What Makes a Good Laser Engraver?

If you want to know what makes a good laser engraver, the following guide has all the information you need, whether you’re a small business or casual hobbyist.

The laser engraver machine industry is doing extremely well. By 2030, the industry is predicted to be worth around $5.4 billion, which is huge.

The reason why later engravers have become so popular is because they’re key for engraving metals, woods, glasses, and more. Without them, this would still need to be done manually, which takes significantly more time and is also costly.

It’s no secret that the laser engraver market is jam-packed with different brands and models to choose from, most of which offer something different from the other. Therefore, you can’t just dip your hand in a hat and pull out the first laser engraver you feel. Instead, you need to know what makes a good laser engraver in order to make smarter purchasing decisions. Luckily, this guide is here to help you.

1. The Brand

As briefly touched on just then, the first thing that makes a good laser engraver is the brand. Ideally, you should aim to buy a laser engraving machine from a brand like Lotus Laser. This way, you know the laser engraving machine you buy will be high quality and capable of engraving all the materials you use, from metals to plastics.

2. Power

Next, you’ll want a laser engraver that has an excellent power range. In most cases, 10 to 50 wattage (W) is more than suitable. However, if you need laser engraving for high-speed applications in manufacturing environments, then it’s possible that you’ll need a laser power greater than 70 W.

Remember, when it comes to laser engravers, the wider the power range, the better. The only downside to having more power is that (in most cases) you’ll need to pay more.

3. Scan Area

The scan area of a laser engraving machine is very important. If you need your laser engraver to make larger markings, then the scan area will need to be adequate. Generally, though, 300 x 300mm is more than enough. There are even some models on the market that come with smaller scan areas, such as 112 x 112mm, but these laser engravers are intended for engraving smaller items and products.

4. Price

Many businesses are currently on tight budgets and therefore can’t afford super expensive laser engravers. If you’re also in the same boat, then you’ll need to look out for laser engraving machines with fair and affordable prices.

At the lower end, you can find laser engravers that start at around £150. From there, they can go up into the thousands and even the hundreds of thousands. Don’t panic, though, because you can easily get a laser engraver that’s right for your business and falls between the £150 and £2,000 price bracket.

Final Thoughts

Moving into the future, the demand for laser engraving machines is going to keep increasing. Knowing this, you should invest in a good laser engraver today and future-proof your business. But before you make your purchase, make sure you carefully evaluate all the factors discussed in this guide.