The Risk of Using a Personal Phone Number when Registering Online

Spammers and Internet fraudsters have many ways of obtaining private information about Internet users through their mobile phone numbers, which can be easily found on the Internet. For example, most users use online services, social networking pages, messengers and other online benefits on a daily basis, right? To register with all of these services, you need to confirm your phone number via text message, giving your personal details to large companies. The databases can be subject to hacking and cracking, which can result in your mobile number falling into the hands of spammers or fraudsters.

Your phone number can be used to find out almost all information about you: your name, date and place of birth, your photos, friends and relatives. Based on this information, it’s possible that you may be targeted for advertising or worse, you may be tricked.

You should keep your phone number secret and not share it with unverified sources to avoid becoming a victim. For example, the number linked to your bank account should not be published anywhere, and you should use a phone numbers online for SMS and registrations.

Why Shouldn’t I Put My Phone Number Online?

As mentioned earlier, the resource where you list your personal mobile number can be hacked with your entire database. A similar situation happened with WhatsApp last year, as a consequence of one of the hacker attacks there was a huge database leak, where the hackers obtained about 500 million users’ phone numbers.

The Consequences of Such a Situation Are Predictable:

  • Receipt of spam emails;
  • Endless calls and text messages of an advertising nature;
  • Mailings with malicious links to your phone number in all messengers.

If in the first and second cases you just have to endure annoying spam, and can solve the problem by buying a new SIM card. The third option can be used to steal your money.

What Is a Temporary Phone Number for SMS?

A temporary phone number for SMS is a temporary mobile number for specific tasks associated with receiving text messages. You can use this number without a SIM card, and it does not require a mobile network. You do not need to travel anywhere to get it, all you need is any device with internet access.

What Are the Advantages of Temporary Telephone Numbers?

  • Easy connection. Connecting a number is quite quick, only takes a few minutes.
  • No contract. Upon receipt of usual SIM-card client has to sign a service contract. There is no need to sign anything when registering virtual number. The service is available permanently, but the customer can stop using it, if necessary.
  • No location-based connection. Virtual number is not linked to your current location, you can rent a virtual number in any country.
  • Low cost. Depending on your country provider, it may be as low as 10 cents per SMS. In any case, using a virtual number is much more convenient than buying a new SIM card.

Who Could Benefit From a Virtual Number to Receive SMS?

The service will be useful for anyone who needs to register accounts in various services. If we talk about professional activities, many professionals may need several accounts for recruitment or advertising campaigns in social networks.

Such Professionals Include:

  1. SEO and SMM professionals;
  2. Traffic arbitrators;
  3. Mailing list specialists;
  4. Noticeboard users;
  5. Sellers of ready-made accounts.

Where Can I Get a Virtual Phone Number to Receive Sms?

SMS-man is a service that allows you to buy virtual phone number to receive SMS and get SMS-activation on almost all popular websites. To get a temporary phone number just follows the step-by-step instructions below.

It Is Very Easy to Use SMS-Man Service:

  1. Go to the registration page and create an SMS-man account.
  2. Log in to your account and top up your balance any way you like under the tab “Top up my balance”, which you can find in the menu on the left.
  3. After the funds are credited, go to the main page, choose the desired country and service, and then click “buy”.
  4. The received number can be found on the main page in request history. Use it for registration in the chosen service and wait for the SMS.
  5. You can receive an SMS by clicking on the “Receive SMS” button to the right of the purchased number.