How to Organize The Perfect Suitcase

How to organize the suitcase to save space may seem complicated at first, but everything has its tricks and strategies. After this article you will be able to pack an efficient and organized suitcase. Without a doubt, without forgetting anything and in a way that saves space.

Forget about carrying a briefcase with you and start being a little more practical. With these simple tips and methods you could even travel with just carry-on luggage if you feel like it. And you can deal with any luggage sale without doubt.

There are several methods of organization and folding that together with a few little tricks you will not only have the perfect suitcase but also save space. Interesting, right? Then keep reading.
Personally, I only travel with hand luggage, be it a trip of 3 days, a week, or months.
With these tips and tricks, you too will be able to pack your carry-on without any problems.
Here are the basic steps to organize the perfect suitcase.

Have A Travel List

Normally, everyone is more organized when they have a plan. So I created a list to know what to bring in the suitcase that I use whenever I have to pack it. This way, I don’t forget anything.

Download Travel List

You can print it with any of your home wireless printers. I advise you to take it with you on your trip and when you return, analyze a little what you used and if you missed something. If you don’t want to have the travel list printed, you can copy it into Evernote, a free notes application that can be synced with your mobile. In this way, you will always have it at hand.

Pack On Short Trips

Organize the list by outfits / combinations of clothes that you will wear. Put the clothes on the bed and visualize what you will wear each day. Once you have it, add it to the list so you don’t forget anything.

Pack On Long Trips

For longer trips or more relaxed vacations, organize the list by clothing type:

T-shirts first
Then the pants
The swimsuit…

Why Does A List Help?

Because there are things that we do not put in the suitcase until the last minute. Until the last moment, we use the toothbrush, the mobile charger … but we do not want to forget them.

Seeing that the brand I have is not on my list makes me instantly put it in my suitcase before leaving home. When choosing clothes, keep in mind that tricot, wool and cotton wrinkle less and are more versatile. Also consider adding garments that can be multi functional. This is very useful for packing a suitcase for air travel, that is, when you only travel with a carry-on.

For example:

Yoga pants can also be your pajama bottoms.
The first shirt you wear during the trip, if it is made of comfortable cotton, it may be the one you wear as your pajamas for the rest of the trip.

In essence, preparing what to bring is simple. What you need is a written list and a tendency to get rid of anything that is not really necessary on your later journey.