DejaOffice for Windows Phone 8 - Release Notes

DejaOffice v1.1.1.38 (08/01/2013)
-Added USB synchronization for Windows Phone 8 devices
-Corrected an issue where using a European date format could cause the calendar to crash
-Fixed an issue where Search did not function if 'Group By' was enabled for DejaContacts
-Fixed an issue where List view would show previous events. Will now default to Today
-Fixed an issue with All Day events in UTC +12
-Improved how DejaOffice handles large record amounts
-Improved DejaCloud sync

DejaOffice v1.0.1.26 (07/02/2013)
-DejaContacts now supports Contact Pictures
-Added additional privacy functionality: Hide/Mask Private records, password protection
-Can now call/send SMS directly from DejaContact record

DejaOffice v1.0.1.19 (06/07/2013)
-Added Day, Week, Month and Year views to DejaCalendar
-Added contact linking for DejaCalendar and DejaTasks
-Added Sort By and Group By options for List views
-Added support to create exceptions to recurring events in DejaCalendar
-Added support in DejaTasks for recurring tasks
-Added support in DejaTasks for priorities
-Added support for Category filtering in List views
-DejaCalendar now indicates Free/Busy statuses
-DejaContact addresses now open location in Maps
-Fixed an issue with weekly recurring events
-Fixed an issue displaying search results
-Fixed an issue where the WiFi synchronization could time out/did not complete