What Is CoinList and Why Do We Need Proxies for It

Investors prefer the CoinList exchange because it allows you to purchase tokens at a low price and sell them for a price 10, 20, or even 50 times higher than the purchase price. In this article, you will learn about CoinList and why you should pay attention to this project. We will also tell you how to earn several times more using a proxy server. The main thing is not to forget that you need to buy proxies from trusted suppliers, we recommend considering the PROXYS IO service. Round-the-clock technical support of the service will help you choose a proxy server based on the tasks set by the buyer.

What is CoinList

CoinList is an exchange that allows investors to buy cryptocurrency at a low price. Another name for this process is tokenseal – selling a token before it is listed. This is the first marketplace of this format. 

The project offers CoinList Seed, a list of tokens that are likely to skyrocket in value in the future. The user just has to decide on the coin that turns out to be the most promising this year.

What are proxies on CoinList for?

A proxy server is a tool that allows you to earn several times more by buying cryptocurrency. Consider the principle of operation:

  • Create multiple accounts
  • Purchasing tokens at a starting price from multiple work profiles
  • At the peak value of the coin, a sale is made from the entire network of profiles

The exchange allows you to work with only one personal account. In order not to get a ban from the anti-fraud system, you should use an intermediate server in the ratio of 1 account – 1 IP address. But security isn’t the only reason why a staging server is recommended.

The possibility of acquiring cryptocurrency in the early stages of project development is not available to all users – this opportunity is distributed among investors in a lottery format. Proxies allow you to attract additional accounts to increase the likelihood of receiving tokens. The more working rooms are involved, the higher the probability of staying in the black and making money.

What you need to know when registering a new account on CoinList

Since the exchange does not allow maintaining more than one account, two points should be clarified that need to be considered when creating multiple accounts on a project – this is registration and security.


Maintaining multiple offices at the same time is not an easy process. Although only an email address is required to create a new profile, the verification process awaits you in order to participate in the token sale. One of the stages is the passage of biometrics. This process involves taking a photo of a document showing your identity and your picture against it. Therefore, for the successful implementation of several working rooms, you will need several people who will go through the process of verification and biometrics.


This topic implies all unfavorable outcomes in the form of a profile ban – both during the registration process and in the process of working with the exchange. During the verification process, CoinList may also deny access to the service if it suspects suspicious activity on your part. To prevent this from happening, rely on two rules:

  • It is recommended to use an anti-detect browser during the registration process.
  • When working with each profile, it is recommended to use a unique IP address.