Top 3 Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks hosting works in a very easy manner after you’ve decided on the cloud hosting model that you’re going to use. People often talk about their files and data being on the cloud and this simply means that the data is stored on a separate server that they’re remotely connecting to using their system. A simple example of this is Google drive so you can easily store all your data on the drive and then access it from anywhere and from any device. That’s the whole concept behind cloud hosting.

QuickBooks Hosting enables you to put both the accounting software and the accounting data on a separate server so that you can enjoy the advantages that are offered by this technology.

Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

Because the data and software are stored on a separate server, QB hosting provides various benefits that QuickBooks desktop users can’t avail.

Let’s take look at the most significant benefits provided by QuickBooks cloud hosting:

1. Easily Scalable

Once your enterprise file gets too big or you need to process a whole lot of data, you’ll require more computing resources. If you have QB on your desktop, then you’ll have to upgrade the hardware to meet the new needs of the software.

For QuickBooks hosting, this is relatively easy. Instead of acquiring or purchasing new hardware, you can just scale up the resource requirement. The resources can be allocated fast to your server so that you don’t have to wait before performing a certain process or storing more data.

2. Accessibility

If you’re a firm owner, manager, or accountant, you want access to your financial data from any device and from anywhere. If you go for QB desktop, then you won’t be able to access your data nor will you be able to access your accounting software. QuickBooks hosting solves this problem by enhancing accessibility. Once you’ve installed the software on the server and saved your company files on it too, you can easily access your data on Cloud Desktop Service anytime and anywhere.

3. Highly Secure

We’re all worried about losing data that are essential for our business. That’s why cloud hosting is a better option. The server can have its security settings that can be optimized for maximum data protection. From setting up multiple levels of authentication to limiting user access, you can do everything with QB cloud hosting.

Now let’s come to an even more vital point. If you’ve QB installed on your desktop and the hard drive of the system fails, what will you be able to do to get back all your important accounting data? Not much, right?

QB hosting outshines the simple desktop version here. Servers usually have their copies, which are called mirrors and these mirrors can be accessed when the main server is down. The data is synced between these separate servers so you can make as many modifications as you want.


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