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Direct Download

From your Android device, tap the Green button to launch the Play Store download or tap the Blue button to download DejaOffice directly.

If you're visiting this page on your PC, click the Play Store link above, or visit from your Android device.

Amazon Appstore for Android:

1. Open the Amazon Appstore on your device.
2. Search for "DejaOffice".
3. Tap the DejaOffice icon, then select Get App.

Manually Install DejaOffice:

If you download direct using the button above, launch DejaOffice.apk from your Android browser's download folder. This will start the DejaOffice self-installer.

Note: If your Android phone displays an "Install blocked" message, do the following:

1. Tap "Settings".
2. Check the box for "Unknown sources".
3. Tap "Ok", and restart the installation.

Older versions of DejaOffice:

To download an older version of DejaOffice Click Here.

Release Notes

DejaOffice 4.4.61 (1647) (3/18/2024)
-More tweaks to Setup Wizard.
-Crash Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.61 (1645) (2/26/2024)
-Updated Setup Wizard.
-Added Biometric (Face and Fingerprint) unlock options for Private records.
-Added Fingerprint unlock for Database Encryption.
-Fixed Font issue with Alarm Panel.
-Fixed issue with Shortcuts added from the Home Screen in OS 14.
-Fixed issue with Sort Order in Search results not respecting selected list sort order.
-Added two Custom Event Duration options to the Calendar Settings.
-Added option to show Blank Headers in Calendar List view (30 days out).
-Crash Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.61 (1628) (12/18/2023)
-Crash Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.61 (1620) (10/24/2023)
-Fixed theme issue with Linked From field in Dark Mode.
-Crash Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.61 (1615) (10/09/2023)
-Default UI is now Style 7 (Settings > Display Settings > UI Style).
-Default to New Icons for new installs (Settings > Display Settings > New Icons).
-Added new Multi Line Subject option for Events and Tasks.
-Double Tapping the Current Calendar View will now return you to Today.
-Fixed issue with Category Filter for records with multiple categories and Grouped By Category.
-Fixed issue with UI Style 7 in Tablet mode that didn't link contact to new events correctly from the shortcut.
-Fixed issue with Contact Photos that could cause a crash.
-Added Display Settings to Settings menu and moved some settings to it.
-Default all new App installs to Medium Font.
-Fixed display issue with contacts when sorting my Most Recent and Grouping by Category.
-Fixed issue with Native Sync direction resetting if Native Sync was disabled, then reenabled.
-Fixed issue with Category Dot Display in Templates list.
-Fixed issue which could save a new All Day event in NZ time to the wrong day.
-Added option to "Show Linked From" in Contacts for cross linked contact display.
-Added option to disable Auto Dupe checking for DejaCloud sync.
-Updated Background Colors.
-Added Calendar Option to directly open Events to Edit Panel.
-Added Slovak Language.

DejaOffice 4.4.61 (1597) (7/25/2023)
-Added Real Time sync option for Wifi Sync.
-Changes trigger RT sync with Wifi Sync.
-Tweaks for NZ Time zone.
-Fixed issue with selected Date Format not appearing correct in Search results.
-Updated Australian Holiday Calendar.

DejaOffice 4.4.60 (1589) (6/26/2023)
-Tweaks for Widget Refresh on App open after Phone Restart.
-Fixed issue with Hyperlinks in Event Subjects.
-Tweaks for preveting Auto Sync if login credentials are not correct.
-Added Other section in contacts to "UI Style 7" for linked Memos and Expense.
-Added filters for Sending Contact as vCard.
-Added multi-select for linked contacts option to Calendar Settings.
-Fixed issue with new search filters not appearing in linked contact search.
-Added Location and Linked Contact sync to DejaOffice Memos.
-Default Native Contact Note sync to disabled for new installs.
-Added Deal Sync support for DejaCloud (and Wifi - CL update required).

DejaOffice 4.4.59 (1553) (1/9/2023)
-Fixed issue with Alarms on older Android OS's (12 and lower).
-Fixed issue with Today widget showing 2 lines vs Task widget showing 1 line for long tasks subjects.

DejaOffice 4.4.58 (1548) (12/15/2022)
-Fixed Notification Permission issue for OS 13 which could cause the app to lock.

DejaOffice 4.4.58 (1540) (12/12/2022)
-Fixed text issue for long subjects in History.
-Fixed issue with Completions via Tap and Hold not triggering Real Time Sync.
-Fixed issue with Contact Photos in Search appearing in different sizes.

DejaOffice 4.4.57 (1524) (10/3/2022)
-Updated to TargetSDK 33 per Play Store requirements.
-Added Persistent Backup system (requires storage permission).
-Added Bluetooth permission prompt for OS 13 requirements.
-Tweaks for OS 7 slowness.
-Fixed issue with Company Name not showing in Dark Theme in Search.
-Fixed issue with context menu not matching dark theme.
-Fixed issue with deleting future occurrences of an event not removing the alarm.
-Tweaks to Exact Match Search.
-Fixed issue with Android Lock Screen Notification Setting for "Hide Content" not working for DejaOffice.
-Removed DejaVoice Accessibility API.
-Text color improvments for Dark Mode.

DejaOffice 4.4.56 (1508) (8/15/2022)
-Updated Places API for Address Look-ups.
-Added Places API counter.
-Added API Query Limit of 1000 look-ups with a email to request more.
-Fixed issue with Memo sort order.

DejaOffice 4.4.55 (1501) (7/6/2022)
-Added new default setting for All Records in Search Filter options.
-Fixed issue with Alpha Slider not adhering to the Group By setting.

DejaOffice 4.4.55 (1495) (6/21/2022)
-Improvements to Search with filters and more options.
-Fixed issue with Waze not launching for Maps on OS 12.
-Fixed issue with deleting recurring events with long subjects.
-Updated Christian Holidays.
-Added an Alarm Setting to Clear Custom Alarm Durations.
-Added new color scheme option to "Use Phone Theme" for auto switching light\dark themes.

DejaOffice 4.4.55 (1480) (5/16/2022)
-Fixed issue with list view not loading more events on scroll.
-Added FCMID for Bluetooth Sync.
-Updated UK Spring Bank Holiday.

DejaOffice 4.4.54 (1474) (4/19/2022)
-Improvements to Birthday\Anniversary event generation and Calendar Load Speeds.
-Fixed issue with records not updating when opening via Shortcuts.
-Fixed issue with Week view which could add new records on wrong date using + to add.
-Fixed issue with Task Location not syncing.
-Fixed refresh issue with Wifi sync in some calendar views.
-Fixed issue with Alarm tone permissions.
-Fixed issue that could cause Calendar list to start in wrong position.
-Added FCMID for CL10 Wi-Fi reconnect.

DejaOffice 4.4.53 (1459) (2/22/2022)
-Fixed issue which could prevent DejaHelper from being accessed.
-Added better messaging for "Clearing and Reloading" Native records.

DejaOffice 4.4.52 (1455) (1/24/2022)
-Fixed issue with cleared Email fields in Outlook not clearing in DejaOffice vDejaCloud.
-Added "Default Time Zone" option to allow new events to default to a Time Zone other than the Phone's Time zone.
-Fixed issue which could prevent some ICS imports.
-Fixed issue which could prevent "Create New Database" from working.

DejaOffice 4.4.52 (1452) (11/29/2021)
-Fixed issue with Legacy Storage option reverting for pre-existing installs.

DejaOffice 4.4.52 (1445) (11/8/2021)
-Updated to Target SDK 30 Per Play Store Requirements.
-Fixed issue with Phone number adding space on contact edit.
-Fixed issue with Timezone not showing in Event Edit without using Always Show More.
-Fixed issue with rotating device in Agenda view losing date position.
-Fixed issue which could cause a "Start Sync from device" loop on the PC when syncing via USB.

DejaOffice 4.4.51 (1438) (10/19/2021)
-DejaOffice data folder shifted to the new Storage location required by Android (Except USB Syncs using older CL).
-Increased frequency of USB Sync message for older CL builds.
-Fixed issue with some past events not displaying in Calendar views.
-Fixed issue with Contact Shortcuts after update to new storage location.

DejaOffice 4.4.50 (1428) (10/4/2021)
-Fixed issue with "Retrieving Calendar Data" on opening Calendar.
-Fixed crash issue in Tablet Mode when selecting More in Edit.
-Fixed issue for Category Filter which could prevent All Categories option from appearing.
-Fixed issue with Group By in Calendar List view hiding all records.
-Fixed issue with All Day Events being added one day previous in New Zealand time.

DejaOffice 4.4.50 (1418) (9/14/2021)
-Added improved display for long searches.
-Add ability to tap Back to cancel a long search.
-Fixed issue with Calendar displaying a "Retrieving Calendar Data" message.
-Added "Always Show More" option to Contact Edit Panel.
-Added option to "Clear and Reload" native Contact or Calendar account in same setting.
-Change to persistent alarms to re-notify less if device in Silent or DnD mode.
-Added Change Due date option to long press on Tasks in Task List.
-Added Change Date option to long press on events.
-Improvements to USB "Closing Android" speed (DJOA and CL Fix).
-Fixed issue that could cause Font Size to reset.

DejaOffice 4.4.49 (1401) (8/3/2021)
-Added new Storage Location (Android\Data\) for DJOA per Play Store requirements.
-Fixed Alarm issue which could cause excessive wake-ups.
-Fixed issue with "Fill Location from Link" option filling location from the Contact Detail Add Event when disabled.
-Fixed issue with Journal Tab Sort.
-Added Country selection option to Map Nearby Records.
-Fixed issue with All Day events saving to the wrong day in New Zealand Time.
-Fixed refresh issue with Today not showing event dates.
-Fixed issue with some Emojis not saving to the custom list.
-Fixed issue with the first instance of a "Last" "Day" recurring event not appearing.
-Fixed Alarm issue which could cause excessive wake-ups.
-Event and Task notes are now transfered to the History record on Record Completion.
-Add Sort Order option to UI Style 7 for History section.
-Added Juneteenth to US Holidays calendar.
-Improvements to USB sync which could cause a slow "Closing Android" message on PC.
-Changed Push Sync text to Realtime.
-Tweaks for USB sync speed on "Closing Android".
-Fixes for Press "Ok" message not always appearing after complete USB sync.
-Fixed issue with All Categories option not appearing in Single Select Category mode.
-Updated Italian Translations.
-Updated Spanish Translations.
-Added Privacy Policy.

DejaOffice 4.4.48 (1376) (3/31/2021)
-Added DJO 7 Style for new Contact Detail Panel design (Settings > General Settings > DJO Style).
-Fixed translation issue for Calendar Views.
-Fixed duplicate check issue which could prevent sync from completing.
-Added new option to "Show Completed" Task filter to show completed past due tasks.
-Bug Fixes and Performance improvements.

DejaOffice 4.4.46 (1358) (3/23/2021)
-Updated all language translations.
-Fixed issue with Month View Widget not loading correctly.
-Fixed issue with hyper-linked telephone numbers in notes causing new line loss.
-Fixed issue with adding new contact from WhatsApp.
-Fixed issue with Adding "Sync" shortcut adding the wrong icon.
-Fixed issue with changing phone orientation losing cursor position.
-Fixed issue with phone sleep changing selected field in edit panels.
-Added "Specify Location" option to Map Nearby Contacts.
-Bug Fixes and Performance improvements.

DejaOffice 4.4.45 (1342) (12/8/2020)
-Fixed issue with recurring events from Native Calendar using RRule pattern BYSETPOS that could cause DejaOffice to stop responding.
-Fixed display issue with Birthday event "Will Be\Was" showing one year off.
-Fixed issue which could trigger incorrect auto syncs at midnight.
-Fixed issue with Contacts list moving to bottom after adding a new contact.

DejaOffice 4.4.45 (1337) (12/2/2020)
-Fixed issue with Month View Widget not displaying Category colors.
-Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements.

DejaOffice 4.4.44 (1336) (11/30/2020)
-Added Japanese Holiday Calendar.
-Added Expense sync for DejaCloud.
-Added option to set Luminosity for text on color categories.
-Fixed issue with Event Quick Alarm displaying minutes for a Week Alarm.
-Fixed issue with Saving Attachments.
-Fixed issue with Custom Phone Fields from Native Android contacts not syncing to Outlook.
-Added friendly date for overdue Tasks up to 14 days past due.
-Fixed issue with duplicates when completing recurring events from DejaOffice.
-Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements.

DejaOffice 4.4.41 (1319) (10/14/2020)
-Updated to latest Android TargetSDK 29. (Drops Android OS 6 Support).
-Added option to set Saturday to the First of the Week.
-Fixed display issue with Birthday/Anniversary event details showing 1970.
-Fixed issue with All/None selectors not working in some general settings.
-Fixed issue with exporting events in British Summer Time.
-Fixed issue with disabling hyperlinking in note fields.
-Fixed issue with start date when changing future/past all day events to timed events.
-Fixed crash issue with Android OS 7.
-Crash Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.39 (1306) (8/24/2020)
-Crash Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.38 (1304) (7/28/2020)
-Added option to disable search text highlight in notes.
-Fixed issue with Contact Groups from syncing to DejaCloud.
-Fixed issue with Contact Note position resetting when leaving and returning to DejaOffice.
-Added options to set Native Sync Directions.
-Fixed issue with Japanese Task Status Translations.
-Fixed issue with Task Status sync in Japanese via Bluetooth.
-Added Contact Setting to hide the Note\History indicator in Contact List.
-Fixed issue with completing events not clearing the task alarm.
-Fixed issue with Tasks not displaying the Linked Contact info in the Task List.
-Fixed issue with Task Status not displaying in the Task List.
-Fixed issue with Default Alarm not being set for events imported via ICS file.
-Fixed issue with Group By Category not working for Contacts and Tasks.
-Fixed issue with Tabs syncing to record notes on Shift Phones.
-Added quick switch option when in DejaOffice Direct Mode.
-Added option to Hide Completed events and tasks in DejaOffice Contact History tab.
-Updated address lookups to latest Google Places API.
-Fixed issue with adding ";" to category names causing category to split.
-Added a "Rebuild Categories" option to check for bad categories.
-Added support for DPC Multi-User databases using DejaCloud Sync.
-Added option to Task Settings to hide Not Start task statuses on task list.
-Fixed issue with tapping Cancel when setting a Task Alarm still setting an alarm.
-Added extra checking when adding a new Contact Photo for correct orientation.
-Improvements to Real Time Auto Sync.

DejaOffice 4.4.37 (1266) (4/13/2020)
-Added FCM ID Setting for Direct Dialing on Mobile via DejaOffice PC CRM. Click Here for details.
-Added Custom Duration option to Event Edit Panel in UI Style 6.
-Fixes for DejaHelper Call Logging on OS 10.

DejaOffice 4.4.36 (1255) (3/30/2020)
-Crash Report Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.35 (1249) (3/24/2020)
-New UI Design 6 Style (Set in DejaOffice General Settings).
 -New Calendar Edit Panel with quick select options.
 -New Task Edit Panel with quick select options.
-Added new API Key for Google Places Details.
-Fixed issue with "Copy" for calendar records missing some fields.
-Fixed issue with "Reread All Native Data" option does not uncheck after a Reread.
-Fixed issue with set event start time being reset to 5 AM when changing from an All Day back to timed event.
-Added General Setting for "Search at Start of Words" for searching on partial words.

DejaOffice 4.4.34 (1236) (2/19/2020)
-Fixed issue with Contact Photos removed from Outlook not removing in DejaOffice. (CL update required).
-Added Custom Fields to .vcf export when using "Send Contact" from DejaOffice.
-Fixed issue contact .vcf note export when using "Send Contact" from DejaOffice.
-Improvements to attachment handling.
-Fixed issue with Calendar List View not displaying all records with a small calendar count.
-Fixed issue with the Emoji for the Jewish Holiday "Pesach" not displaying.
-More fixes for new lines in Note fields not appearing on new lines in DejaOffice.
-Added "Delegated" Task Status when in Franklin Covey CRM Style.
-Improvements to Birthday and Anniversary event and contact detail display.
-Fixed issue with Search missing records that contained Emojis.

DejaOffice 4.4.33 (1228) (1/23/2020)
-Fixed issue preventing task updates from syncing.
-Added Contact Setting to set DejaOffice CallerID notification position.
-Fixed issue with +1 on phone numbers added to DejaOffice via the Android Contacts app.
-Fixed issue with Timezone shift set to "Home Timezone Only" causing duplicate alarms.
-Fixed Crash issue with large task counts.
-Fixed issue that could cause some events not to sync to the Android Calendar app.
-Fixed issue with completing the first instance of a recurring event not displaying future occurrences.
-Moved Mobile to the top of the Phone Number Type list when adding a contact via the Android Contacts App.

DejaOffice 4.4.32 (1221) (1/16/2020)
-Fixed issue with Templates not defaulting to Subject line.
-Increased number of visible calendar entries that occur at the same time in Day View to 8.
-Fixed display issue with editing a single occurrence of a recurring event might show 1969 as date.
-Fixed issue with Calendar hanging on "Rebuilding Calendar".
-Added extra checking for Timezone change to rebuild calendar display.
-Added Quick Priority change from Task list and Task Details. Tap Priority field to cycle.
-Fixed issue with Department field not syncing to Native Android contacts.
-Fixed issue with blank lines being removed in DejaOffice Memos.
-Changed DejaOffice Contact Note and History indicators * and # to appear as Emojis.
-Updated May Day UK Holiday change for 2020.
-Fixed issue with contacts added to Groups in Android Contacts not syncing to DejaOffice categories.
-Fixed issue with HTML parsing that could hide some note information.
-Added "Local Storage for DB" option to General Settings.
-Friendly Text for Birthday display in Contacts.
-Map Max Records option changed to default of 20 records.

DejaOffice 4.4.31 (1211) (12/10/2019)
-Updated all Note Fields for compatibility with Act! v22 HTML and CSS note changes.
-Fixed issue with Event Date Picker not moving to next year when changing months past end of year.
-Fixed issue with Event Date Picker not selecting a day for recurring events if just a month is selected.
-Fixed issue with "Monthly by day" calendar recurrence saving to the wrong day in New Zealand time.
-Fixed display issue for ring tones assigned to categories displaying when assigned to a contact.
-Optimizations for Native Contact sync to prevent unnecessary duplicate checking.
-Fixed issue with Address appearing too large in Event Details Panel.
-Fixed issue with Location not being populated in events and tasks when added via Contacts.
-Fixed text size issue for Addresses in Event Details.
-General Crash and ANR fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.30 (1203) (11/25/2019)
-Added 11 additional Custom Fields to Contacts in DejaOffice.
-Fixed issue with support setting Log Android DB not completing.
-Added Attachments to Export option for Expense.
-Fixed issue with Native Job Title field not updating.
-Fixed issue with Phone fields 1-3 appearing out of order in contact details.
-Changed DejaOffice Address lookups to manual.
 -Setting can be changed in General Settings under Location Search.
-Fixed issue with Dismissing event alarms not updating event modified time.
-Fixed issue with Dismissing event alarms not triggering a Push Sync.
-Fixed "not logged in" issue with Wifi sync to Mac.
-Fixed issue with Mask Private Records in Tasks not masking Task Subject.
-Fixed issue with Attachments in DejaOffice Records not opening from SD Card.
-Fixed crash issue with editing some existing Template types.
-Crash and ANR fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.29 (1186) (10/14/2019)
-Added popup notification for expired DejaCloud accounts.
 -Added a "None" sync method if "Disable" is selected for the DejaCloud Account Expired message. Selecting "None" hides Sync button in DejaOffice.
-Tweaks for Wifi connection stability.
-Changed primary display field for History to Subject.
-Fixed issue with selecting an event when several events occur at the same time.
-Fixed issue with Google API keys per Play Store requirements.

DejaOffice 4.4.28 (1180) (9/24/2019)
-Changed "Map Nearby Contacts" to use OpenMaps API.
-Fixed issues with "Sync in Progress" notification appearing when no sync is occurring.
-Fixed issue with "Create New Database" option not working.
-Fixed text for "GoldMine" in Setup Wizard when selecting CRM Style.
-Updated text for ADB mode Sync Message when starting sync from device.
-Fixed issue with DejaOffice notification panel shortcuts not opening DejaOffice.
-Fixed issue with Address fields being cleared if a horizontal picture attachment is added to a Contact record.
-Fixed socket error with Bluetooth sync and Wifi sync.
-Fixed display issue with Date appearing truncated in calendar list view.
-Added option to Category Settings to hide record counts in Calendar List view.
-Fixed issue with saving a Camera Attachment to a DejaOffice record when changing phone orientation.

DejaOffice 4.4.27 (1173) (9/04/2019)
-Fixes for issue with "Sync in Progress" Notification appearing with no sync.
-General Crash and Bug Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.26 (1171) (8/23/2019)
-Removed Bing Maps from Address Lookup.

DejaOffice 4.4.25 (1170) (8/19/2019)
-General Crash and Bug Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.24 (1167) (8/12/2019)
-Added "local timezone" display to Contact details.
 -Added option to disable Local Timezone display in Contact Settings.
-Added record counts to categories when Group By set to Category.
-Fixed issue with Today Widget displaying at the wrong size on some devices.
-Address lookup changed to Bing Maps.
 -Option to use Google Maps in General Settings.
-Increased TargetSDK to 28.
-Fixed issue with Device name for Wifi sync.
-General Crash and Bug Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.23 (1160) (7/22/2019)
-Added a "Dismiss All" to DejaOffice Alarm Notifications.
-Fixed issue with DejaOffice results for completed events syncing to Act! results incorrectly via Wifi.
-Fixed issue with completing a Task from the Android Notifications menu if "Use Completion Dialog" was also enabled.

DejaOffice 4.4.22 (1157) (7/15/2019)
-Call History updated for Google SMS and Call Log policy
 -See Caller ID in Contact Settings
 -See History Settings to Enable Call Follow-up
-New Address Lookups for Google API changes.
-General Crash and Bug Fixes
-Fixed Armistice Day appearing on incorrect day.
-Fixed issue with refresh not appearing when adding a category to multiple tasks.
-Fixed issue with categories set to private not marking assigned records as private.
-Fixed issue with Network Name not displaying in DejaOffice Wifi Settings. Requires Location Android Permission.
-Fixed issue with History record count not appearing on DejaOffice main menu.
-Fixed issue with dedupe logic in histories when changing to Bluetooth Sync.
-Bluetooth connection speed improvements.
-Fixed issue with completed event adding Event date and duration to History record notes.
-Improvements to SMS history collection
 -Added option to combine SMS histories by day

DejaOffice 4.4.21 (1140) (6/4/2019)
-Tweaks to new Wifi foreground service to prevent app not responding.
-Crash fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.20 (1138) (5/20/2019)
-Improved Bluetooth connection and timeout.
-Added foreground service for Wifi Sync on Android OS 9.0 for better connection during sync.
-Added option to keep DejaOffice as a foreground service for better Wifi auto sync.
-Updated translations for all languages.
-Fixed issue with DejaOffice Alarms ignoring Do Not Disturb Settings.
 -To rebuild alarms, DejaOffice Settings > Alarm Settings > tap and hold "Sound and Vibrate Settings", select "Rebuild Alarm Channels".
-Fixed issue with Custom Alarm tones ramping up in volume.
-Tweaks for adding attachments to DejaOffice records.
-Fixed an issue with King's Holiday appearing on the wrong day.
-Fixed permission issue for creating a new database in DejaOffice.
-Added correct icon for completing Tasks via Android Notification menu.
-Fixed issue with Completed Tasks not appearing in Task list with Completed filter set to All.
-General Crash Fixes.

DejaOffice 4.4.19 (1131) (4/22/2019)
-Fixed crash issue with new Quick Add Screen if DejaOffice font was set to Small.
-Fixed issue with Calendar Emojis not displaying in Month or List view.
-Fixed issue with single occurrences edited via Drag and Drop not maintaining alarm.

DejaOffice 4.4.18 (1129) (4/16/2019)
-Fixed issue with new contact Quick Add screen causing a crash when using Templates in DejaOffice.

DejaOffice 4.4.17 (1128) (4/15/2019)
-Added "Modes" to DejaOffice for Act, Goldmine, Palm, Outlook and DejaOffice.
 -Selected in DejaOffice Settings > General Settings > CRM Style.
-In Act! and GoldMine modes, added Activity Type options to DejaCalendar.
-Added Emojis to Act! Activity Types.
 -Can be Disabled in DejaOffice Settings > Calendar Settings > Show Emojis.
-Added "Direct Mode" for direct syncing with Native Android Calendar\Contacts app.
 -Enabled\Disabled in DejaOffice Setup Wizard or in General Settings > CRM Style > Direct.
-Added volume options in DejaAlarm Settings to fix an issue with alarms ringing at wrong volume.
-Added category indicator to calendar day and week views to display multiple categories.
-Added Quick Contact creation panel.
 -Disabled in DejaOffice Settings > Contact Settings > Use Quick Add Screen.
-Added option to DejaToday to show/hide tasks that occur through today as active.
-Removed "Deja" from all data sets.
-Fixed issue with some events not syncing to Native Android Calendar.
-Fixed issue with duplicate categories when using native sync settings "Sync DejaOffice Contact categories to Android Contact Groups".
-Added new backup method to work with Smart Switch.
-Fixed issue with DejaOffice 4x4 Month Widget missing data on last week for months with 6 weeks.
-Fixed issue with Syncing Birthday and Anniversary fields to Native Android Contacts.
-Fixed issue with Completed Tasks ignoring Completed Task filter when task has no due date.

DejaOffice 4.4.16 (1116) (3/05/2019)
-Removed "Voice Commands in DejaOffice" option in DejaVoice Settings.
-Removed speex library and usage.
-Fixes for various crash report issues.

DejaOffice 4.4.15 (1111) (2/28/2019)
-Removed DejaOffice SMS and Call History permissions per Google Privacy Policy Change. Check Here for more details.
-Added 64 bit support for DejaOffice Libraries.
-Fixed issue with Multiday Tasks not appearing in Task list when Show Active Filter is set to Today.
-Fixed issue with Maroon category color saving as neon green.
-Fixed issue with opening Journal records in tablet mode.
-Fixed issue with Task Alarm not defaulting to Due Date of Task.
-Fixes for Category Colors when syncing via Bluetooth.
-Fixes for Category Colors when syncing via USB.
-Fixed a Task List display issue when completing a Recurring Task.
-Fixed issue with custom field names resetting with a Reread of DejaCloud.
-Fixed issue with Encryption causing DejaOffice respond slowly.
-Fixed issue with "Copy Note Text" in DejaMemos not copying the memo subject.

DejaOffice 4.4.14 (1102) (11/16/2018)
-Fixed issue with XMPP.

DejaOffice 4.4.13 (1101) (11/15/2018)
-Fixed issue with Address fields when adding Contact Photos.
-Fixed issue with Birthday Event Categories.

DejaOffice 4.4.12 (1099) (11/7/2018)

-Updated address lookup API
-Added new UI Design: DejaOffice 5 Style (Settings > General Settings > UI Design)
-Changed square categories to circles (DJO 5 Style)
-Updated category colors (DJO 5 Style)
-Fixed an issue with DejaContacts list view not refreshing on a change
-Fixed an issue with DejaMemos list view not refreshing on a change
-Fixed an issue with Department field not syncing via DejaCloud
-Fixed an issue with Sync shortcut not adding the correct icon
-Added "Send Contact" option to list view
-Added "Send Event" option to all calendar views
-Added an option to disable Event Location auto-filling from a linked contact
-Fixed an issue with Address Lookup not showing Street
-Fixed an issue with International addresses
-Fixed an issue with cleaing and repopulating native records

DejaOffice 4.4.11 (1091) (10/17/2018)

-Fixed an issue with opening Maps from DejaOffice address field.
-Fixed an issue with Alarms not clearing when dismissing from Notifications.
-Fixed an issue with copying some contact addresses to clipboard.
-Fixed an issue with "Map Nearby Locations".
-Fixed an issue with adding journal entry after call.
-Added option to adjust calendar cache date range.

DejaOffice 4.4.11 (1087) (9/18/2018)

-Fixed an issue with recurring events with a start date before 1970.
-Updated Google location services.

DejaOffice 4.4.10 (1086) (9/10/2018)

-Added support for native calendar sync on Android P.
-Added Bluetooth to Setup Wizard
-Fixed an issue with alarms in vibrate mode on Note 9.
-Fixed an issue with email fields in DejaOffice.
-Fixed an issue with scheduling events at 11 PM.
-Fixed an issue with European Addresses.
-Fixed an issue with DejaOffice Caller ID.
-Fixed an issue with address fields in DejaOffice.
-Fixed an issue with task alarms.
-Added "Clear alarms on task rollover" option to task settings.

DejaOffice 4.4.9 (1076) (7/11/2018)

-Fixed a display issue when sorting by company name.
-Fixed an issue with Task due dates.
-Fixed display issues with the DejaToday widget.
-Added ability to send multiple events via email.
-Fixed an issue where non overdue tasks would show in Red in the DejaToday widget.
-Tweaks to help with Notification.
-Fixed an issue with marking new records as private.

DejaOffice 4.4.8 (1072) (6/26/2018)

-Fixed an issue with changing "Show Active" tasks to "No Due Date" did not refresh the widgets.
-Fixes for various crash reports.
-Added logic to display past due tasks to show in Red in DejaOffice Widgets.
-Fixed an issue with context menu not opening when on Notes\Journal tab in DejaContacts.
-Fixed a display issue with DejaContacts list.
-Added a "No Due Date" option to DejaTasks "Show Active" for tasks without due dates.
-Fixed an issue with context menus in DejaOffice not opening correctly.

DejaOffice 4.4.6 (1068) (6/14/2018)

-Fixed and issue with Cut\Copy\Paste.
-Fixed display issue for Category Filter.
-Added options to Show\Hide Emojis in holiday calendars.

DejaOffice 4.4.5 (1064) (6/11/2018)

-Further fixes for DejaWidgets.
-Corrected an issue with DejaToday 4x1 widget.
-Updated DejaOffice in App release notes.
-Fixed an issue with importing an ICS file into DejaCalendar.
-Fixed a DejaContact display issue.
-Fixed a display issue when using UI 3.
-Changed default start time of events created on current day to current time.
-Fixed an issue with saving ringtones.
-Updated Task display options.
-Text and Menu updates.
-Fixed an issue with widget settings.
-Fixed an issue with Categories.
-Further Icon updates.
-DejaOffice Icon updates.
-Fixed an issue with extensions.
-Fixed an issue with DejaOffice Alarms in OS 8.
-Fixed an issue with UI design style 3 in newer Android devices.
-Added more latitude and longitude format options for location picker.
-Combined Group By and Ascending\Descending options.
-Fixed some issues with default alarms and new Alarm logic.
-Fixed an issue with Dark Theme text.
-Added option to omit weekly recurring events displaying in the Month View.
-Combined Sort By and Ascending\Descending options.
-Improved DejaTask sorting.
-Icon and text updates.
-Added Location field to DejaMemos.
-Added options for latitude and longitude to location picker.
-Added a "Show Password" option for DejaCloud.
-Added two new options to Add Journal after call setting, "Prompt (if in contact list)" and "Automatic (if in contact list).
-Added quick launch options for DejaOffice and DejaCalendar.
-Added Ascending sort options to Group by and Sort by in DejaTasks and DejaCalendar.
-Added a field for create date and Sort By option for create date for DejaTasks.
-Added notification icons for quicker dismiss\snooze of events.
-When database is locked, Month View Widget shows in white.
-Added preferences popup when first adding Deja Today 4x1 widget.
-Updated notifications to target Android OS 8.0 and above.
-Fixed an issue with attachments not opening correctly.
-Fixed an issue with Alarms not updating properly in native calendar
-Added option for "No Formatting" to phone numbers in DejaContacts.
-Fixed an issue with shortcuts in OS 8.0.
-Added Ascending/Descending options for "Group By" order in DejaTasks.
-Fixed a display issue with templates.
-Fixed an issue with changing a single event to a recurring event.
-Changed Location Picker default to Manual.

DejaOffice 4.4.2 (1038) (4/20/2018)
-Fixed an issue for Encrypted Databases

DejaOffice 4.4.1 (1036) (4/18/2018)
-Improved Alarm logic for older Android OS's
-Fixed and issue with Custom Calendar colors
-Added Device ID reset option
-Fixed an issue with adding pictures to events directly from Android Camera App

DejaOffice 4.3.9 (1025) (2/13/2018)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes events at the same time would overlap in the display
-Added Real Time backup timer if Real Time fails to initiate

DejaOffice 4.3.8 (1021) (1/25/2018)
-Fixed an issue where completing a task would auto-sort the task list. Added task setting to sort list, or not, when task is completed
-Fixed an issue where multiple task categories could not be selected
-Fixed an issue where sometimes updating a phone number in DejaContacts would not save
-Fixed an issue where sometimes DejaOffice would not use the device's phone formatting

DejaOffice 4.3.7 (1018) (12/18/2017)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the widget launcher would crash when viewing DejaOffice widget previews
-Fixed an issue where sometimes disabling an alarm would not disable
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the wrong contact would appear in an event
-Fixed an issue where sometimes events would not sync to the native Android calendar
-Fixed an issue where sometimes recurrent events would sync to native calendar at the wrong time
-Fixed an issue where editing new event details could trigger its alarm to ring
-Fixed an issue where the date/time stamp would not paste to the cursor position
-Fixed an issue where adding phone numbers to were not formatting correctly
-Fixed an issue where sometimes an attachment would not open correctly
-Fixed an issue where sometimes Thanksgiving would not display as a holiday
-Added new task sort features

DejaOffice 4.3.6 (1002) (7/24/2017)
-Fixed an issue where native calendar sync would sometimes not complete
-Fixed an issue where sharing a calendar event in DejaCalendar would not work

DejaOffice 4.3.5 (1001) (7/17/2017)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes adding an event record to DejaCalendar would cause the app the crash

DejaOffice 4.3.4 (1000) (7/5/2017)
-Fixed general crash reports

DejaOffice 4.3.3 (998) (6/28/2017)
-Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping events in a large calendar database was slow
-Fixed an issue where sometimes sending contacts, events, etc did not work
-Fixed an issue where sometimes event alarms would not ring
-Fixed an issue with alpha slider not positioning the contact list correctly
-Fixed an issue where searching in record notes were not consistent
-Fixed an issue where initiating a sync from the slider menu
-Fixed an issue where sometimes an .ics file would not import correctly
-Fixed an issue where sometimes a wifi sync would fail
-Added new database logging
-Updated widget thumbnail screenshots

DejaOffice 4.3.2 (990) (5/17/2017)
-Fixed an issue with the contact alpha slider
-Fixed an issue where calendar events would sometimes not line up correctly with the hour marker
-Fixed an issue where swiping left or right on a DejaContact would not show next or previous contact
-Fixed some general crash issues

DejaOffice 4.3.1 (989) (5/15/2017)
-Added new Tasks, Contacts, and Memos Widgets

DejaOffice 4.2.8 (984) (5/10/2017)
-Added country option to General Settings (Location picker uses it)
-Fix for db corrupt issue for some cases
-Native calendar sync now checks for calendar permission instead of contact permission
-Fixed an issue where sometimes calendar alarms would ring more than once

DejaOffice 4.2.7 (979) (4/17/2017)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the DejaOffice database would be missing after a sync
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the DejaOffice contact account in native contacts would not display when adding new contacts

DejaOffice 4.2.6 (971) (2/22/2017)
-Added Push sync improvements
-Fixed an issue where sometimes in DejaCalendar Grid View the bottom half would be blank
-Fixed general crash reports

DejaOffice 4.2.5 (968) (2/15/2017)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the font size in DejaCalendar would appear to big
-Fixed an issue where sometimes icon indicators in the Dejatask list would not display properly
-Fixed an issue where sometimes tapping the Today button in DejaCalendar would have no effect
-Adjusted default setting for "Day/Week view high res font size"

DejaOffice 4.2.4 (965) (2/08/2017)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes Map Nearby Contacts would miss some contacts
-Fixed an issue where de-duping would sometimes merge similar names
-Fixed an issue where sometimes deleting an attachment in a DejaCloud sync would not sync the delete
-Fixed an issue where sometimes opening event details would display the bottom of a long note
-Fixed an issue where the department field was not being included in a contact search
-Fixed an issue where updated alarms in native calendar would not update in DejaOffice
-Fixed an issue where sometimes scrolling through calendar would scroll too fast
-Fixed an issue where the search scope was not limited to selected app (i.e. A search in DejaContacts will now only search for contacts)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes a USB sync would not initiate after the first sync
-Fixed an issue where sometimes an alarm would not snooze
-Added options to eliminate the phone number display and email addresses
-Added sort by group date to DejaExpenses

DejaOffice 4.2.3 (947) (11/21/2016)
-Fixed various crash issues

DejaOffice 4.2.2 (944) (11/12/2016)
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would crash when opening an encrypted database

DejaOffice 4.2.1 (942) (11/11/2016)
-Added support for Android 6.0 permission prompts
-Improved alarm ring time logic
-Fixed autogenerated birthday/anniversary record view screens sometimes showing the wrong end date
-Completing an event/task from the view screen should now trigger a cloud push sync
-Fixed various crash issues
-When searching for recurring events, taping on an entry will now show closest instance to today, instead of first instance
-Improved Month view widget appearance if it is made really small
-Fixed sort by not working issue with tasks when Group By Contacts is enabled
-Fixed issue with records not being saved sometimes if user exits the edit screens in unexpected ways
-Removed delete icon from titlebar

Note for specific devices

Select AT&T Android phones
Some AT&T phones do not have the "Unknown sources" checkbox and cannot install the app directly from this page. These customers must install the app from the Android Play Store.

NOTE: If syncing via USB, your device must be placed in "File Transfer" (or MTP) mode. This mode can vary by device. Click for specific device notes when synchronizing via USB.