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Setup instructions

If you download direct using the button above, launch DejaOffice.apk from your Android browser's download folder. This will start the DejaOffice self-installer.

If your Android phone displays an "Install blocked" message, do the following:
1) Tap "Settings".
2) Check the box for "Unknown sources".
3) Tap "OK", then restart the installation.

Release Notes

DejaOffice 3.2.14 (764) (7/31/15)
-Fixed an issue where editing a calendar event in tablet mode would sometimes update fields incorrectly
-Added option to remove birthday alarms for generated birthdays once you set it in DejaCalendar Settings
-Fixed an issue where the microphone might not be usable when hitting the Search button in DejaOffice
-Added a line to the 4x4 widget to seperate days for calendar records, if multiple days are shown
-Added Sort By Category to DejaMemos
-Changed the location of the amount and date fields in DejaExpense list screen
-Added long press to address/location field on edit screen, which gives an option to clear the location/address field
-Fixed an issue where Map Nearby Contacts sometimes tried to show entries without a valid address
-Fixed an issue where changing the Holiday/Birthday/Anniversary category color did not update existing holiday/birthday/anniversary records
-Fixed an issue on DejaCalendar month view where long pressing wouldn't keep the context menu up long enough to be used
-Fixed an issue in tablet mode where alarm values might not default correctly when editing/adding a record
-Fixed some general crash issues
-Added new Time Zone Shift (Home Time Zone) option
-Fixed an issue where a linked contact for an event/task/etc would sometimes not show when clicked on
-Added Silence Time setting to DejaVoice Settings
-Added "Create contact copy" option to contact view screenViewing a masked private record will remask the record when leaving the screen
-When using Send Contact feature, the vcf file name will now contain the record name
-Fixed an issue where sometimes an address field wouldn't show values on the contact edit screen
-Fixed an issue where the history tab on a contact record would sometimes not show
-Fixed an issue where in calendar list view, multiday timed events would show the later events sorted incorrectly

DejaOffice 3.2.13 (754) (6/23/15)
-Fixed an issue where adding a contact picture on the contact edit screen would sometimes fail
-Fixed an issue where the dismiss/snooze option on the event view screen would sometimes show incorrectly
-Added options to the Map Nearby Records menu options for Today/This Week/On Date/Date Range/All
-Fixed an issue where birthday records in the calendar would sometimes not show the category
-Fixed an issue where templates would not sort correctly
-Fixed an issue where frequently wifi autosyncs could cause alarms to ring too frequently
-Fixed an issue where adding/modifying a contact in DejaOffice would not transfer to native until the sync was run manually
-Fixed an issue where adding a contact picture was failing when in tablet mode

DejaOffice 3.2.12 (746) (6/03/15)
-Fixed an issue where snoozed tasks would sometimes fail to ring later
-Fixed an issue where snoozed recurring events would sometimes ring past instances
-Fixed an issue where ICS files would sometimes fail to import
-Fixed various crashing issues

DejaOffice 3.2.11 (744) (6/02/15)
-Added Complete option to task alarm notification
-Changed shortcut name from "DejaCalendar - Last View" to "DejaCalendar" for newly created shortcuts
-Birthday and Anniversary records created for the calendar will now also contain the contact's categories
-Fixed issue where ICS files would sometimes fail to import

DejaOffice 3.2.10 (742) (5/21/15)
-Fixed an issue where birthday/anniversary/holiday records could be slow to load
-Fixed an issue where after a reboot, DejaCloud push sync wouldn't trigger until DejaOffice was launched
-Fixed an issue where Create Event Copy option of a task could create two instances
-Fixed an issue where copy and paste in DejaCalendar would sometimes not paste the last copied data
-Fixed an issue where switching screen orientations could cause edit screen changes to be lost when in tablet mode
-Fixed an issue where the 4x1 widget scrolled less frequently than specified
-Long pressing the address, location, or note field on a record view screen will now copy the information to the clipboard
-When Collect SMS is enabled, SMS will now also be collected when Contact screen is launched
-Automatic rollover of tasks will now check for rollover more frequently
-Fixed an issue where alarms might use the wrong alarm sound when it rings
-Fixed an issue where running DJO from the Sync shortcut would sometimes trigger additional syncs on screen orientation changes
-Added option to DejaTask settings to combine the tap zone for category and completion field on the list screen
-Added option when editing recurring tasks to edit All Instances or This Instance
-Added option to Map Nearby Contacts (based on address) on Contact list screen
-Alarms now show up to 8 events and 8 tasks, instead of 3
-Fixed First Day of Summer holiday option occurring on wrong day
-Changed event month view category colors to be the background instead of text color
-Added holiday option for Netherlands to DejaCalendar
-Fixed an issue where a calendar record would still be visible after being deleted from DejaCloud
-Fixed an issue where a calendar record shortcut might not show the record if the record was moved to another day
-Added Easter to additional holiday calendars
-Fixed DejaVoice preventing keyboard microphone from working while on edit screens
-Fixed an issue where importing a vcal/ics file might use the wrong timezone
-Added Sort By Category to task list screen
-Added option to Category Settings to change category filters back to single selection instead of multiple selection
-Added option to event view screen to Jump To the day/week/month/list screens
-Added option to DejaContact Settings to set the default phone number to display in the list view
-Added option to DejaJournal Settings to enable or disable the automatic creation of journal entries when clearing a task
-Increased the maximum number of search results in DejaOffice search from 200 to 1000
-Changed which fields were shown on Contact List screen when grouping by company
-Long pressing the location box in the location picker dialog will now give an option to clear the field
-Fixed an issue with importing/exporting vcal/ics files where allday multiday appointments were off a day
-Added holiday option for Switzerland to DejaCalendar
-Fixed an issue with Cloud push sync where it would not trigger later if the network wasn't available earlier
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the linking info for contacts linked to contacts would not be shown on the contact view screen
-Fixed an issue where private records with alarms would show the alarm with masked fields when not set to
-Fixed an issue where a snoozed event alarm would sometimes show the incorrect time on the view screen
-Fixed an issue where attachments might go away during a USB sync
-Added Map Nearby Events menu option to DejaCalendar screens
-Added Map Nearby Tasks menu option to DejaTask list screen
-Added Map Nearby Records menu option to DejaToday list screen

DejaOffice 3.2.9 (726) (4/14/15)
-Fixed task Move To Today option to automatically sync to DejaCloud if enabled
-DejaTask group Due Date now sorts by Subject then Priority, instead of just Subject
-Custom field labels for DejaContacts now only change in a sync if they are still the default values
-Deleting a multiday all day event now deletes properly
-Fixed font size on DejaContact view screen for phone numbers
-Fixed some phone numbers not being clickable in the note field
-Fixed an issue where DejaCloud auto sync would sometimes trigger even if autosync was disabled
-Fixed an issue where alarms would sometimes not show up
-Fixed an issue with DejaContacts where changing category filter did not refresh the view immediately
-Fixed an issue where a lot of contact records with birthdays would slow down the calendar display
-Fixed an issue where deleting a contact did not remove the birthday associated with it
-Increased tap zone width on the DejaContact alphabetical bar
-Fixed an issue with DejaCalendar week view, where flinging would sometimes not land on the start of the week

DejaOffice 3.2.8 (719) (3/27/15)
-Added long press option on list view to add event, task, etc.
-Added some DejaVoice improvements
-Fixed an issue where completed events would incorrectly show in "work week" view
-Fixed an issue where URL and Email links were not selectable
-Fixed an issue where the buttons on the category filter picker would sometimes not be readable

DejaOffice 3.2.7 (716) (3/23/15)
-Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent DejaCalendar from loading
-Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented Google Now's voice options from working properly

DejaOffice 3.2.6 (714) (3/20/15)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes contacts would fail to display after update
-Fixed an issue where contact pictures would fail to sync to native

DejaOffice 3.2.5 (712) (3/19/15)
-Added Voice Commands lets you speak to navigate, create appointments, contacts, tasks, notes.
-Added Text-to-Speech engine reads out loud your DejaToday, Tasks, Calendar, and more
-Added day of the week when grouping by due date
-Added Holidays to DejaCalendar
-Added options to group by Country or Country and Zip (City Code)
-Added Birthday Alarms
-Added DejaVoice options
-Added button to view entire note for large notes
-Added new menu option on view screens to "Copy Note Text"
-Added option to "Collect SMS" messages into DejaJournal
-Added option to customize the name of a DejaOffice shortcut
-Added option to the menu in view screen for events, tasks, and history to "Create Followup"
-Added option to include "Day View Details" to the event display
-Added location and priority fields to DejaJournal entries
-Added various improvements to Text to Speech functionality -Added prompt when swiping on contact list for call/sms/email/map if there is more than one phone/email/address for a contact
-Added Text to Speech for all conduits
-Added support for Google voice search, i.e. “Search for Lunch Meeting in DejaOffice”
-Added Review/Rate message prompt
-Added contact name display for the DejaJournal list
-Added new shortcut for DejaAlarms
-Added additional sort functionality to Franklin Covey tasks
-Fixed an issue where searching would sometimes not function
-Fixed an issue where sometimes unchecking the completion box would not remove the strike-through display
-Fixed an issue where some phone numbers were not selectable to dial
-Fixed an issue with XMPP failing to reestablish after losing Wifi connection
-Fixed some issues with alarms to improve reliability
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice did not autosync after tasks rolled over
-Fixed an issue so completing a recurring task will not create an alarm if the instance is in the past
-Fixed a display issue with DejaToday where Tasks with no due date would not show
-Fixed an issue with some German translations
-Fixed an issue with the Journal list sort order
-Fixed an issue where changing categories/completing items from the task list was difficult to select-Added option to sync birthdays and anniversaries to native
-Fixed an issue where alarms would ring at incorrect times
-Fixed an issue where sometimes contacts did not sync to Android native
-Fixed Caller ID display to show more data
-Fixed an issue where clicking "Go" on the keyboard would crash Dejaoffice during a search
-Fixed an issue where a linked contact would sometimes not show on a calendar event if syncing with DejaCloud
-Fixed an issue where searching in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean text would not match content
-Fixed an issue where start and end times could not be selected in the DejaCalendar template
-Fixed an issue with contact list white space
-Fixed an issue where categories would not display correctly in the DejaToday view
-Fixed an issue where text in the category menu while using the dark background was difficult to read
-Fixed an issue where completing a regenerating event in DejaOffice would not follow the correct regeneration pattern
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would sometimes crash after a USB sync
-Fixed an issue where a search did not start when a physical keyboard was used
-Fixed an issue where event details would always display as "Standard Time"
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would not load on Nexus 9 devices
-Fixed an issue where category colors could not be modified from a conduit
-Fixed an issue where the Dejatask scroll bar would sometimes jump down the list
-Fixed an issue where rotating the screen would sometimes trigger a sync
-Fixed an issue where the DejaToday widget would sometimes not display the name of the month on some devices in some languages
-Fixed various UI issues for Android 2.3 devices
-Fixed an issue with searching for contacts written in Bulgarian
-Fixed an issue where an existing contact's email would sometimes not be updated
-Fixed an issue with the contact alpha scroll being too small
-Fixed some general crashing issues

DejaOffice 3.1.3 (651) (09/15/14)
-Added attachments feature to Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Memos, Journal and Expenses
-Added option to set location picker to Manual for DejaContacts
-Added option to adjust for incorrect alarm times for some devices that may experience alarms times that are slightly off
-Fixed an issue in DejaToday with subjects longer than 1 line of text were missing the blue icon linking its location
-Fixed a display issue when adding a calendar event with contact on the Nexus 7
-Fixed issue where changing the due date on a task would not update the alarm
-Fixed an issue where a section of the Location Picker button would do nothing
-Fixed an issue where invites accepted via vcal would sometimes display the wrong time
-Fixed an issue where recurring events would not copy properly
-Fixed an issue where the DejaTask list would sometimes display incorrect dates
-Fixed an issue where sometimes a calendar event update would not display
-Added ability to disable auto-links for phone numbers, email, and websites in the note fields
-Fixed an issue where if both the background and text were white the memo would be unreadable
-Fixed an issue where sometimes phone numbers in custom fields would not dial if tapped

DejaOffice 3.1.2 (635) (07/17/14)
-New: Location Picker with map/street views
-New: Templates for quick creation of contacts, calendar, tasks, notes
-New: Android 4 alarm notifications
-New: Slider menu for easy switching between apps
-New: Android 4 style widgets, views and fonts
-Added setting for “Day view Event Height”
-Added DejaOffice Caller ID
-Added card views to Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Memos, Expense, and Journal detail screens
-Added map icon to alarm notification when location field is filled in
-Added grid week view and horizontal vs vertical modes
-Added option for alarm snooze options for automatic or prompt
-Added notes to calendar events that are 1 hour or longer
-Added option to clear Auto-Fill lists
-Added the ability for the DejaOffice 4x4 widget to display 2 lines of subject text
-Added option to switch existing contact address between Work, Home, and Other
-Added option to clear address
-Added new address format options
-Changed ‘Read Android Data’ feature to always be visible
-Changed default week day grid to vertical
-Fixed an issue where persistent alarms would sometimes ring late.
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would sometimes crash when adding a contact to a calendar event.
-Fixed an issue where sometimes linked contact details in an event would show even when not selected
-Fixed an issue where event alarms would ring at original time even if time of event was changed
-Fixed an issue where switching categories would sometimes fail when grouping with contacts
-Fixed an issue where changing Sort Order in DejaTasks would cause a crash
-Fixed an issue with slow launching if many alarms were scheduled
-Fixed an issue where some contact details would not be visible when in dark background and tablet mode
-Fixed an issue where sometimes events would not update after changing time zones
-Fixed an issue where sometimes rotating the screen would cause a crash
-Fixed an issue where WIFI sync would sometimes fail at the calendar sync
-Fixed various issues where sometimes native sync would fail
-Fixed an issue where saving “All instances” of recurring event after a time zone change would save the wrong time
-Fixed various background color issues
-Fixed issue with side bar menu in tablet mode
-Fixed issue where exporting DejaExpense entries would show an incorrect time
-Fixed an issue were rotating to landscape while creating a new template would prompt for a new template redundantly
-Fixed an issue where DejaAlarms would open a blank screen when in tablet mode
-Fixed an issue with calendar buttons when using the black background
-Fixed an issue where alarms could sometimes go off a few minutes late
-Fixed an issue where alarm buttons were not displaying properly
-Fixed an issue where sometimes highlighted text in search would disappear
-Fixed an issue with DejaTask sort by priority
-Fixed an issue with DejaToday widget not using localized date format
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the subject text and location text overlap in DejaAlarms
-Fixed an issue when 4x4 widget is resized to 2x2
-Fixed an issue were completed tasks were not always removed from widget
-Fixed an issue with calendar template defaults
-Fixed an issue where sometimes a calendar autocomplete field would show the wrong data
-Fixed an issue with weed day grid settings not taking effect
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would sometimes crash while creating a template
-Fixed an issue with DejaOffice where adding an email address from an existing email would not save
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the native sync with the DejaOffice contact account would not sync
-Fixed an issue were events would change to Busy
-Fixed an issue where duplicate “group by” options would be displayed
-Fixed an issue with memos not sorting properly
-Fixed an issue where deleted alarms would sometimes continue to ring
-Fixed an issue displaying priority string in task list
-Fixed an issue importing vcf files
-Fixed an issue where sometimes details would be missing from list view in tablet mode
-Fixed an issue where sometimes running a sync would delete personal ringtones
-Fixed an issue with exported DejaExpense text files would be missing decimal points
-Fixed an issue where sometimes home address would not be displayed in DejaContacts
-Fixed an issue where completed task alarms would still ring
-Fixed an issue where DejaContacts would sometimes be missing journal items
-Fixed an issue where All Day events would display the wrong time zone
-Fixed an issue where an appointment would be an hour behind in select instances
-Fixed an issue where the wrong date/time cell would highlight in DejaCalendar on some devices
-Fixed an issue where deletion of a new currency was not available in DejaExpense
-Fixed an issue with DejaTask alarms not ringing
-Fixed an issue where selecting a time slot of DejaCalendar would highlight the wrong day on some devices
-Fixed an issue with DejaCalendar where Daily view scrolling would lag on some devices
-Fixed an where daily regenerating task alarms would set to the wrong date
-Fixed an issue with adding an event with no time frame
-Fixed an issue in DejaCalendar where sometimes info would overlap each other
-Fixed an issue where sometimes alarms would not ring
-Fixed an issue with some recurring events displaying the wrong time zone after DST
-Fixed an issue were sometimes an .ics invite failed to add to DejaCalendar
-Fixed an issue with 15 minute appointments being unreadable
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would crash when editing a task
-Fixed an issue were sometimes an event could not be dragged and dropped on the hour on some devices
-Fixed an issue on DejaContacts where the alphabet slider was not visible
-Fixed an issue were DejaOffice Caller ID would not function on some Android OS’s
-Fixed an issue when syncing to Palm Desktop where Work Fax number would sync as Other
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the location picker would display only black boxes
-Fixed an issue where the DejaToday Widget would display linked contacts even when not enabled
-Fixed an issue where current day in week grid view was not being highlighted
-Fixed an issue where the side menu bar text was sometimes not visible
-Fixed an issue with changing the weekend color on DejaCalendar
-Fixed an issue where sometimes selecting specific categories to sync to native calendar would not save in sync settings
-Fixed an issue where the location picker would prevent address entry when without a data connection
-Fixed an issue where contacts added to the native contacts would sometimes not sync to DejaContacts
-Fixed an issue where completed recurring tasks alarms would not disable if completed
-Fixed more general crashing issues
-Fixed an issue where sometimes DejaOffice would treat a task with mostly similar information as a duplicate

DejaOffice 2.5.9 (538) (2/04/14)
-Added more options to store phone number types to DejaContacts after a call
-Added confirm button to roll forward tasks
-Added confirm button to merge duplicates
-Added ability to add Task or Calendar item from DejaToday screen
-Added ability to copy from view screen on contact or calendar event
-Added ability to sort and/or group by a custom field
-Added calendar graphic to indicate existing events currently out of view
-Added ability in DejaToday to limit display by category
-Added option to send calendar events in VCS format (works for Outlook 2003)
-Added prompts to clarify alarm settings when syncing to native calendar
-Added more default calendar event duration options
-Added option to view record counts (Logging and Support Settings)
-Added dropdown menu feature for last choices on Calendar, Task, Memo, or Journal
-Added option to create task from calendar event and vise versa
-Added ability for contact shortcuts to include the contact picture
-Added ability to default new calendar events to a specific category
-Added Dejacontact notes back to details view
-Fixed issue where omitted alarms during a meeting would never ring, now will ring when meeting is over
-Fixed an issue with merging categories
-Fixed an issue where 15 minute events would not stack properly in DejaCalendar day view
-Fixed an issue where alarm notifications would not display correct time details
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would sometimes not automatically sync after decrypting the database
-Fixed an issue where journal entries would sometimes not be sorted with newest on top
-Fixed an issue with color contrast on sync status box on some devices
-Fixed an issue with "Not Started" status appearing on the DejaTask list screen
-Fixed an issue event duration did not display on some calendar views
-Fixed "History" section to say "Journal" instead

DejaOffice 2.5.8 (531) (1/09/14)
-Fixed an issue with encrypted databases with devices running Android 4.4
-Fixed an issue with multiple alarms displaying the alert time
-Fixed a UI issue that occurred while copying tasks
-Fixed an issue where sending a log would not automatically include the support email address
-Fixed an issue where clearing unused categories would still delete categories in use
-Fixed an issue where contacts pictures would sometimes shrink
-Fixed an issue with a slow native calendar sync
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would sometimes not read all the DejaCloud data

DejaOffice 2.5.7 (518) (11/05/13)
-Fixed an issue where DJOA would crash randomly
-Fixed an issue that caused battery drain while syncing via Bluetooth
-Fixed an issue where a category updated in DJOA would not delete the original category
-Fixed an issue with events syncing an hour early on the day of DST
-Fixed an issue in DejaTasks when defaulting due date as today was defaulting to the wrong day
-Fixed an issue were DJOA would sometimes crash during a WIFI sync
-Fixed an issue where the items/journal on the history tab didn’t always show
-Fixed an issue where private contact records would sometimes sync to native

DejaOffice 2.5.6 (509) (10/10/13)
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would sometimes crash during a sync if running Android 2.3 or lower.
-Fixed an issue with the DejaCalendar App shortcut appearing in the applications section of the device
-Fixed an issue with search not working for the note section of DejaMemos
-Fixed an issue with contacts sometimes not syncing from DejaCloud
-Fixed an issue with DejaCalendar displaying Mutli-Day events an extra day in certain time zones
-Fixed an issue with editing a record in DejaToday displaying a blank task while in tablet mode
-Fixed an issue with All-Day recurring events shifting while opened for editing in certain time zones

DejaOffice 2.5.5 (504) (10/02/13)
-Fixed an issue where font was too large in Month view for DejaCalendar
-Fixed an issue where no tasks would display if Group By was set to Category for DejaTasks

DejaOffice 2.5.4 (500) (09/30/13)
-General improvements to DejaCalendar for usability and display
-New Feature - DejaOffice now runs in Samsung Multiscreen window
-Improved Monthly recurring event options
-Can now update existing DejaContact record from native Android phone app
-Fixed an issue with custom font sizes
-Fixed an issue with phone fields in DejaContact records
-Fixed an issue adding events to 3 day Day View
-Fixed an issue where DejaCloud synchronization could fail

DejaOffice 2.5.3 (490) (09/13/13)
-New Feature: WiFi Only setting for Push Sync (DejaCloud)
-DejaCalendar Day & Week view changes for Tablet Mode: Day view now defaults to 3 days, Week view to 7
-DejaToday now has the same sort options as DejaTask
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice could crash on open
-Fixed an issue where opening a vCard with DejaOffice could cause a crash
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice did not show as an option when opening an email invite attachment
-Fixed an issue where All Day event alarms did not save,ring correctly
-Fixed an issue where phone number could become de-formatted in DejaContacts

DejaOffice 2.5.2 (484) (08/02/13)
-Fixed an issue with Search being very slow
-Fixed an issue where long pressing on calendar item did not display correct subject
-Added new settings to DejaTasks - Default Start Date, Default Due Date
-Fixed an issue where the notes field was cutoff if sending record via email or SMS
-Fixed issue where DejaOffice did not see the external SD card on the Galaxy S4
-Fixed an issue where multiple calls did not initiate DejaJournal/DejaContacts prompt
-Fixed an issue with HTC One where task alarms did not ring

DejaOffice 2.5.1 (480) (07/12/13)
-Added option to turn off automatic Journal entry creation for completed Tasks (DejaJournal Settings)
-Added option to wipe all records for each conduit
-Added option to merge duplications, wipe all records for Categories
-Under Widgets, 1x1 option now appears as DejaOffice Shortcuts - to clarify purpose/use
-Can now add widgets to lock screen (for Android v4.2)
-Fixed issue where widgets were not sized correctly for some devices
-Moving the application to the SD card will now result in a prompt/warning that some DejaOffice functions can be affected
-Search now includes Journal
-Search now ignores characters {},[],() to more accurately return results
-Added option to include/exclude completed tasks from Search
-DejaToday and widgets now pay attention to "Show Completed" setting in DejaToday
-Phone fields that contain text (ex: 555-555-5555 Secretary) can now be dialed correctly
-Added duration of 30 minutes, default duration for DejaCalendar events
-Improved scaling in DejaCalendar
-When sorting by Due Date, DejaTasks now does secodary sort by Priority, Subject
-Added option to Synchronize Notes to Android Contacts - default is set to off
-Added Group By GTD Status (Getting Things Done) to DejaTasks
-Added Sort By Start Date to DejaTasks
-Added better explanation for Delete contacts/calendar from Android app
-DejaJournal entry can now be saved without Subject
-Added Category Settings
-Added Sort By Contact to DejaJournal
-DejaJournal can now automatically log calls (can set to Never, Prompt or Automatic)
-Can now configure Search to ignore Notes for all record types
-Widget will now display full date for future events
-Widget will now display full date with year for tasks if year is not current year
-Dark background will now differentiate from weekend days, current day in DejaCalendar
-Fixed an issue where the Search icon was missing from Tablet View
-Fixed an issue where linking contacts to DejaTask records did not work
-Fixed an issue where Address field was removed by editing a record
-Fixed an issue where All Day event alarms did not sync correctly
-Fixed an issue where synchronization with Android apps could fail if the display turned off
-Fixed an issue where filtering by category could cause DejaMemos to crash
-Fixed an issue where some options were not visible in the Tablet mode menus

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