How to Develop Common Knowledge with Trivia Board Games?

Trivia games generally revolve around popular art, culture, science, and several other subjects. These games also include questions about insignificant events of history. Trivia games have been popular in human history. They include basic topics of education and served as a foundation for higher education. Here we have discussed how to develop common knowledge with trivia board games.

Recalling Things You Have Heard

The world is filled with sounds. Every day, you hear thousands of new sounds like a new song, piano tune, the sound of a passing car, and different sounds that reach your ear. These sounds carry information about things around you, and you need to listen carefully to these sounds and try to extract information from them.

The trivia games generally include questions on things that you hear on a daily basis. It could be a motivational speech by the head of an educational institution, music, phrases, or song lyrics. Thus, these games can increase your common knowledge about various sounds.

Recalling Things You Saw

Your eyes see visuals, and your brain stores information about it. The visuals could be related to a movie, TV show, or any natural scenery you might have seen in a book.There are hundreds of trivia games available on sporting events, movies, and many more visual topics. Trivia board games like Boom Again contain easily more than 2000+ questions in each category, allowing you to increase your knowledge about sports or common knowledge topics. 

Recalling Things You Learned On the Streets

All knowledge you have garnered in life comes from different sources. You learn many things when you venture outside your homes. It may be fashion trends, social changes, and gossips about different people, drug culture, cars, and many more things.  The trivia games include hundreds of questions on the subjects mentioned above that allows you to gather more knowledge about the world you live in.

Recall Things You Learn In School

Primary education includes many things that are closely connected to your life. As you grow older, you tend to forget this knowledge as you are inclined to learn essential things to earn a livelihood. Trivia games have a series of questions based on the knowledge that was delivered by the school in the early stages of life. The trivia games make you nostalgic, but it is quite interesting to learn the basic things all over again that are part of life.


As you grow older, the news becomes the primary source of information. However, new changes every day, and you move ahead with life forgetting important events. The trivia games allow you to recall important news that has changed the course of human lives.  These board games include questions, wars, murders, world events, sport, and politics. Trivia games based on news categories can add to your shared knowledge and significantly increase your understanding of events that have affected human life and countries. 

Movies and TV Series

Movies are commonly the topic for Trivia Games, and so if you are a real videophile then you can excel in this category. Also streaming TV series from Desperate Housewives Season 1, to Mob Psycho 100 Season 3, you will be well served for your knowledge of the topic.

Selecting Trivia Games

Trivia games are available in different languages and difficulty levels. In general, the trivia games have more than 6000 questions that allow you to expand your knowledge base to a great extent.

Benefits of Trivia games

  • Trivia games are known to increase social engagement. People who participate in these games have higher cognitive function than people who do not play them.The reason is by answering various questions on different topics, you not only retain knowledge but also recall information that you might have heard, read, or seen in the past.
  • Retaining information is a crucial brain exercise that expands your knowledge.  It allows for the improvement of mental capabilities and developing your intelligence. Participating in trivia board games also encourages innovation, foster creativity, and enhances problem-solving skills.
  • Playing trivia games is also an excellent opportunity to spend time with your family while increasing your common knowledge in the process.  It gives you good opportunities to strike a conversation, exchange information, and foster a connection. 
  • Trivia games help in building communities by sharing common knowledge.  It is a unique way to build relationships by sharing tasks that involve finding answers to the questions. 

Playing a trivia game is an excellent opportunity to recall information as you have already lived the answers. The questions are designed to invoke the memories and unlock the potential of your mind.

To sum up, the human mind is a gold mine of information that often lies unutilized. The trivia games allow you to train your mind to recall this information when needed.  To improve your common knowledge, you need to select the right type of trivia games to play with friends and family.