Things to know before buying an Android phone

In this technology-driven age, the demand for smartphones has skyrocketed. It has become an overwhelming task to choose from the variety of options available. With each passing day, newer updates seep into our lives. We are full of notifications and apps that provide modern age solutions. Before buying a smartphone, be clear of your requirements. This will narrow down your search in the otherwise broad market of android phones.

It is easier said than done. But the confusion is real. Find some authentic choices to choose among Android phones. Become familiar with the features to look in for and research well. Here are some things that you must keep in mind before picking up your smartphone.


Processors are responsible for the overall functionality of your smartphone. Consider it as a smartphone’s brain. It is also called a chipset. This component has AI capabilities that make our phone literally smart. The latest ones are Snapdragon and Exynos, with different image processing capabilities. These come in all ranges, and be mindful to select one based on your budget.


RAM is your system memory and holds data used by active applications . Adequate RAM provides the luxury of having more apps on your phone. If you switch between 15-20 apps simultaneously, choose a phone with 12GB RAM or more. Light smartphone users require 3-4 GB to make calls or use WhatsApp. Generally, 6-8GB is considered suitable for power users.


We all want our phone’s display to be great. And the market has come up with one that is 6.9 inches. Consider the kind of content you consume and choose wisely. For games and media,5.7 inches or more seem to work well.AMOLED and LCD are display types with resolutions such as Full HD, Quad HD, etc. Be watchful of screen protection as well.


Sufficient storage is essential for smooth sharing and import. Presently, Flagship models have the standard of 128GB to 512GB, whereas lower end models have 64GB. Anything under 128 GB is not recommended. This will give you an adequate capacity for downloading apps and keeping data as per your needs. Expandable storage should also be looked out for before making a decision.

Battery Life

The battery’s aim should be that your phone works for the whole day during intensive use. 6 hours or more is the golden standard for flagship phones. Heavy users require higher competence on this front. Certain Mid-range and flagship phones pull up to 10 hours of screen time. Research online before making the final call.


Multi-cameras are in fashion nowadays. Gone are the days with one rear camera. Generally, the primary lens is equipped with a wide-angle shooter and portrait lens. Few manufacturers give additions such as color filters and macro lens as well. Suppose you are a keen photographer, then the market has a lot to offer. Otherwise, choose from basics and be content.

These are some basics to keep in mind before making the decision. You can also check for wireless charging, Dual sim, Bluetooth, Face unlock, etc. Android phones are evolving with time. Make a checklist and find your best fit.