5 Tips to Promote Your Local Moving Company on Instagram

Instagram initially started out as a photo-sharing smartphone app that allowed people to share selfies and interesting photos (usually heavily filtered) with the world.

But like most other social networks, the service – which is now the second-most popular network behind Facebook – has evolved from a personal photo-sharing app to a powerful business tool that any business would be wrong to disregard.

As a moving company, you might be wondering if the image-reliant social network is really the best place to advertise moving services.

Isn’t it just a preserve of “Instagrammable” businesses like restaurants, travel and lifestyle sectors?

Er, wrong…

Businesses in all industries can find their place on Instagram. Sure, the content that works best on Instagram is typically photogenic, but with this information in mind, it’s incumbent upon you to find ways to leverage the platform to work in your favor. That means creativity will be your best friend. Many people take to Instagram to find movers.

Good thing with the moving industry is that while the service might be the same, the uniqueness of each move makes it a pretty dynamic line of work. That’s another way of saying there’s no shortage of content to post if you care to inject some creativity into it.

If you’re a local moving company wondering how to make inroads on Instagram, here are five tips that should prove helpful.

Create a separate business account

When joining Instagram, you have the option between a personal account and a business account.

Opt for a business account as it offers several advantages over its personal alternative.

For example, it allows you to view analytics, run paid adverts, link your account to your Facebook account, and it’s also easier for followers to contact you.

It will be easier to establish brand presence when you have a separate business account, as well as plan and implement an Instagram marketing strategy for your moving business.

Another option is to buy Instagram accounts for your moving company. There are many sites that sell Instagram accounts where you should be able to get an account in the moving niche with a good following.

Plan your content

Assuming you’ve already filled out your bio and established a theme that reflects your brand (using colors and fonts, for example), create content pillars and decide the type of content you want to post. Have a content plan for the month separated into weekly posts.

Adopt a casual style and while remaining professional, avoid being too “businessy”.

Geotag your posts

Seeing as you’re offering local moving services, it’s pointless to market to the larger national audience looking for moving services. Instead, you want to focus on prospects from within your locality – local neighborhoods, the city, or state as a whole.

This is why it’s a good idea to tag your location whenever you publish a post or Stories. Known as geotagging, this means your content will show up in the results whenever someone searches for content from your area.

To geotag a feed post, simply go to the caption editor page and add your location. To geotag an Insta Story, use the location sticker.

Focus your content on your location

Again, as your moving services target the local market, you can put yourself on the radar of potential customers by localizing your content.

Post pictures of recognizable landmarks in the area, your engagement with the local community, and pictures of your daily life in your neck of the woods. For added effect, include some local hashtags in your posts.

This is a form of niche targeting, and there are fewer things you can do that will give your business a better boost.

Consider paid ads

Speaking of niche targeting, it’s possible to zero in on specific audiences on Instagram.

Through Instagram ads, you can aim your message to your target customers, thereby increasing your exposure to local people who’re more likely to be interested in your offerings.

Do you offer dorm moving services? Great, you can run ads that target students in local colleges and campuses within your area, which should significantly boost your conversion rate and prove a good investment.

If you find it a challenge to make headway on Instagram, paid ads can give you a good lift.