Why Businesses Should Utilize Managed File Transfer Solutions

Data is a valuable asset for any business.  As your business operates and grows, you’re faced with the need to manage and transfer your data files across different systems, both internally (between employees and departments) and externally (customers and third-party vendors.) 

To efficiently accommodate these file transfer and management requirements, you’ll need a functional and robust solution. The earliest and most used of all file transfer solutions available is the file transfer protocol. Then, other versions like secure file transfer protocol were later used. 

However, in this modern world of increased security concerns and competitive industries, you must use highly secure environments for enterprise file transfer. This necessitates the need for more advanced solutions— Managed File Transfer Solutions. 

Understanding A Managed File Transfer Solution

A managed file transfer solution is a service, program, or software that manages the secure and automated transferring of files and data from one person to another via a network. 

Most large corporations and businesses use this type of file transferring solution instead of relying on simple traditional methods such as HTTP or FTP. 

Reasons To Leverage Managed File Transfer Solution

1. Enhanced Security

Perhaps the most significant benefit of utilizing a managed file transfer solution is increased data security. 

Data security is a critical aspect for every business and is a pain point in terms of file transfers. Cybercriminals have an eye on critical business data and always find new ways to get access to your confidential and sensitive files. Data are most vulnerable when in transit from one system to another.

Managed file transfer solutions can reduce or eliminate the risk with its high-security features. It provides a well-built strategy for a secure file transfer with real-time monitoring along with strategic cybersecurity policies to ensure that your data won’t be vulnerable at any stage of the transfer. 

Furthermore, the policies implemented in the systems can be operative not only during a transfer but even at rest. This ensures that even when your files are sitting in your database, they’re secure and safe with passwords, authorization, and encryption. 

2. Automation And More Convenient Transfers

In this fast-paced business world, the availability of data can have a significant impact on your business’s processes and decision-making. In addition, the significant growth of collected data today requires the need for a premium solution that can support seamless transfers, especially for large files sizes or huge data volumes. 

Manage file transfer solution can automate the transfer process as well as other features that can support the easy transfer of huge data volume or large files. With its automation capabilities, managed file transfer solution allows you to easily schedule the transfer and ensure that the data reaches the right people at the right time, putting it to its most productive usage. 

In addition, automating your file transfers can also free up human resources. This way, your employees can invest more of their time in more valuable tasks instead of performing repetitive mundane jobs of transferring files and data. 

3. Ensuring Compliance

Businesses are required to follow their industry-specific regulations (e.g., HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR) in how they use, manage, and protect their data. 

These standards gave stringent data security policies that you need to follow including data monitoring and encryption. Being incompliant with these regulations can result in hefty fees and damage to your business reputation.

A reliable managed file transfer solution has all the capabilities that can help you protect confidential and sensitive data— whether in transit or at rest— and keep you compliant. In short, it’s an easy way to keep up with your data security policy and remain compliant.

4. Increased Business Efficiency

As your business’s data transfer becomes more secure, automated, convenient, and compliant, it results in higher efficiency in your operations, ensuring your business’s success and growth. 

Furthermore, the visibility that a managed file transfer solution offers via real-time monitoring of your transfers also helps in increasing efficiency. With consistent monitoring of transfers, you’ll be able to detect glitches, discrepancies, and potential threats immediately and take corrective actions right away. 

This level of convenience and transparency helps ensure optimal operations and business success. 

Take Away

Data is at the core of any business. It’s through relevant and quality data that you can create a roadmap to design and implement your action plan and make well-informed decisions for your business’s success and growth. 

However, to properly share and use these data, you need to maintain efficient data transfer within your company. A managed file transfer solution is the most secure and promising solution for meeting your data transfer needs.