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QR Code

If you have the Barcode Scanner app (or any other QR code reader) on your Android device, just point it at this QR code to jump right to DejaOffice on the Android Market.

Setup instructions

If you download direct using the button above, launch DejaOffice.apk from your Android browser's download folder. This will start the DejaOffice self-installer.

If your Android phone displays an "Install blocked" message, do the following:
1) Tap "Settings".
2) Check the box for "Unknown sources".
3) Tap "OK", then restart the installation.

Release Notes

DejaOffice 3.1.1 (580) Beta (03/24/14)
-Added new side menu for main screen icons
-Added setting for “Day view Event Height”
-Added DejaOffice Caller ID
-Added card views to Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Memos, Expense, and Journal detail screens
-Added map icon to alarm notification when location field is filled in
-Added grid week view and horizontal vs vertical modes
-Updated alarm notifications
-Fixed an issue where an appointment would be an hour behind in select instances
-Fixed an issue where the wrong date/time cell would highlight in DejaCalendar on some devices
-Fixed an issue where deletion of a new currency was not available in DejaExpense
-Fixed an issue with DejaTask alarms not ringing
-Fixed an issue where selecting a time slot of DejaCalendar would highlight the wrong day on some devices
-Fixed an issue with DejaCalendar where Daily view scrolling would lag on some devices
-Fixed an where daily regenerating task alarms would set to the wrong date
-Fixed an issue with adding an event with no time frame
-Fixed an issue in DejaCalendar where sometimes info would overlap each other
-Fixed an issue where sometimes alarms would not ring
-Fixed an issue with some recurring events displaying the wrong time zone after DST
-Fixed an issue were sometimes an ..ics invite failed to add to DejaCalendar
-Fixed an issue with 15 minute appointments being unreadable
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would crash when editing a task

DejaOffice 2.5.9 (538) (2/04/14)
-Added more options to store phone number types to DejaContacts after a call
-Added confirm button to roll forward tasks
-Added confirm button to merge duplicates
-Added ability to add Task or Calendar item from DejaToday screen
-Added ability to copy from view screen on contact or calendar event
-Added ability to sort and/or group by a custom field
-Added calendar graphic to indicate existing events currently out of view
-Added ability in DejaToday to limit display by category
-Added option to send calendar events in VCS format (works for Outlook 2003)
-Added prompts to clarify alarm settings when syncing to native calendar
-Added more default calendar event duration options
-Added option to view record counts (Logging and Support Settings)
-Added dropdown menu feature for last choices on Calendar, Task, Memo, or Journal
-Added option to create task from calendar event and vise versa
-Added ability for contact shortcuts to include the contact picture
-Added ability to default new calendar events to a specific category
-Added Dejacontact notes back to details view
-Fixed issue where omitted alarms during a meeting would never ring, now will ring when meeting is over
-Fixed an issue with merging categories
-Fixed an issue where 15 minute events would not stack properly in DejaCalendar day view
-Fixed an issue where alarm notifications would not display correct time details
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would sometimes not automatically sync after decrypting the database
-Fixed an issue where journal entries would sometimes not be sorted with newest on top
-Fixed an issue with color contrast on sync status box on some devices
-Fixed an issue with "Not Started" status appearing on the DejaTask list screen
-Fixed an issue event duration did not display on some calendar views
-Fixed "History" section to say "Journal" instead

DejaOffice 2.5.8 (531) (1/09/14)
-Fixed an issue with encrypted databases with devices running Android 4.4
-Fixed an issue with multiple alarms displaying the alert time
-Fixed a UI issue that occurred while copying tasks
-Fixed an issue where sending a log would not automatically include the support email address
-Fixed an issue where clearing unused categories would still delete categories in use
-Fixed an issue where contacts pictures would sometimes shrink
-Fixed an issue with a slow native calendar sync
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would sometimes not read all the DejaCloud data

DejaOffice 2.5.7 (518) (11/05/13)
-Fixed an issue where DJOA would crash randomly
-Fixed an issue that caused battery drain while syncing via Bluetooth
-Fixed an issue where a category updated in DJOA would not delete the original category
-Fixed an issue with events syncing an hour early on the day of DST
-Fixed an issue in DejaTasks when defaulting due date as today was defaulting to the wrong day
-Fixed an issue were DJOA would sometimes crash during a WIFI sync
-Fixed an issue where the items/journal on the history tab didn’t always show
-Fixed an issue where private contact records would sometimes sync to native

DejaOffice 2.5.6 (509) (10/10/13)
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice would sometimes crash during a sync if running Android 2.3 or lower.
-Fixed an issue with the DejaCalendar App shortcut appearing in the applications section of the device
-Fixed an issue with search not working for the note section of DejaMemos
-Fixed an issue with contacts sometimes not syncing from DejaCloud
-Fixed an issue with DejaCalendar displaying Mutli-Day events an extra day in certain time zones
-Fixed an issue with editing a record in DejaToday displaying a blank task while in tablet mode
-Fixed an issue with All-Day recurring events shifting while opened for editing in certain time zones

DejaOffice 2.5.5 (504) (10/02/13)
-Fixed an issue where font was too large in Month view for DejaCalendar
-Fixed an issue where no tasks would display if Group By was set to Category for DejaTasks

DejaOffice 2.5.4 (500) (09/30/13)
-General improvements to DejaCalendar for usability and display
-New Feature - DejaOffice now runs in Samsung Multiscreen window
-Improved Monthly recurring event options
-Can now update existing DejaContact record from native Android phone app
-Fixed an issue with custom font sizes
-Fixed an issue with phone fields in DejaContact records
-Fixed an issue adding events to 3 day Day View
-Fixed an issue where DejaCloud synchronization could fail

DejaOffice 2.5.3 (490) (09/13/13)
-New Feature: WiFi Only setting for Push Sync (DejaCloud)
-DejaCalendar Day & Week view changes for Tablet Mode: Day view now defaults to 3 days, Week view to 7
-DejaToday now has the same sort options as DejaTask
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice could crash on open
-Fixed an issue where opening a vCard with DejaOffice could cause a crash
-Fixed an issue where DejaOffice did not show as an option when opening an email invite attachment
-Fixed an issue where All Day event alarms did not save,ring correctly
-Fixed an issue where phone number could become de-formatted in DejaContacts

DejaOffice 2.5.2 (484) (08/02/13)
-Fixed an issue with Search being very slow
-Fixed an issue where long pressing on calendar item did not display correct subject
-Added new settings to DejaTasks - Default Start Date, Default Due Date
-Fixed an issue where the notes field was cutoff if sending record via email or SMS
-Fixed issue where DejaOffice did not see the external SD card on the Galaxy S4
-Fixed an issue where multiple calls did not initiate DejaJournal/DejaContacts prompt
-Fixed an issue with HTC One where task alarms did not ring

DejaOffice 2.5.1 (480) (07/12/13)
-Added option to turn off automatic Journal entry creation for completed Tasks (DejaJournal Settings)
-Added option to wipe all records for each conduit
-Added option to merge duplications, wipe all records for Categories
-Under Widgets, 1x1 option now appears as DejaOffice Shortcuts - to clarify purpose/use
-Can now add widgets to lock screen (for Android v4.2)
-Fixed issue where widgets were not sized correctly for some devices
-Moving the application to the SD card will now result in a prompt/warning that some DejaOffice functions can be affected
-Search now includes Journal
-Search now ignores characters {},[],() to more accurately return results
-Added option to include/exclude completed tasks from Search
-DejaToday and widgets now pay attention to "Show Completed" setting in DejaToday
-Phone fields that contain text (ex: 555-555-5555 Secretary) can now be dialed correctly
-Added duration of 30 minutes, default duration for DejaCalendar events
-Improved scaling in DejaCalendar
-When sorting by Due Date, DejaTasks now does secodary sort by Priority, Subject
-Added option to Synchronize Notes to Android Contacts - default is set to off
-Added Group By GTD Status (Getting Things Done) to DejaTasks
-Added Sort By Start Date to DejaTasks
-Added better explanation for Delete contacts/calendar from Android app
-DejaJournal entry can now be saved without Subject
-Added Category Settings
-Added Sort By Contact to DejaJournal
-DejaJournal can now automatically log calls (can set to Never, Prompt or Automatic)
-Can now configure Search to ignore Notes for all record types
-Widget will now display full date for future events
-Widget will now display full date with year for tasks if year is not current year
-Dark background will now differentiate from weekend days, current day in DejaCalendar
-Fixed an issue where the Search icon was missing from Tablet View
-Fixed an issue where linking contacts to DejaTask records did not work
-Fixed an issue where Address field was removed by editing a record
-Fixed an issue where All Day event alarms did not sync correctly
-Fixed an issue where synchronization with Android apps could fail if the display turned off
-Fixed an issue where filtering by category could cause DejaMemos to crash
-Fixed an issue where some options were not visible in the Tablet mode menus

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Note for specific devices

Select AT&T Android phones
Some AT&T phones do not have the "Unknown sources" checkbox and cannot install the app directly from this page. These customers must install the app from the Android Market.

NOTE: If syncing via USB, your device must be placed in "Charge Only" (or similar) mode. This mode can vary by device. Click for specific device notes when synchronizing via USB.