calendar day, week, and list views
-improved save times for calendar events, particularly with large databases
-fixed issue where multiple contact links in calendar events would get conjoined on Wi-Fi sync
-fixed issue where blanked out contact fields on the PC were not syncing to DejaOffice via Wi-Fi. Blanked out fields are now allowed to synchronize.
-improved status messages for DejaCloud sync

DejaOffice v1.3.9 (01/8/2013)

-stability improvements
-added support for multi-line subject in calendar and tasks
-improved user interface for edit/detail views
-improved DejaCloud sync performance
-fixed rotation issue with all-day events in day view
-fixed issue where the wrong year would sometimes display in calendar day view during the last few days in December
-fixed issue where expense date was not saving
-fixed issue where expense location was not saving
-fixed issue where task completion checkbox sometimes didn't display correctly
-fixed issue where task status could overwrite the task subject in certain cases

DejaOffice v1.3.8 (12/24/2012)

-fixed alarms issues
-added DejaCloud Sync
-added new recurring event picker
-stability improvements
-various UI enhancements

DejaOffice v1.3.7 (10/05/2012)

-fixed landscape mode with iOS 6
-search now displays more accurate information when doing multiple word queries
-DejaToday now displays relative dates for future events
-all day events now display "all day" in the list view
-sync with native apps shows more details information about each Contacts and Calendar account
-added the option to re-hide/mask private records after selecting "Show Private"
-fixed an issue where notifications did not show the date of the event
-fixed the date picker for calendar views, tasks dates and birthday/anniversary fields
-fixed issues editing all day events
-fixed issues with saving and deleting expenses
-fixed an issue where editing an event loses focus in list view on iPad
-fixed an issue where entering phone numbers with extensions did not format correctly
-fixed an issue where dates before 1950 did not save in DejaOffice properly
-fixed issues with the date picker on iPad not displaying properly
-fixed an issue where selecting the Personal category filter in DejaContacts may cause a crash
-fixed an issue on iPad where contact record notes could not be edited
-fixed an issue where some past alarms may ring during a CLSH sync
-fixed an issue where the red category color from Outlook did not sync to DejaOffice correctly
-fixed an issue where linking an event or task with a company name displayed "Contact not found" when selecting the linked record
-fixed an issue syncing yearly events from DejaOffice to Apple calendar not displaying properly

DejaOffice v1.3.6 (09/29/2012)

-added support for iOS 6 Maps
-added support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5

DejaOffice v1.3.5 (08/20/2012)

-fixed a crash in list view for calendar
-fixed an issue where editing and saving an event did not return to the correct display in list view for calendar

DejaOffice v1.3.4 (08/07/2012)

-improves Wi-Fi sync time for update syncs
-keyboard now goes away after entering a search
-fixes an issue where weekly calendar events did not sync from iOS calendar to DejaOffice properly
-fixes an issue where editing an all day recurring event may crash
-fixes an issue where editing a task could crash if Alpha priority style was set on iPad
-adds an option to remove a private records password
-DejaCalendar list view now defaults to the last viewed event or today's date

DejaOffice v1.3.3 (04/11/2012)

-fixed an issue where events in week view may shift to the wrong day or wrong time slot
-fixed an issue where notification center would display the alarm time instead of the time of the event
-fixed an issue where DejaToday didn't display today's all day events
-fixed an issue where using the search via list view sometimes didn't function properly
-fixed issues where hiding/masking private records would sometimes not display properly

DejaOffice v1.3.2 (04/30/2012)

-fixed an issue where some list views on iPad, including DejaCalendar would crash on opening
-fixed an issue where DejaCalendar defaulted to opening on list view on iPad - now opens on day view as it did previously
-fixed an issue where Wi-Fi sync could crashing syncing certain category colors

DejaOffice v1.3.1 (04/24/2012)

-fixes an issue where contacts added to Apple contacts via Maps would cause DJO to crash

DejaOffice v1.3.0 (04/18/2012)

-all new and updated graphics for Retina displays on iPhone 4/S and new iPad
-added contacts pictures to DejaContacts (currently only syncs via Wi-Fi)
-completely redesigned categories app
-categories now sync from PC to DejaOffice with matching colors
-enhanced button feedback throughout DejaOffice
-freshed list views - load faster and more efficient, especially for large databases
-completely redesigned search, no longer tries to search until you hit "search"
-added Sort By Category to DejaTasks
-add new context menu for DejaToday settings
-added swiping between records from view/details view
-all new logging with send database option to help with troubleshooting
-DejaOffice now opens in landscape view correctly on first run
-fixed an issue where DejaOffice would crash on some screens in non-english localization
-fixed an issue where some calendar events prior to 2000 did not sync
-fxed an issue where weekly recurrings from/to native didn't sync with DJO
-fixed an issue where recurring end dates were not synchronized to/from native
-fixed an issue where tasks sync one day off in some timezones
-fixed an issue wher syncing an ampersand or tab chaacter did not work via Wi-Fi or CLSH
-fixed an issue where hyperlinks go away when tapping on white space
-fixed issues syncing Other address betweeen native xApple contacts and DejaContacts
-fixed an issue where the Office field did not sync
-fixed an issue where syncing yearly recurring event to native would crash
-fixed an issue where the SMS button did not work

DejaOffice v1.2.11 (12/30/2012)

-fixed issues when swapping between different search filters (All fields, Subject, etc)
-fixed an issue when marking a task complete did not save properly from the view screen
-fixed issues syncing weekly recurring events occurring every 2, 3, etc weeks (e.g. Bi-Weekly)
-fixed issues when adding a large number of categories
-DejaOffice now displays calendar views in 24hr time when set in iOS
-fixed an issue where the contact link field did not open the linked contact record
-fixed an issue where DejaOffice would display an inaccurate IP address if the devices IP changed while DejaOffice was running in the background
-fixed an issue where work or work fax would display duplicated in Business or Micro modes
-general UI enhancements for iPad list views and rotating issues
-fixed an issue where the back button did not work when selecting a task priority on iPad
-fixed an issue where DejaCalendar month view would display an extra month in some months
-fixed sizing and display issues for DejaExpense list view
-Week view now displays the correct date interval in the title bar
-fixed an issue where the private field did not sync for contacts
-fixed an issue where DejaOffice notifications would not clear from the iOS 5 notification center when selected
-fixed an issue where tasks always synced back to the PC with an alarm set (CLSH only)
-native Apple app sync progress now shows on each screen until it completes
-fixed DejaCalendar speed issues caused by running multiple purge and reload syncs
-fixed an issue where syncing 0 minute duration events to native Apple calendar caused the native Apple calendar sync to fail
-fixed sync status rotation issues
-fixed issues display every weekday (and similar) recurring events

DejaOffice v.1.2.10 (01/06/2012)

-fixed issue where the records in the native Apple calendar could not be deleted

DejaOffice v1.2.9 (12/07/11)

-fixes an issue where Wi-Fi sync may fail after the device's screen goes to sleep

DejaOffice v1.2.8 (10/31/11)

-Completely redesigned DejaExpense
-fixed an issue where single events after the end of DST would sync one hour off
-fixed an issue where the date picker would not show the 6th week of a month
-fixed issues with 5 day week setting and Monday/Sunday start of the week
-fixed an issue where recurring events w/o end dates synced to native incorrectly
-fixed issues with iPad setting recurring events in landscape view
-fixed an issue where DJO alarms would show multiple pop ups
-fixed an issue where some weekly recurring events showed on the wrong days
-fixed an issue when opening a notification caused a crash if DJO was completely closed

DejaOffice v1.2.7 (10/11/11)

-fixed issue where some users experienced a crash on launch (added database upgrade progress indicator)
-added year to title of month view in DejaCalendar
-monthly and Yearly by day recurring events now sync to native correctly
-fixed an issue where enabling native calendar sync after running a PC sync would cause DJO to freeze
-fixed an issue where native calendar sync may crash

DejaOffice v1.2.6 (09/28/11)

-fixed an issue where some users experienced a crash on launch after updating
-fixed an issue where task due dates synced to DJO one day early

DejaOffice v1.2.5 (09/26/11)

-rewritten DejaOffice calendar backend: improves stability and syncing reliability
-rewritten native Apple calendar sync
-added new native contacts/calendar sync progress bar
-DejaToday now displays today's calendar events, as well as tasks due today
-added new date/time picker
-updated Setup Wizard with new calendar sync options
-made DejaOffice more iPad friendly with new popovers in calendar edit screens
-DejaCalendar list view now supports font sizes
-new updated month view
-recurring events with alarms will now ring at the proper time
-list view now displays each instance of a recurring event
-changed editing a recurring event to now prompt "just this instance" before editing the event
-fixed an issue where deleting a task or memo would crash
-contact links in calendar/task records are now linked to their DejaContact record
-added search options to DejaCalendar
-fixed an issue where the native calendar would not be purged on a purge and reload
-fixed issues with creating recurring exceptions in DejaOffice
-fixed an issue where an all day event may not display, or would display on the wrong date
-fixed issues saving recurring events with recurring end dates
-fixed an issue where DJO records would overwrite PC changes in Australia time zone
-fixed an issue where "Low" priority tasks did not sync to the PC correctly

DejaOffice v1.2.4 (07/07/2011)

-added Private field to Contacts, Tasks, Memos
-added options to Show/Hide/Mask private records
-added option to password protect private records
-improved UI for DejaTasks and DejaMemos
-improved context menu UI for Contacts/Tasks/Memos
-adding linked contacts in DejaTasks now reads DejaContacts vs. Apple's contacts
-added Project field to DejaTasks
-added DejaContacts links to DejaToday (tasks only)
-fixed an issue where user edited custom field labels did not show in DejaContacts
-fixes an issue where deletions may not sync between Apple contacts and DejaContacts
-fixes an issue where contacts purged from CL do not appear to purge until reopening DJO
-fixes an issue where DejaToday did not show tasks due today
-fixed an issue where the Release Notes app would open each time DJO was opened

DejaOffice v1.2.3 (06/15/2011)

-added a confirmation box when the Import Contacts function completes
-increased stability for Import Contacts function
-contacts with company name only now show on the same line as other contacts with first or last name
-fixed an issue where contacts deleted in Apple's contacts app would not delete in DejaOffice
-fixed an issue with Secure Hosted sync where excluded personal contacts would be purged on a purge and reload

DejaOffice v1.2.2 (05/31/2011)

-fixes an issue where running the Import Contacts function may crash

DejaOffice v1.2.1

-DejaOffice now uses its own Contacts database and syncs with the native Apple contacts app
-Added new Sort By options (By Category, City, City/Zip)
-improved Wi-Fi sync speed
-improved DejaContacts list view

DejaOffice v1.1.9

- added new Setup Wizard
- fixed an issue where the time picker did not display
- fixed various bugs when rotating between landscape and portrait mode
- fixed an issue where some events in the future would not display in day and week views

DejaOffice v1.1.8

-added support for syncing multiple categories to DejaCalendar and DejaTasks
-fixed an issue where task priorities did not sync to DJO properly via CLSH
-DejaTasks percent complete field no longer allows values over 100%
-fixed UI issues with the delete category button across all mini-app's edit screens
-fixed an issue where uncategorized tasks did not sync
-linked contacts for calendar events now sync to the linked contact field
-fixed an issue where deleted events alarms would still ring
-fixed an issue where modified events alarms would not ring
-fixed an issue where native calendar alarms synced to DJO incorrectly
-improved list view for DejaTasks and DejaNotePad; now shows more text
-fixed an issue with the list view in DejaNotePad showing each note overly condensed
-Username and Password fields in CLSH settings are no longer truncated on iPad
-fixed issues where icons would not show when rotating the DJO home screen on iPad
-fixed an issue with the anniversary field not syncing via CLSH
-fixed a refresh issue where DejaContacts would not display an added category to a contact
-fixed calendar view issues for the week of the DST change where incorrect dates would show
-fixed an issue when using the date picker in DejaCalendar would cause the event's date would show as the subject

DejaOffice v1.1.7

-added support for Lotus Notes custom recurrings (requires CL build 4030+)
-fixed multiple UI issues with DejaContacts, DejaTasks, and DejaNotePad on iPad
-fixed an issue where searching in DejaContacts on iPad may crash
-fixed an issue when filtering by "no category" would show duplicated contacts
-fixed issues with update syncs syncing slowly with a large number a contacts
-improved sync message feedback for Wi-Fi sync

DejaOffice v1.1.6

* Added an option to import native iPhone contact groups into DJO categories
* Fixed issues with DejaNotePad category filtering
* Fixed an issue with the cancel button in DejaContacts on iPad

DejaOffice v1.1.5

* Fixed a bug where existing contacts might not display on non-English language iPad.
* Fixed a bug where new contacts could not be manually added on iPad.
* Added feature to automatically import groups from native contacts to DejaOffice categories on first run.
* Fixed issues with task category filtering.

DejaOffice v1.1.4

* Added support for multiple contact categories.
* Added support for custom contact fields.
* Added Franklin style priorities for tasks.
* Added support for synching TBYL tasks and events from Outlook (requires CompanionLink build 4029 or higher).
* Added new interface for creating/editing tasks. New interface adds fields for contact links, Start Date, Completion Percentage, Status, and Location.
* Added Title field for DejaNotes.
* Added support for syncing DejaNotes via Secure Hosted Sync (requires CompanionLink build 4029 or higher).
* Improved list views for all apps.
* Fixed issue where DejaCalendar was not syncing with native iPhone calendar.
* Fixed bug where reassigned categories would not sync.
* Fixed bug where task priorities would sometimes sync incorrectly.
* Fixed bug where events created in DejaCalendar could default to an invalid end time.
* Fixed issues with contact sort order.
* Fixed a bug where DJO would crash with "Sync Personal" option unchecked and purge/reload selected.
* Fixed issues with contact category filtering.
* Added support for syncing contact fields Profession, Spouse (requires CompanionLink build 4029 or higher).
* Fixed bug where recurring event end dates were not synced properly.
* Various UI improvements.

DejaOffice v1.1.3

*fixed an issue where the option to sort by company name didn't display
*improved searching in DejaContacts
*updated sync progress screens
*improved Wi-Fi sync speed
*contacts now correctly display in alphabetical order when sorting by last name
*fixed an issue where contact categories would not sync

DejaOffice v1.1.2

* Improved calendar performance
* Native calendar sync now able to sync all years
* Calendar now displays events further in the future
* Fixed an issue with month view showing the current day incorrectly
* Enhanced usability for sync settings
* Fixed an issue that could cause DejaCal to crash in year view
* Improved Tip calculator in DejaExpense
* Fixed an issue when deleting tasks from DejaToday
* Fixed an issue with Wi-Fi sync where the PC was unable to connect to DJO
* Added ability to swipe between tasks
* Fixed an issue where categories would show doubled
* Improved Categories app
* Fixed an issue with contacts not always showing or showing blank in DejaContacts
* Fixed an issue with the birthdate field not syncing via Wi-Fi

DejaOffice v1.1.1

* Fixed an issue saving calendar events on iOS 3.x devices.
* Fixed an issue setting task due dates on iPad.

DejaOffice v1.1.0
New for iOS 4.0 devices:

1) Added native iPhone calendar app syncing to DejaCal
2) Added calendar alarms for DejaCal
3) Fixed an issue where Wi-Fi Sync would crash
4) Fixed an issue where the categories app crashed

Additional features/fixes for all devices:
* Changed "no category" color to  light grey
* Improved contact list view spacing
* URL's are now linkable from contact notes
* Phone numbers now auto format in DejaContacts
* Added text to each day in the month view
* Added context menu buttons to Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes
* Removed the loading bars from startup
* Fixed an issue where task notes would not sync via Wi-Fi

DejaOffice v1.0.5

1. Added context menus for each mini-app. This allows for quick selection of sorting and filtering options.
2. Added all new Edit/View screens. The new edit screens allow for quick text entry all from one screen.
3. Added new filtering options to Tasks (Next 7 Days, Last 7 Days, Today, Overdue)

* Added context menus for each mini-app
* Added text size options for each mini app (Micro-Smallest, Business-Medium, and Normal-Large)
* Added new filtering options to Tasks
* Added all new Edit/View screens
* Added new colors for categories
* Added Japanese language translations
* Contacts and Notes now show 2 lines of text per entry
* Fixes an issue with ACT! contact notes not syncing to DejaContactsDejaOffice 1.0.4

* Added new syncing method: Local Wi-Fi syncing
* Added category filter selector for DejaContacts and DejaNotes
* Added new edit screens for DejaContacts
* Enhanced year view navigation in DejaCal with swipe gestures
* Updated French and Czech translations
* Added more language translations (Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean)
* Fixed an issue where DejaToday didn't display some tasks correctly
* Fixed an issue with filtering by "No Category"

DejaOffice 1.0.3

* Fixed added year view to DejaCal
* Fixed an issue where landscape views did not always display properly
* Fixed split screen views and popovers for iPad

DejaOffice 1.0.1

* DejaContacts wraps existing iPhone contacts (Adds/Delete/Changes can be made either in DJO or built in iPhone contacts)
* DejaCal, DejaTasks, and DejaNotes use their own databases and do not wrap any existing datas.