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Visit the Amazon Appstore on your phone. Search for "DejaOffice". Tap the DejaOffice icon, then tap Get App.

Setup instructions

If you download direct using the button above, launch DejaOffice.apk from your Android browser's download folder. This will start the DejaOffice self-installer.

If your Android phone displays an "Install blocked" message, do the following:
1) Tap "Settings".
2) Check the box for "Unknown sources".
3) Tap "OK", then restart the installation.

Click here for older versions and release history

Release Notes

DejaOffice 4.2.7 (979) (4/17/2017)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the DejaOffice database would be missing after a sync
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the DejaOffice contact account in native contacts would not display when adding new contacts

DejaOffice 4.2.6 (971) (2/22/2017)
-Added Push sync improvements
-Fixed an issue where sometimes in DejaCalendar Grid View the bottom half would be blank
-Fixed general crash reports

DejaOffice 4.2.5 (968) (2/15/2017)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the font size in DejaCalendar would appear to big
-Fixed an issue where sometimes icon indicators in the Dejatask list would not display properly
-Fixed an issue where sometimes tapping the Today button in DejaCalendar would have no effect
-Adjusted default setting for "Day/Week view high res font size"

DejaOffice 4.2.4 (965) (2/08/2017)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes Map Nearby Contacts would miss some contacts
-Fixed an issue where de-duping would sometimes merge similar names
-Fixed an issue where sometimes deleting an attachment in a DejaCloud sync would not sync the delete
-Fixed an issue where sometimes opening event details would display the bottom of a long note
-Fixed an issue where the department field was not being included in a contact search
-Fixed an issue where updated alarms in native calendar would not update in DejaOffice
-Fixed an issue where sometimes scrolling through calendar would scroll too fast
-Fixed an issue where the search scope was not limited to selected app (i.e. A search in DejaContacts will now only search for contacts)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes a USB sync would not initiate after the first sync
-Fixed an issue where sometimes an alarm would not snooze
-Added options to eliminate the phone number display and email addresses
-Added sort by group date to DejaExpenses

DejaOffice 4.2.3 (947) (11/21/2016)
-Fixed various crash issues

DejaOffice 4.2.2 (944) (11/12/2016)
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would crash when opening an encrypted database

DejaOffice 4.2.1 (942) (11/11/2016)
-Added support for Android 6.0 permission prompts
-Improved alarm ring time logic
-Fixed autogenerated birthday/anniversary record view screens sometimes showing the wrong end date
-Completing an event/task from the view screen should now trigger a cloud push sync
-Fixed various crash issues
-When searching for recurring events, taping on an entry will now show closest instance to today, instead of first instance
-Improved Month view widget appearance if it is made really small
-Fixed sort by not working issue with tasks when Group By Contacts is enabled
-Fixed issue with records not being saved sometimes if user exits the edit screens in unexpected ways
-Removed delete icon from titlebar

DejaOffice 4.1.8 (928) (07/28/16)
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the Departmennt field would not sync in contacts
-Fixed an issue where sometimes ringtones would not play correctly on some devices
-Fixed an issue where sometimes editing a record would sometimes cause a note to be lost
-Fixed an issue where sort options had no effect when grouping by contact
-Removed delete option from title bar
-General crash fixes

DejaOffice 4.1.7 (925) (07/06/16)
-Fixed an issue where app would crash if the database was encrypted

DejaOffice 4.1.6 (924) (07/06/16)
-Fixed crash issue on Android OS 2.3
-Fixed general crash reports
-Fixed an issue where tapping a phone number in the contact note field would not dial the number
-Fixed an issue where attempting to delete a memo does not show a "Are you sure?" message
-Fixed an issue where tapping an email in a custom field would not launch the email app
-Fixed an issue where rotating the phone could change Free/Busy status when editing an event

DejaOffice 4.1.5 (919) (06/09/16)
-Fixed an issue where the context menu in a record's detail view would not respond

DejaOffice 4.1.4 (916) (06/02/16)
-Added "Today" button to day picker
-Added option to search within selected categories
-Fixed an issue where image attachments would not display in tasks
-Fixed an issue where DejaToday would show future days when set to show 0 days
-Fixed an issue where the DejaOffice contact account would not appear in native contacts on some devices
-Fixed an issue with graphical alignment for All Day events in Day view

DejaOffice 4.1.3 (906) (04/29/16)
-Added search feature to now work with multi-select
-Fixed a display issue that would sometimes occur with the date picker
-Fixed an issue where weekend color was not shown in day view
-Fixed an issue where search would not work properly with non-latin characters
-Fixed an issue where record attachments would not sync with DejaCloud sync
-Improved bluetooth sync
-Fixed an issue where contacts would not be associated with their category
-Fixed some issues with calendar when using German language
-Fixed a photo orientation issue when using the camera to add an attachments
-Fixed a few field mapping issues when using a WIFI sync

DejaOffice 4.1.2 (900) (04/20/16)
-Fixed StartDate being shown instead of DueDate on Task List/TodayList/TaskView/Widget screens
-Fixed DJO V2 Colors and DJO V3 Colors, so text color is no longer white on white or black on black

DejaOffice 4.1.1 (898) (04/19/16)
-Material Design Interface.
-We've adjusted icons and colors to conform with Material Design specs.
(If you like the old look, it is still found in the App. Select DejaOffice 3 UI in General Settings.)
-New Calendar colors. Calendar background colors may now be set under DejaCalendar Settings.
-New Icons, updated edit screens.
-Added support for Remote Wipe in DejaCloud Sync
-Added multi-select on list views for batch delete, batch update

DejaOffice 3.2.28 (885) (04/01/16)
-Fixed crash issue when adding a new contact with a phone number from dialer
-Fixed issue where completing a recurring task sometimes would not generate a new alarm immediately
-Synchronize shortcut will now automatically close DejaOffice once sync is complete
-Updated wizard to use flat button style
-Fixed issue where Wi-Fi sync service might not restart properly after changing Wi-Fi networks
-Fixed category color on view screen after adding returning from adding a category on an edit screen

DejaOffice 3.2.27 (881) (03/23/16)
-Added Exit option to side menu
-Changed Group By header on list fields to be the same size
-Settings screen no longer changes based on font size setting

DejaOffice 3.2.26 (878) (03/21/16)
-Fix for records adding a category sometimes not saving
-Fix for sync progress not showing on Wifi sync
-Fix for Wipe option in DejaCalendar settings not working
-Fix for Clear Unused Categories not sending the deletes when syncing to DejaCloud
-Fixed event list screen sometimes highlighting an appointment it shouldn't
-Fixed issue when adding data from another app to an existing contact, the search might not behave correctly
-Added confirmation prompt to Rollover option in DejaToday
-Fixed crash when creating a task template
-Fixed an issue where filtering out large numbers of categories could prevent list screens from working
-Added copy/paste options for event week grid view
-Added option to show category filter on list screen when no filter is selected
-Added options for Show Completed to specify the number of days you want to see completed records for
-Added multi select on list screens
-Added button to DejaContact edit screen to add a date/time stamp to the note
-Added option to DejaContacts to include Next Action in list view
-Changed Last Sync time display to show today/yesterday/day of week
-Fixed crash in 4x4 DejaToday widget

DejaOffice 3.2.25 (866) (02/24/16)
-Fix for Wifi sync sometimes failing with connect
-Fix for crash on startup for some users

DejaOffice 3.2.24 (862) (02/18/16)
-Added option to delete Past Instances of recurring events
-Added 'Add Contact' button to top of event edit screen, which will also put the contact name in the subject line
-Fixed an issue in event list where the background color of a record might be incorrect
-Added option on event Wipe Records option to specify a date for how old you want to delete
-Added ability to set multiple address lines in location picker manual entry
-Added Font Size option in Font Setting->Custom screen for DejaToday 4x4 widget
-Fix for alarms sometimes not being able to be snoozed
-Fix for Group By Categories on Event List screen not working
-Fix for Group By Contacts with Category filter on Journal list screen not working
-Fixed an issue in Contact List where swipe to call/email/sms/map was not working if only one phone/email/address existed on that record
-Fixed an issue where completing the last instance of a recurring task would not clear the alarm
-Added delete confirmation prompt on task edit screen
-Added delete confirmation prompt on contact edit screen
-Added Send Email option to contact view screen, which will prompt or send to multiple email addresses if linked to multiple contact records
-Added Send SMS option to contact view screen, which will prompt or send to multiple phone numbers if linked to multiple contact records
-Added Austrian holidays
-Updated languages for German and Dutch
-Fixed issue when grouping by category and filtering out completed events not showing correctly
-Fixed issue on History List screen to keep position after viewing a record and coming back
-Changed search within each app to pay attention to current category filter
-Tweaks for alarms sometimes not dismissing/snoozing
-Completing a task from the edit screen will now clear the alarm
-Fixed an issue on the task list screen where the day of week might be wrong when sorting by alarm time
-Fixed an issue where showing multiple holidays on the same day wouldn't show up on the today screen/widgets
-Added option to filter and search by Category on event month screen
-Fixed an issue where creating a copy of a record from the list screen wasn't working if in tablet mode
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice was not able to read a contact Shared from native contacts
-Attachments of images now show a thumbnail instead of a generic icon
-Added message if GPS location is not available and Map Nearby Records menu option is selected

DejaOffice 3.2.22 (825) (12/15/15)
-Fixed a potential low memory issue during native sync
-Fixed an issue where DejaToday sometimes showed contacts that were not linked to records for today
-Fixed an issue with DejaCalendar Weekend Color settings not working correctly
-Fixed an issue for Text to Speech on Event List view to start with the top most visible entry instead of older ones
-Fixed various crash issues

Note for specific devices

Select AT&T Android phones
Some AT&T phones do not have the "Unknown sources" checkbox and cannot install the app directly from this page. These customers must install the app from the Android Market.

NOTE: If syncing via USB, your device must be placed in "Charge Only" (or similar) mode. This mode can vary by device. Click for specific device notes when synchronizing via USB.