5 Reasons to Ditch Traditional TV for Streaming

It is pretty obvious these days – more and more people turn to stream services over their intelligent TVs and tend to give up traditional television. Some say it is more practical. Some others say it is all about ditching ads.

If you are still part of the old-school group, here are a few good reasons to ditch traditional TV for streaming.

Forget About Wasting Your Favorite Shows

In today’s society, the so-called prime time is the only thing that matters on TV. People are too busy working, so they barely manage to watch TV for a few hours a day – usually in the evening. Most of the day is wasted when it comes to television then.

If you have two favorite shows, they will be on simultaneously. What if you work at that time? What if family comes first? Online streaming prevents you from missing your favorite shows. No matter when you have an hour or two, you can easily watch them – uninterrupted.

Ditch the Ads

No one would mind a few ads – a minute or two – if they were excellent. You want to know about upcoming releases, new shows, and movies. Ads on TV are too random, though – what to take for constipation, what special offer is in a supermarket, a new smartphone release, irrelevant stuff.

The bad news is these ads also last between five minutes and 10 minutes. It is unbelievable how a two-hour movie will generally take three hours on TV – just for the channel to make some money from you. Online streaming ditches ads; if they are there, they take seconds only.

Save Some Money

You can get basic television and pay a small monthly amount. But if you want some movie channels or sports, you will spend a fortune. Believe it or not, television is the second-largest bill for most people apart from the mortgage or rent. Since we are talking about saving money, you should check out this post where we present the best shared accounts you can get for your family.

Online streaming is incredibly cheaper compared to this. You will pay a fraction of the price of cable TV and can ditch ads, watch your favorite shows (even shows that are not on TV yet), movies, blockbusters, or sports. What else can you ask for?

Watch Anything

Cable TV gives you access to a few weekly movies, random series, and time-wasting shows. Online streaming gives you access to unlimited international content. Why would you only watch a couple of shows and some boring series when you can watch countless movies every day? The same goes for watching live sports like the Philadelphia Eagles game. There are no limits if you choose streaming over traditional TV.

International content will give you access to new series and movies – things that fail to make in your country because there is no room. How many German movies have you seen in the UK? How many famous South Korean thrillers have you seen in the USA? Everything changes online.

Enjoy an Immersive Experience

More and more people give up on TV these days. A few decades ago, they had no other options. Today, they realize that they pay to watch a couple of channels – they ignore most of them but only stick to a couple.

Pay less and enjoy more – this is how online streaming works. Besides, streaming platforms have algorithms to make recommendations based on what you watch, which makes the whole service even better. Bottom line, there is no doubt about it – online streaming is the future. Cable TV loses more and more customers to modern streaming, which offers a much more exclusive experience for a lower price. And with so many services to choose from, there is so