The Creative’s Guide to Adobe Cloud Express

Adobe is a household name when it comes to graphic design and photography. Adobe’s flagship product, Photoshop, first came out in 1990.

In the past 30 years, it has evolved into the most powerful photo editing and graphic design software, making up a huge chunk of the overall market share.

But let’s be honest; Photoshop is hard to use. At least for newbies. It’s such a powerful tool that it can be overwhelming to those who are just starting out in the world of design.

If you are looking to edit and create an easy way, start with Adobe Cloud Express instead. This online tool offered by the same company gives you access to many different tools in a user-friendly format.

Keep reading below to learn more about Adobe Express and why it’s one of the best photo editing software options to date. 

What Is Adobe Cloud Express?

Photoshop, Adobe’s main product, is used extensively as both a photo editor and graphic design software. Today, it’s more of a creative tool than an image editor.

Likewise, Adobe Cloud Express is primarily a graphic design tool as opposed to a photo editor. Wonder how to edit photos in a beginner-friendly manner? Try Adobe Lightroom, which has a free mobile app.

As the name implies, Adobe Cloud Express lives in the cloud. It’s an online tool that doesn’t require you to download an app. And you can start using it for free, getting access to most of the tools.

It also offers a paid monthly plan which gives you full access to all design templates and elements for a low monthly fee. With the paid plan, you’ll also get access to some of Adobe’s other tools, such as Rush, the video editor, and Photoshop Express, a streamlined version of Photoshop. 

Adobe Express Features

So what can Adobe Express do? It allows you to create marketing materials. You can use it to create flyers, social media posts, posters, PDF documents, and so much more, though with the advancement in technology you can simply create marketing material with new software’s like ai brochure maker.

The platform gives you access to thousands of stock photos that you can incorporate into your designs. It also has thousands of fonts, so you can add text with easy resizing and restyling to create the perfect graphic.

You can remove background from an image with one click, giving you a transparent image so you can layer objects professionally. 

Adobe Express allows you to convert image files into various file types. And you can even edit video clips and convert them into animated gifs. 

Adobe Express gives you access to a wide range of super useful tools. You can use them to do things you never thought were possible without hiring an expensive designer. 

Given the fact that you can start using it for free and get access to the pro plan for less than $10 a month, using this tool is a no-brainer for all of your content creation needs. 

Adobe Has it All

Adobe continues to deliver year after year. They have some of the most advanced editing and design software options on the platform. And they also have easy-to-use photo editing software for beginners.

With Adobe Cloud Express, they give new designers simple tools that allow them to create professional marketing materials with ease. Get started today to see what you can create for free.

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