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From your Android device, tap the button below.

If you're visiting this page on your PC, click the Android Market link above, or visit from your Android device.

Amazon Appstore for Android

Visit the Amazon Appstore on your phone. Search for "DejaOffice". Tap the DejaOffice icon, then tap Get App.

Setup instructions

If you download direct using the button above, launch DejaOffice.apk from your Android browser's download folder. This will start the DejaOffice self-installer.

If your Android phone displays an "Install blocked" message, do the following:
1) Tap "Settings".
2) Check the box for "Unknown sources".
3) Tap "OK", then restart the installation.

Click here for older versions and release history

Release Notes

DejaOffice 4.3.9 (1025) (2/13/2018)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes events at the same time would overlap in the display
-Added Real Time backup timer if Real Time fails to initiate

DejaOffice 4.3.8 (1021) (1/25/2018)
-Fixed an issue where completing a task would auto-sort the task list. Added task setting to sort list, or not, when task is completed
-Fixed an issue where multiple task categories could not be selected
-Fixed an issue where sometimes updating a phone number in DejaContacts would not save
-Fixed an issue where sometimes DejaOffice would not use the device's phone formatting

DejaOffice 4.3.7 (1018) (12/18/2017)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the widget launcher would crash when viewing DejaOffice widget previews
-Fixed an issue where sometimes disabling an alarm would not disable
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the wrong contact would appear in an event
-Fixed an issue where sometimes events would not sync to the native Android calendar
-Fixed an issue where sometimes recurrent events would sync to native calendar at the wrong time
-Fixed an issue where editing new event details could trigger its alarm to ring
-Fixed an issue where the date/time stamp would not paste to the cursor position
-Fixed an issue where adding phone numbers to were not formatting correctly
-Fixed an issue where sometimes an attachment would not open correctly
-Fixed an issue where sometimes Thanksgiving would not display as a holiday
-Added new task sort features

DejaOffice 4.3.6 (1002) (7/24/2017)
-Fixed an issue where native calendar sync would sometimes not complete
-Fixed an issue where sharing a calendar event in DejaCalendar would not work

DejaOffice 4.3.5 (1001) (7/17/2017)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes adding an event record to DejaCalendar would cause the app the crash

DejaOffice 4.3.4 (1000) (7/5/2017)
-Fixed general crash reports

DejaOffice 4.3.3 (998) (6/28/2017)
-Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping events in a large calendar database was slow
-Fixed an issue where sometimes sending contacts, events, etc did not work
-Fixed an issue where sometimes event alarms would not ring
-Fixed an issue with alpha slider not positioning the contact list correctly
-Fixed an issue where searching in record notes were not consistent
-Fixed an issue where initiating a sync from the slider menu
-Fixed an issue where sometimes an .ics file would not import correctly
-Fixed an issue where sometimes a wifi sync would fail
-Added new database logging
-Updated widget thumbnail screenshots

DejaOffice 4.3.2 (990) (5/17/2017)
-Fixed an issue with the contact alpha slider
-Fixed an issue where calendar events would sometimes not line up correctly with the hour marker
-Fixed an issue where swiping left or right on a DejaContact would not show next or previous contact
-Fixed some general crash issues

DejaOffice 4.3.1 (989) (5/15/2017)
-Added new Tasks, Contacts, and Memos Widgets

DejaOffice 4.2.8 (984) (5/10/2017)
-Added country option to General Settings (Location picker uses it)
-Fix for db corrupt issue for some cases
-Native calendar sync now checks for calendar permission instead of contact permission
-Fixed an issue where sometimes calendar alarms would ring more than once

DejaOffice 4.2.7 (979) (4/17/2017)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the DejaOffice database would be missing after a sync
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the DejaOffice contact account in native contacts would not display when adding new contacts

DejaOffice 4.2.6 (971) (2/22/2017)
-Added Push sync improvements
-Fixed an issue where sometimes in DejaCalendar Grid View the bottom half would be blank
-Fixed general crash reports

DejaOffice 4.2.5 (968) (2/15/2017)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the font size in DejaCalendar would appear to big
-Fixed an issue where sometimes icon indicators in the Dejatask list would not display properly
-Fixed an issue where sometimes tapping the Today button in DejaCalendar would have no effect
-Adjusted default setting for "Day/Week view high res font size"

DejaOffice 4.2.4 (965) (2/08/2017)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes Map Nearby Contacts would miss some contacts
-Fixed an issue where de-duping would sometimes merge similar names
-Fixed an issue where sometimes deleting an attachment in a DejaCloud sync would not sync the delete
-Fixed an issue where sometimes opening event details would display the bottom of a long note
-Fixed an issue where the department field was not being included in a contact search
-Fixed an issue where updated alarms in native calendar would not update in DejaOffice
-Fixed an issue where sometimes scrolling through calendar would scroll too fast
-Fixed an issue where the search scope was not limited to selected app (i.e. A search in DejaContacts will now only search for contacts)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes a USB sync would not initiate after the first sync
-Fixed an issue where sometimes an alarm would not snooze
-Added options to eliminate the phone number display and email addresses
-Added sort by group date to DejaExpenses

DejaOffice 4.2.3 (947) (11/21/2016)
-Fixed various crash issues

DejaOffice 4.2.2 (944) (11/12/2016)
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would crash when opening an encrypted database

DejaOffice 4.2.1 (942) (11/11/2016)
-Added support for Android 6.0 permission prompts
-Improved alarm ring time logic
-Fixed autogenerated birthday/anniversary record view screens sometimes showing the wrong end date
-Completing an event/task from the view screen should now trigger a cloud push sync
-Fixed various crash issues
-When searching for recurring events, taping on an entry will now show closest instance to today, instead of first instance
-Improved Month view widget appearance if it is made really small
-Fixed sort by not working issue with tasks when Group By Contacts is enabled
-Fixed issue with records not being saved sometimes if user exits the edit screens in unexpected ways
-Removed delete icon from titlebar

Note for specific devices

Select AT&T Android phones
Some AT&T phones do not have the "Unknown sources" checkbox and cannot install the app directly from this page. These customers must install the app from the Android Market.

NOTE: If syncing via USB, your device must be placed in "Charge Only" (or similar) mode. This mode can vary by device. Click for specific device notes when synchronizing via USB.