How to Install Double Barn Doors in a Contemporary Room

People like double barn doors for their look and how they work. If you want to put in sliding doors at home, you need to know some things for good results.

These sliding doors are perfect for small places where doors that swing will not fit. They are good for storage rooms, food rooms, and rooms that need to be split. These doors go on a rail and slide easily. They do not need space for swinging.

Making a Room Look Big

Sliding doors can make a room look big. They do this trick by not blocking the view like swinging doors do. Rooms with sliding doors let in more light and connect to other rooms without a break. This is a great solution when you are working from home and need every square foot of available space.

Getting Ready to Put in Doors

You must plan before putting in the doors. You need to measure the door space carefully. Write down how wide and tall it is, and check the space for the parts you will fix to the door. You have to pick the right doors, thinking about what they are made of and their color. You must also think about the style of the parts.

Tools and Stuff You Need

You can install sliding doors with a few easy tools. You will need a turning tool, a hole-making tool, a straight tool, and other simple tools. You will also need doors, a rail for the doors, turn-in metal pieces, and other small parts.

When you get ready to install the doors, think about how they work so you can choose the right parts and stuff. You might need to consider the door’s weight and size. Consider also how much and how easily you will open them.

Putting up the track

Start by drawing marks on the wall where the track will go. Use a straight edge to make sure the track is level. After that, make starter holes for the track and fix it to the wall firmly. This will help the doors move smoothly.

Place the rollers on the door tops and on the track. Check that the doors move easily. If not, you might have to change the fittings to make them work better.

Put in door guides for straight movement. Look for any issues with how they line up and fix them if needed. These little changes can improve how well the sliding doors work.

Choosing door styles that fit the room

Think about the room when picking sliding doors. For a modern room, choose doors with clean lines and new looks. Using colors and materials that go together can help the doors match the room’s style.

When you place furniture around sliding doors, leave the area near them empty. This lets the doors open and close with nothing in the way. Also, the way you put furniture can make the room feel bigger. Using light color furniture and mirrors can give the feeling of more space. Metaphor: Sliding doors are like gateways between two worlds. They can separate and connect at the same time.

Taking Care of Barn Doors

A good way to make barn doors look nice is to dust them often with a soft cloth. For parts like handles and rollers, clean gently with a wet cloth. However, it is key not to use strong chemicals because they could harm the wood or metal.

Looking at the track and rollers can sometimes prevent big problems. For instance, if the track gets full of dirt or the rollers get loose, the doors might not line up properly. This could make the doors hard to open or close and could hurt the track, too.

If there is a problem, usually there are easy ways to fix it at home. Like if screws get loose, you can tighten them. If the doors are not straight, adjusting the rollers might fix it.


Installing double barn doors is an excellent way to add both functionality and style to any living space. These doors provide a contemporary look that can enhance a room’s overall aesthetic while allowing for more efficient use of space. Barn doors can be customized to fit a variety of design styles.